Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: Blood Angel

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall really frusterated me while I made it: extracting problems and decidng whether to have a hazy bg fog were the main issues. I didnt feel confident when I put it in. Plus Ive been in a slump in terms of my grunging techniques. I either grunge too much or too little, cant seem to get it right lately. The chinese characters are there for aesthetic purposes, all together there is no message nor does it make any sense. Anyhow, props to xelns for submitting this scan.

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  1. Dahz Apr 25, 2004

    ok. thats is VERY cool. i liek it.

  2. Dark-Sakura Apr 25, 2004

    wow awesome, very good jop. I wanna to know what a meaning has the text ^_^

  3. scsa20 Apr 25, 2004

    now that looks nice... you won't happen to have a 1600x1200 version of this wall, would you?? :)

  4. r055 Apr 25, 2004

    That center imag looks a tad grainy, however there is good grunge material on that, just you put it out of focus on the side ^_^ Good work

  5. Kev Retired Moderator Apr 25, 2004

    hey, impressive looking wall shota, gotta love it ^_^

  6. madeener Apr 25, 2004

    wow wee... what a beautiful halbred you got

  7. xelns Apr 25, 2004

    hehehe... this is sooooo pretty ^^
    thank you Shota for making this into a nice wallpaper!!!
    love it love it :D

  8. Noctum Apr 25, 2004

    The character picture is very fuzzy.
    The additional black outline you gave it doesn't look nice at all.
    The Japanese signs shouldn't cover the wings, especially because they have all these black stuff around them (the black stuff looks good in the bg, but not on the character).

  9. Goldmaker83 Apr 25, 2004

    I Like the "killing angel" on the wall. ^^

  10. Kintarooe2k2 Apr 25, 2004

    i would not mess with her ... nice wall man :D

  11. Lametatron Apr 25, 2004

    Noctum, I really don't think there's enough room to move the characters around so that they aren't on her. Further, I think that they're crucial to the work as a whole, so you can't take them out, so, just look at it until you like it =)

  12. xbluefish Apr 26, 2004

    The looks can kill.... What a scary angel... Hehehe... NICE WALL !!!

  13. Yura Apr 26, 2004

    is a really nice wall, i dont like the black lines in the pic
    Nice job

  14. doobik Apr 27, 2004

    nice bloody girl

  15. Chickomon Apr 27, 2004

    might i say...VERY COOL! haha, i likes it

  16. Genmu May 12, 2004

    Wonderfully done. :)

  17. twilight May 15, 2004

    this is sick..... (good thing)

  18. Spriggan May 27, 2004

    my third of this wall but all a bit different! still good!

  19. Zelgadis Jun 03, 2004

    there's no age to start killing :P good work

  20. jchupa Jun 08, 2004

    Absolutly beautiful work.

  21. mordoc Jun 24, 2004

    great work love the moon

  22. bobble64 Jul 04, 2004

    Um...uh...well, morbid.

  23. euna Retired Moderator Jul 05, 2004

    Oh wow... I love it!

  24. kaidou Jul 06, 2004

    Whooooooaaaa..... likey likey...

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