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The sky
See the clouds marching,
Witness the glory of the light,
Fills your heart with serenity,
The flying birds carry away your dreams.

The sea
Hear the sound of the waves,
Smell the haze of the waters,
Crystal blue sense that refreshes the mind,
and the eternal melody that embraces the soul.

Moshi-moshi, minna! Genki desu~ka? (o^^)v

My newest wallpaper featuring the artwork of 'Autumn Pink' by studio FSC..
I decided to give it a simplistic touch, with some color and effect plays,
I forgot where I got the scan from ^_^', it's from an imageboard somthing,,,

Whole bg was made using PS7, as usual...
but this time I rely heavily on the 'smudge' tool (there goes my little secret <_<')

Please go into full view if you want to see all the fine details on the bg that I've added..
I know, the scan quality is a tad low, so... gomenasai -_- it still looks bad although I've re-cg'ed some bits and parts of her...

As usual, comments and suggestions are very welcomed (o^.^o)
I hope you enjoy this one!

as for the title.... yes, I've been watching the anime 'Wind' atm... so you can already guess where I got the title from... ^^

Mirrored version (character on the right) :

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  1. Sandra Nov 22, 2004

    Another cute wallie from you ! I Like it a lot add to my favs keep it Up
    It's Not Enogh I Want More !

  2. Sandy Nov 22, 2004

    Wow this wallpaper looks so relaxing and refreshing~. I love the perspective you gave with the fence and the rising or diving sun in the background. Nice touch!

  3. aibuster Nov 22, 2004

    awww nice! i like the sky mostly! a must fav! the fence.. u use all w/gradient tool or 3d rendering? teach me next time eh?!

  4. S-SHION Nov 22, 2004

    Hmmmm~~~~~ :)
    this illustrastion the painter wind .
    I'm is very like :D
    feeling is good :D :D~~~
    nice wallpaper :)

  5. tAtEkAnE Nov 22, 2004

    hey it looks nice XD, when i was looking at the thumbnail i thought "meh" lol but when i saw the full size i gotta say it looks nice :D nice work korganos XD would ya like to wall for "fragments"? =P

  6. hidekeitaro Nov 22, 2004

    This wallpaper is so beautiful :d
    i don't know the reason, but i liked this girl :D I think she's beuaty...
    Congratulations XD

  7. tosirap Nov 22, 2004

    It looks nice; it's got a very painterly feel to it. I can't find any significant problems. :D

  8. RaXiv Nov 22, 2004

    Hmm the whole wall is superb as always but the writing there, it would be better to not add anything to this fine work >_>

  9. MyrrhLynn Nov 22, 2004

    Well ummm personally I think the quality of the scan is just fine. >_> Looks like you used Smart Blur or something but since it is a little... I donno sort of painted looking... it fits with the background better. I love those birds! XD They are my favorite part actually. And I like the text, especially those little curls on either side of it.

    The only thing I don't like actually is the railing she is leaning against. It's shaded softly but since the rest of the wall is so ... smuge tool looking XD ... it looks sort too harsh for the rest of the wall. Ahh well it's still a fav for me though. :D

  10. jackalx66 Nov 22, 2004

    great wall
    like always
    overall is fine
    specially the bg ^^
    nicejob well done ^_^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav too

  11. dans Nov 22, 2004

    another great wall from KorS. the bg is very beautfiful.
    good job. a fav from me. :D

  12. chibikko Nov 22, 2004

    very beautiful and peaceful scene. there's very much sky in here but that's ok, the colors are really pretty. great job on this wallpaper ^^

  13. UndyingShadow Nov 22, 2004

    thats a beautiful drawing, and a simplistic, but gorgeous bg. excellent wall, its a work of beauty!

  14. Jormungand Nov 22, 2004

    Ooo... beauty... this wallie looks really really great :D I love the colour of the sky and the sea... the background looks amazing... and the details like shadows from the birds are interesting too..
    About the scan, I don't think it looks low res at all @_@ I love the paint-like colours...
    Yup, this wallie looks very pretty... definitely a fav ^__^

  15. ookani0131 Nov 22, 2004

    oh.. u let me without breed with the sea effect, and that background is simply amazing; definitely this wall goes to my favs; thanks for summit it!

  16. Devilet Nov 22, 2004

    waaaiii, such soft and pretty pretty colours ^___^
    nooo, it's quite perfect Korgie!
    just seems a little grainy at some parts ^_^' but but..
    the sky and everything is done so greatly.. that I can look over from those blemishes..
    fantastic work ^.~ add to fav! :D

  17. StarCentury Nov 22, 2004

    Hmmm, I need a new word to express how beautiful you wall is, Korgie-kun! How about very elegant and enchanting, is that ok? :D I like how you used the smudge tool to create the BG, clever indeed! Can you give me a few pointers on how to make professional backgrounds for my wallies! I would love to do grasses and interiors as well as you, Korgie! ^_^'

  18. Rex Nov 22, 2004

    im goin to be a bit nit-picky again, since im in a good mood today, hope u don't mind XD

    the first thing i noticed was the tree line near her left arm. the features is still a bit too defined, i think it should be blurred out just a little bit more (like you have if u continue to follow the tree line)

    another thing is the ray from the sun. your bg by itself looks very painting like, but there is this sudden sharp edge for the sun, which to me, seems quite, unnatural?

    well...those r the only 2 things i can see for now, and the scan quality isn't that bad at all =^.^=

    anyways, u've done a really good job in all other areas tho! i love the colour of the sky and the sea, and of course, the lil details like the shadows of the birds and the lil boat!!!

    i wish i had ur l33t painting skillz >_>

    again.....great job on it!

  19. autumnchill Nov 22, 2004

    very nice wall! i like the sunset the most...*stares for a while* O.o thnx for sharing with us!

  20. XDarkDestinyX Nov 22, 2004

    wow~~ Pretty Pretty~ I love the mood and her expression on her face. Calm and simple... pretty!

  21. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2004

    oo i love the scene in this one, so calm and peaceful ^__^

    i also like her expression ;P

  22. Evanrued Nov 22, 2004

    I LOVE the background. The colors are so soft and fresh, like pie. A fav!

  23. kitat Nov 22, 2004

    Ah Moshi moshi KorganoS-san Genki desu ~ yo ! .. haha ^ ^ ..ok .. good !! I am softened .. nice works !!

  24. Furikuu Nov 23, 2004

    I love this wall.. there's something about that artwork of the girl. It really looks like she's staring blankly across the sky or something, cos you got the lighting just right :D
    There's some sort of dottedness to the rail and trees though, on closer inspection :o

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