Kaleido Star Wallpaper: Kaleidostar: Beyond the Sky

Gonzo, Kaleido Star, Sora Naegino Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Kaleido Star Series Sora Naegino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A trendwhore wallpaper, yes indeed. Actually, I like Sora's costume design (the wings! the wings! I've been enamoured of her wings since my last KS wall) and the happy, dynamic pose. And it looks like she's flying. So I blended together half a dozen or so stock photos of clouds from Stock Exchange, added in some planets (as they seem to be popular despite the total physical improbability) and there you go.
Besides, I need something happy and uplifting after my dark and depressing Wolf's Rain wall. I love you Kiba, but must you angst so much?!
Edit: Forgot to mention: Scan off of MT, scanned by Nuriko, and planets are recycled from my Stellvia (Love Fracture) and Phoenix (Atomic Bird) walls.

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  1. white-zero Nov 24, 2004

    Love the vectorized Sora. :)

    It's a crime if it's not in my fav list. XD

  2. AkinaSpirit Nov 24, 2004

    Very cool ^^
    Nice job~!

  3. Jormungand Nov 24, 2004

    Weeee~! ... another great looking vector... love those wings :D
    this is definitely a fav ^.~

  4. penpen Nov 24, 2004

    Tres joli wall!!!!
    Bon travail !!!

  5. Asahi Nov 24, 2004

    wow.. i love the vectorwork.. works very well with the sky =) its a fav.

  6. KorganoS Nov 24, 2004

    Quote by Tama-nekoas they seem to be popular despite the total physical improbability

    rofl XD nicely put, Tama-sensei....
    and Sora playing trapeze in the middle of nowhere really adds to that lol XD j.k. j.k.
    as usual.... godlike vector work and brilliant compositions.... I surely add this to my favorites! (oh, and your WR wall roxxx ^^ )
    Keep up the awesome works, sensei!

  7. dans Nov 24, 2004

    wow, nice vector work.
    the cloud is also good.
    as KorS said, it's odd to see trapeze in there. :D
    *two thumbs up* definitely a fav.

  8. jackalx66 Nov 24, 2004

    awesome vector work ^^
    like always
    the bg really nice
    and , yes
    that type of wall is trendwhore ^^'
    i like the whole concept of it
    actually the trappeze is give some happy , cheerfull
    feeling that u wanna add to it
    me like it, not odd at all
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  9. tiagosg Restricted Member Nov 24, 2004

    Wow... sora :D i lovely this Kaleidor Star :D

    Brasil Group

  10. Jim3535 Nov 24, 2004

    Cute girl ...check
    Wings ...check
    Soft surreal background ...check
    High resolution ...check

    Yep, this is a reall cool wall. Trendwhore or not it's still really good work. I just wish the text at the bottom were a bit softer (I don't have a taskbar there to hide it)

  11. Val3f0r Nov 24, 2004

    aaaaaaa......... Kaleido Star wall..... need more Kaleido's wall >_< anyway the background looks really pretty.. so beautiful-nee XD and of course... Sora always smile XD and yes like KorganoS said.. playing trapeze on the sky? :O hmm very interesting :D anyway very great vectoring on her :nya: great work as ever Tama :D

  12. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 24, 2004

    This is reaaaaaaly awesome work. Great vectoring as always! ^_^ V

    +fav +download. Cya on IRC! XD

  13. Nekotine Nov 24, 2004

    <3 teh Sora wallpapar!1!1111!1!!1 XDDD *flompclings to tama-tama* =3

  14. FallenAngel Nov 24, 2004

    lol at your comments tama. XD
    But the wall... *_* Awesome vectoring skills as usual.
    *FallenAngel loves wings!* so... instant fav from me! ^^;;

  15. Angelette Nov 25, 2004

    So pretty! As always! Clouds and planet look amazing...and the vector even more so!

  16. The-Stuff Nov 25, 2004

    ya .. love the way this paper is done .. couldn't tell till i 'downloaded' it that it was a vector style .. nice pose and background

  17. euna Retired Moderator Nov 25, 2004

    Tama-chan!! This is a stunning wallpaper....
    The scan's so pretty and nice vector work (as usual)!!
    The bg looks great too!!
    Nice wallpaper! *fav*

  18. danh21 Nov 25, 2004

    a very cool wallpaper~~

    i like this anime very much~

    it gave me a deep impress~~

    thank you for sharing

  19. Nebfer Nov 26, 2004

    shes not to bad its kinda nice like the coloers, shuch a nice pic.

  20. Kuwanger Nov 29, 2004

    Hey, thats a nice KS wall there. Oh,Oh! And look! It ahs that palnet-thingie i like too! XD

  21. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    ahh...tama's vector is so heavenly~ great k-star wall! i daresay we need more of your great work!

  22. Sira Dec 15, 2004

    another one imgen with the suit of sora entrance and encata porqye sees asi very well me, aunqueel color of his élo is strange, but I like

  23. Nara Dec 15, 2004

    the girl is so cute and I like the bg. Thank you for the beautiful wallpaper, I think that anime is perfect for create an wallpaper

  24. Xechs Dec 19, 2004

    Very nice happy pic. I love the planet thing as it reminds me of Star wars a new hope when luke is staring off and there is two suns. Planets, extra moon and such are alweays cool to me. Very nice wall, now I'll have togo watch and finish Kaleido Star.

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