Kira Inugami Wallpaper: Shall We Dance?

Kira Inugami, Moudoku HOLIC, Dengeki Moeoh Wallpaper
Kira Inugami Mangaka Moudoku HOLIC Artbook Dengeki Moeoh Source

2048x1152 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Posting something again, yeay -or not.

I needed a break from vectors, so I decided to work on my plan of remaking one of my old wallies, Shall We Dance. At that time, I fell in love with the scan when I saw it on E-shuushuu, and after lots of tries, I managed to do something. I wanted a bigger resolution, and thought it would be easier this time, but it wasn't. The problems to make it were the same, it was a huge deja vu to me. The positioning, the effects, everything.

Well, I used color balance to make it yellowish, curves to make darker, illumination effects (in soft omni), overlay and blur, and some white script brushes in overlay, also with blur, less opacity and erased edges to fit the scan. There were lots of failed tries, like patterns, other brushes, textures and so on. I kept on trying, changing some illumination details in the borders and stuff till I think it was enough. It came out kinda simple, but I liked it.

That's it. A new version for a old wallpaper, exactly two years after the first one XD

Original scan: Here.

Oh, since I didn't knew the source, I put the same tagged on the scan. The older version of this wallie is also here, for the ones who wanna see. I just edited the signature to make it cleaner.

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