Silver ~Gin'iro~ Wallpaper: ::Garden Of Love::

NekoNeko Soft, Silver ~Gin'iro~, Outsu no Tawa Wallpaper
NekoNeko Soft Studio Silver ~Gin'iro~ Visual Novel Outsu no Tawa Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all I really don't know what to name this wallpaper. Really I don't know! T_T Gah, I've been thinking for da past 2 days. So in the end I just thought maybe. "ah, f*ck..just put any damn title -.-"...and tada,! -.-;;;;;

>_>;; This is such a simple wall <_< yes very simple. I repeat.. simple! Just brushes. Nothing else but >_> brushes <_<;;;
>_> I have no idea for the background, so >_> hmm.. I dunno.. I don't know how to explain ~_~;; my mind's so occupied right now. Arrrgghh.. I got the scan frm MT. Thanks for whoever submitted this scan. ^^;;
>o< huhuhuuu.. Nothing left to say! I know it's really boring and plain, especially the top left. It sux0rz u_u you may give bad comments. huhuhu.. I didn't do well on this T_T;; no mood for walling... *sobs away*...

more reso at www.digikb.tk (unavailable at the moment ._. not uploaded)....

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Browse Silver ~Gin'iro~ Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. RonWeasley Nov 21, 2004

    good job!!! it's awesome!!! :) i love the bg!!

  2. daklewijd Nov 21, 2004

    with only brush u created such a contrast and harmonize background... two thumbs up for you yumi-chan! keep up the good work!

  3. DarkEVO Nov 21, 2004

    That's a great wallpaper you've made. The title suits it well. Just simple brushes only. You're great.

  4. tAtEkAnE Nov 21, 2004

    actually yumi this looks cool, like a painting or something..maybe it would be more cool, if ya added some grainy texture on the girl too..to make her blend in more with the textured BG ya did =]

  5. shinie Nov 21, 2004

    :D beautifull wall! good job, so romantic scene I like it and the title as perfect for him

  6. zeine Nov 21, 2004

    Very lovely... It's very rare that I see walls as refreshing and as charming as this one... I love the soft motion and pleasant feeling it depicts... Very graceful and striking at the same time... A very soothing wall that's very well-proportioned and alluringly attractive... I very much admire the use of down to earth tones and mutual colors that create for itself a dreamy and wonderful ambiance all in all... It has a naturalistic theme yet it has fictional undertone in it that I like mostly in walls... Fantastic job, I love the gentleness of the whole thing and the inspiring "watercolor" effect of the brushes... Sensuous and sincere with such an honest, pure heart in it... Beautiful indeed, as beautiful and as kind as the character in it... Not quite a Garden of Love but definitely a Garden of Waking Dreams... A gorgeous wall in all it's simplicity, objectively more than it's worth... After all, the best walls are usually the simplest ones, don't you agree? ^^

  7. Frosty Nov 21, 2004

    nice wallie. ^^
    even as you say its just brush work, its still looks really great. "better then what I can cough up" lol... XD
    The bg you may say is simple but its still a very nice bg. ^^
    another great wallie little Yumi-Chan. ^^
    A- and +fav for a job well done. XD

  8. exentric Nov 21, 2004

    yah @_@
    ur right, nothing but brushes @_@
    ahh wat te heck~
    you are good with brushes one way or another~ ^_^
    nice walie~ huhu~ XD

  9. jackalx66 Nov 21, 2004

    nice wall, yumi-chan
    i like the bg u do
    and the chara u use ^^
    they blend well
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  10. Crash-kun Nov 21, 2004

    wow! i like this wall...like the green refreshing feelin. but there somthin with the character...iface kinda looks err distorted? is it me or my monitor....anyways its realy nice nice ^_^

  11. Athrun Nov 21, 2004

    simple yet it still may end up as a most popular submission :P great job there, I love the way the garden's designed!

  12. ShiroiLina Nov 21, 2004

    simple.. yet so charming O.O i like it!!!! :D i know how it feels not knowing what to do when u wish to do a wall..im in the same way at the moment.. >.> *needs to study.. XD* Great job! keep it up! :D

  13. phl Nov 21, 2004

    Who. You did a great job here even if you say otherwise. You did it simle but the result is very very nice. (As usual :D )

    Keep the works coming. Yay!

  14. Furikuu Nov 21, 2004

    I really like the picture you used :0
    Did you put that dappled effect onto her dress? It's a nice touch if you did. I think maybe a hint at some sunlight would make it look a bit more interesting, because at present the whiteness in the topleft corner looks like it wants to be filled with something.

  15. akari-tenshi Nov 21, 2004

    the garden BG looked striking and rarely beautiful. I just simply like it :D ...+fav

  16. TakamuraReiji Nov 21, 2004

    What? Brushes? I'll tell you what, your wallie is great.Truly great. It's not boring or plain. It's really nice. And the top left, it's okay. Not plain (it's my opinion). And also, nice background. Really like it. And again, your wallie is great. ^_^'

  17. pinkdoremi Nov 21, 2004

    i think it's really pretty ^__^ good use of colours and brushes =) all the colours fit well together making it seem like the girl's really standing on the garden ^-^ I especially love the text :D it's really pretty *_* keep them coming :D

  18. rory07 Nov 21, 2004

    wow! the background is beautiful and so interesting i love it
    and the scan is extremely good it fits in very well with the bg th text also looks good and nice touch with the leave
    also the contrasting in the background is cool
    all and all it looks very good and you sould be proud :)
    wonderful job

  19. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 21, 2004

    wahh i wub the girl and the bg, very artistic :D

  20. AkinaSpirit Nov 21, 2004

    Nice simple wall.... ^^
    Quite green ne? o_O
    *cough cough* nice title too =P *pokes Yumi*

  21. GintheTwilightswords Nov 21, 2004

    For something that is suppose to be simple it looks very complex and wonderful.You did and superb job on the bg,I like the brushwork and the fade effect you did,and the that girl is so gorgeous^uu^.Stellar work :D .

  22. Hita Nov 22, 2004

    miyafff very beautifull and cute wallpaper nyoo! ^___^

  23. white-zero Nov 22, 2004

    Aye, aye. Awesome work as always. :)

    Now I get that nagging feling that I should really retire from walling. ^_^'

  24. Devilet Nov 22, 2004

    eehh, it may be just brushes.. but it's also a nice change from the usual..
    simple and pretty.. I love that scan too ^^
    just the girl seems to be slightly off when your resized it..
    but stiil a worthy fav, good work as always Yumi-chan.. :)

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