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time for another wallpaper~!! XD
this is probably the most complex wallpaper ever. >=3
hafta do da grunge wall, bullet, da board for the writing, bullet holes etc etc.
hate da wall >_> really oogly >_>

the scan is scanned by ~~ me! XD
and as alwayz, comments are welcomed~ ^_^

oh yah, for smaller reso go to my site, The Anime World

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  1. UndyingShadow Nov 20, 2004

    wow great job on this wall! you use that scan really well!the bg is nicely done and fits the image perfectly.

  2. anael Nov 20, 2004

    awesome *.* !!!! dark !!!!! the bg is excellent great great great wallpaper i like it !!! a masterpiece ca roxxxxeee XD +fav domo arigato ^^

  3. ShiroiLina Nov 20, 2004

    very very nice effect on the wall O.O very nice dark wall i liek it! ^^ keep it up!!!! :D :D

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 20, 2004

    Freggin' hell yeah! I LOVE Gungrave. Literally the love that doesn't know bounds. Anyways I must say this wall fits right at home with the style of the series. VERY slick and yet very dark. The sign with the text was espically nicely done and gives a real nice touch to the style thats been done with this wall. Excellant choice of an image and well from what the looks of it the gun blast was an addition (either that or a flawless extraction) nonetheless the effect of the bullet was brilliant as well. Overall what can I say?

    Quote by UndyingShadowwow great job on this wall! you use that scan really well!the bg is nicely done and fits the image perfectly.

    To sum it up, that would basically be my response, its a favorite for me.

  5. gundex Nov 20, 2004

    ho!!! great wall i like the detail on his gun... :D :D and the grungy bg is awesome, match well with the chara... :D :D then err find the "add to fav" link and click... :D :D :D

  6. Yumi-Chan Nov 20, 2004

    o_o;; kashi sensei, another wall?! Man u do have alotta time for walls yet you have SPM. Anyways, very nice bg effects XD Looks very grungy and o_o... brownish.. XD dunno what to comment liao hehehe. I like the so called.. 'shooting effect' you made XD Also the bullet holes, looks kinda real hehe. I've not seen gungrave XD oh well..
    Great job btw. ^_^

  7. Arnikagc Nov 20, 2004

    Great one. The effects are really awesome, and the colors make it really moody. Congratulations!

  8. KorganoS Nov 20, 2004

    Oh wow.... l33t abstract XD
    Can't say a thing about this.... it's perfect to me... ^^
    Hard work paid off... this might be the best GG wall I've ever seen....

  9. lclun Nov 20, 2004

    Wow, another new wall from kashi. Yeah! Anyway nice wallie you got there, I like how the gungy bg looks and the bullet effect too. Everything goes nice and lastly *fav*

  10. Zerowing Nov 20, 2004

    Wow! Very nice wall! I love Gungrave!!!!!Nice Effects with the color shading and other things! *fav*

  11. tAtEkAnE Nov 20, 2004

    really nice looking wall there kash XD i don't see anything wrong with it, nice job! dark walls rule lol XD

  12. jackalx66 Nov 20, 2004

    shameless pllug eh XD
    for me
    it's great wall
    yeah tbe best i've ever seen so
    fav it XD
    sign in my gb sometimes would ya :nya:
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  13. AnimexXxHolic009 Nov 20, 2004

    OoO it looks soo cool...i would add it to fav, but i dont kno what gungrave is :sweat:

  14. Albiore Nov 20, 2004

    Greetings, exentric:

    Excellent wallpaper! Congratulations for it. Thanks too much for this n_____________n

  15. Kurosawa Nov 20, 2004

    woaaa.. that's was really great abtrac. I like the gun, it's very detail :D I must add this to my favie :D

  16. ayanechan Nov 20, 2004

    gungrave.. fun game~! XD nyaha~! kashi-baby another good wallie.. only that kashi-baby didn't credit himself on the wall~ not "kash@theanimewrld" at the bottom or anything.. or maybe i'm too blind to see it~ rofl~ ^_^

  17. Radeonator Nov 20, 2004

    ========To exentric========
    OH yeah! I like it..... perfectly fit for my desktop, thank you
    another nice wallie XD XD XD

  18. Midori-chan Nov 20, 2004

    wow!!~ dat was a great wall!! the effects are so good even the scan match the bg perfectly......yay!! adds to fav!! :nya:

  19. MirageA Nov 20, 2004

    Wow the background is good!!
    Gungrave is fun game to play in the PS2!!
    But, it's in Japanese and couple of English lol.
    Excellent job exentric!! :)

  20. Devilet Nov 20, 2004

    ugly?? I think it's quite cool, and this is one of the best Gungrave wallpapers I've seen..
    really nice gunshot effects, great job ^^ + fav

  21. candyloop Nov 20, 2004

    I like the texture on the background, not too sure about the colour choice though the colours don't help much the foreground, imo.

  22. StarCentury Nov 20, 2004

    guuuuunnnnngraaaaavvvvveeeee! :D :D :D :D :D Mega kudos, exentric, for creating a grunged up wallpaper like this! It's fun-fun silly-willy! ^_^' Love the gunshot flare, it's really neat!

  23. Ray075-1-74 Nov 21, 2004

    i think it'd be even better and stronger if you made the paper with the type on more metallic and punk and maybe some rust, it'll fit better with the whole composition - because the paper is too clean and smooth compared to the rest of the wall

  24. Kuwanger Nov 21, 2004

    Woaaa, thats totally one cool wallpaper! It looks relly, well, i dont know. happy trigegr finger? XD I like it nonetheless..

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