Fullmetal Alchemist: White Day

BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, Edward Elric, Pencil Board
BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character Edward Elric Character Pencil Board Source


A mini shitajiki featuring Roy and Ed ^^ Unfortunately the material is transparent and slightly rough and opaque, so I couldn't get a better scan..

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  1. Narumaki Nov 24, 2004

    Wow, looks great! I wonder who they're going to give those gifts too, hm? :D Ed to Winry? Roy to Riza? :D

  2. Filia Nov 24, 2004

    Quote by NarumakiWow, looks great! I wonder who they're going to give those gifts too, hm? :D Ed to Winry? Roy to Riza? :D

    The note on Ed's gift says 'To Winly', so I guess it's for her >D On Roy's one there's no name.. but it *has* to be Riza! :D
    Well, I'm just going to pretend it's for me.. XD

  3. Filia Nov 26, 2004

    Quote by Terra-chan*has urge to edit out "Winry" and put "Roy" ^_^' heeheeheeheehee

    Me too XDD Now, those two *are* a couple! ** XD;

  4. Nayako Nov 26, 2004

    Yey!! Its so nice!!!
    Great scan!!! XD
    Thx for sharing it here :)

  5. Electrastar Nov 26, 2004

    That"s so sweet ^_^ I want a bouquet of roses from Roy as well lol. Kiddind aside, thanks this is nice, must use to make something out of it :D

  6. Filia Nov 26, 2004

    Quote by Electrastarmust use to make something out of it :D

    That would be wonderful *_*

  7. Millenia Nov 26, 2004

    Wow O.O nice!!! oh my, Roy looks so blush, the flowers are for Riza sure! awww... how cute scan!

  8. tachikoma Nov 27, 2004

    ohhhh this is so cool...thanks for sharing man.man i so want this mini pencilboard.........

  9. Angeh Nov 27, 2004

    Can I tell you I love you again? XD <333 Waii~ so cuute ;O; I love Roy~ he looks all~ pretty *O* thank you for scanning~~!! XDD EEE *pounces on favorites button again*


    *starts scratching out "Winly" insanly*

  10. swtstrawberiz Nov 27, 2004

    omgg i love itt~~ OMG I WANT THIS picture! too bad im not level ten yet... _ _ winry AND eddd~ XD

  11. polar Dec 01, 2004

    ROY~~~~~~~~Edo as well ^^
    it is such a wonderful scan~~beautiful atomsphere
    fav fav~~

  12. kathylei Dec 01, 2004

    The color is quite soft~
    like it very much, back up you!
    well done :)

  13. Taylorelf Dec 06, 2004

    Different views of characters are always loved! ^^ Arigatou! Flowers...yay...

  14. glamdring Dec 06, 2004

    this wallpaper is amazing
    it' so cute
    i love it very much
    it's perfect for Valentine's Day
    thanks you very much

  15. soc Dec 10, 2004

    hmm this scan is so pretty, but perhaps it carries a second meaning, hehe! =) oh, i don't mean anything, don't worry =) =) =)

  16. Shkira Dec 10, 2004

    Waii! Ed's looking so good! Actually they're both looking nice in their 'civies'. Very pretty picture, thanks!

  17. Amaya Dec 28, 2004

    The way Roy is looking at the roses ist just ~~
    *stoped breathing*
    Strange ~ I think i saw the thing ed is wearing yesterday in a shop o.O

  18. darkcloud89 Jan 02, 2005

    Roy looks like a pansy in this shot.! NO!

  19. Saffron Jan 07, 2005

    Quote by NarumakiWow, looks great! I wonder who they're going to give those gifts too, hm? :D Ed to Winry? Roy to Riza? :D

    maybe ED to ROY and ROY to EDO ^ ^

  20. Rev-Chan Jan 20, 2005

    Nice shot. Do you know how old Ed is in this picture? He looks alot older then 15 like in the anime.

  21. HontoniKawaii Feb 17, 2005

    ^__________^ - What a CUTE image of Edd & Roy!!!! Are they giving presents to each other? ^^ - I just LOVE RoyXEdd....

  22. Kwan Feb 20, 2005

    I bet that they're going to exchange their gifts with each other for sure hehehe :D (ignore what the card on ed's gift was written ;) )

  23. coralstone Feb 21, 2005

    woooo..||looks like that little gift is for Winry o><o||
    can't wait to see the picture after that><||||
    thanks for share^^

  24. Patty-chan Mar 03, 2005

    Kirei.... XD I love Ed's expression! Must watch Full Metal Alchemist soon, because Ed is just so awesome... XD

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