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Maneki Kamiya, Flavor of Alice Wallpaper
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(I have NO freakin' clue where she's from, if you know tell me.)

Anyway... I've come to the conclusion that this is the type of wall that gets favved the most and has the most recognition (I've been doubting my walling skills lately because of the amount of recognition I don't get), so yeah. Um... yeah. I've had a lot of walls in the making, but this was the best, I guess. >_> It took me one night, lol.

Anyway, enjoy. (Thanks to Tama and Jackal for the support and everyone else in the MT IRC room. xD) Favs and Comments appreciated! >_>_>

PS- to Osi, I didn't even know you had a wall with the same pic...lol. x_x Sorry~

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  1. DaveTheInsane Restricted Member Nov 22, 2004

    well it may not be dark but's it's good man plus i can't see any crappy stuff in it so i'll think i'll fav it buster....

  2. thememyself Banned Member Nov 22, 2004

    she's one cute angel! i guess she's from card captor sakura ?

  3. jackalx66 Nov 22, 2004

    yup u right ^^
    that type of thing is the most highly traffic nowadays ^^
    don't worry there's a time that grunge will rule the world again XD
    4 billion....lol
    u r too talented >.<
    yeah i will fave it, don't worry
    i will spread this too XD
    *shameless plug in action*

    ehm, real comment
    as ussual, kick ass BG
    overall is nicely blendin ^^
    the extraction also well done
    i like especially the wing ^^

    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    keep up the good job ^_^

  4. cyberstorm Nov 22, 2004

    *sees the headlines of tomorrows newspapers: "the anti-light waller goes soft and makes light wall for levels"* XD

    no, but serously... it's really nice, you can apparently do both really really good... can't really se anything bad with it... well except that you could have done some more work on those wings XO, +fav :)

    *goes off to look through Jinzhou's gallery to see what other treasures that might hide there...*

  5. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2004

    i dunno man...it looks good but i think u shouldn't try to do a wall different from ur own style just because u think nobody liked it....i personally liked ur GS meteor wall....and the rest :D

    this one does have most of the frequent fav components ...but i think it lacks some details.......

    dont be swayed!! XD

  6. Angeh Nov 22, 2004

    ^^ very pretty! Very bright and happy, too. Lovely wallpaper. Hee, the name looks cool too Xp *is a geek*

  7. zephiris26 Nov 22, 2004

    Yeah Jinzhou, your work is really underappreciated.
    Don't worry, you're an awesome waller XD It's beautiful, +fav XD

  8. tafou Nov 22, 2004

    Yeah, it's very beautiful and very kawaï!

    The BG (if you did it) is **wow**, i want to do the same sky T_T

  9. crapmonster Nov 22, 2004

    i agree with ZZ on this one, the walls that get favved alot imo arent all that great. Id say you are probably one of the best wallers i know but since there seems to be this cruddy scenic fad goin on, thats all that gets faved regardless of it begin well done. all people need to do these days is get a stock and slap a cute girl on it and they make it to the daily highlights.
    personally i love all the stuff you make including all your recent ones as well though this one lacks that certain auteur style of walling that you have. Definitely not a bad wall and heck it beats out alot of the stuff that is in the daily highlights yet i suggest you make what you like to make and not be swayed as ZZ says.

  10. Miroku4444 Nov 22, 2004

    Ah cool Jinzhou made a wally. It kinda looks like dearS? You shouldn't doubt your skills Jinzhou, this wall is outstanding. I just love the clouds and the text, very nicely done. I might have wanted to see the planet a little more pronounce. Great wall MR. gallery director. :) :) :) :) :)

  11. katz291 Nov 22, 2004

    It's really beautiful and peaceful! It's happy and gives such a calm feeling to it mewwww!
    =^-^= But just because other people will fave it doesn't mean you should change your style! Do what you like not what others like! Plus aren't you already regconized alot ?mewww! =^-^=

  12. UndyingShadow Nov 22, 2004

    this is a great wall jinzhou, but I loved your other ones a lot more. You are probably one of the best wallers out there, and I loved your original style a lot more. The walls that get favved now really have no comparison to your walls, you truly are a master and the others arent even in the same ball park as you in terms of skill. Stick to what works Jinzhou, I'll always be a fan of your walls no matter what.

  13. penpen Nov 22, 2004

    joli wallpapers !!! Il est vraiment tres beau bravo !!!

  14. Sandy Nov 22, 2004

    *dies* why! oh why!! Jinzhou!! You're ruining your own talent. :sweat: I know how it feels to work like hell on a piece of work and get a few to no recognition because it doesn't fit "the trend" (which is ATM focused on a particular scenery you have indeed well depicted here <_<). Come on, don't give up! This wallpaper is so out of your planet. You have done just way more original and better. :[ *Sandy slaps Jinzhou because she had faith in his originality*

  15. Foolish-ishness Nov 22, 2004

    I agree with practically everyone else here. Your old walls are some of the best at MT these days. Not saying this one is bad, I mean, the sky is just amazing. Especially the clouds. Your abstract really does wonders though. You're on of the few great 3d abstract artists here.

  16. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2004

    i like it alot beautfiul girl and really nice bg
    i love the wings you put behind her
    great job it's a fave i love it :)

  17. exentric Nov 22, 2004

    yah yah jin-kun!
    dont follow da trend, make a new trend out of yer own skill!
    yer one if the best waller out there~!
    dun ever doubr yer own skill~ ^_^

    back to commenting da wall~ XP
    da wall itself looks nice
    da sky is beautiful~
    but all in all, I've seen better wall from yer back with yer old style of making wall~ ^_^

  18. shirahana Nov 22, 2004

    Yeah, these walls do tend to get the most favorites ^-^; But you don't have to have others tell you that you're a good at making wallpapers to be a good waller.....

    Anywho, I really like the sky ^_^ The wings look a tad flat... but I know that you drew them in... so you still deserve credit ^-^; I can't do better myself... but just giving my opinion to help (hopefully it's helpful.......)

    Overall, great wall. It's going in my favorites ^^;

  19. biriwilg Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2004

    You know what, it may not be your 'style' but I still think it's awesome. Don't hate on yourself, Jin. I do know what you mean about making the stupid scenery sparkly girl walls for the faves, but I wanna tell you, even if your stuff gets 2 faves, I still love it. Got it? You're one of my favorite all-time wallers, so if you start whining about sucking I'm gonna come over there and kick your little booty back to where all those sparkly walls are hiding. XD

  20. ultimaslair Nov 23, 2004

    Very cool. I like the sky a lot. The moon is very subtly blended into the sky, which has awesome clouds. Really good job on the water too!

  21. tiagosg Restricted Member Nov 23, 2004

    Wow... OMG :D sugoiiiiiiii Great wallpapers :D haahahahah

    Good job :D

    Brasil Group

  22. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2004



    O.O dont change!! ^-^ i alwayz luverzzeedd your uber uber coool planet//technoo walliezz!! ^.^ nd dont ever ever evveerrr doubt your walling skiillz!! O.O

    *poke pokerz*

    .. >o< cuz if yoo start doubting your walling skillz .. -o- we're all gonna start doubting ourz .. ^.^ greatt joobb with the walliiee!! so kyoote nd purtyyffull~<33

  23. boink Nov 23, 2004

    her face is strangly scary... I know it's probably just me, but it gives the feeling that she's going to eat me...

  24. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2004

    what joo mean you didnt know i had a wall using her..you faved it O_O XD

    and you dont have to change style cuz peep dont fav it o_O...well if you like this current style then its fine :P

    with that said, awesome sky :3

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