Ame (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Artificial Paradise

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I made it just in time. \o/

Second, this. Took. Bloody. Eons. Seriously, why do I do this to myself? Somebody brick me, please.

Anyway, after having so many homicidal and suicidal feels while working on this, I'm glad it's finally done. I lost track of how long it took me to finish this, probably about two weeks or so while I was on a break from Uni so I decided 'hey, why not relax by making a wallpaper?' ...yeah, relax my butt. >_>

I dunno what was more taxing - outlining all those things or coloring them. Okay, the outlining took me longer and coloring was actually fun. I used vectoring and gradients for everything because painting it all would kill me. And my computer, probably. I had to extend some things from the original scan and I also gave her clothes - she was basically nekkid in the original so I smartly covered the strategic spot with another petal. Then I showed it to Metals who said it was such an obvious censor so I ditched that and gave her a toga-ish thing instead. I just didn't want this to have en 'ecchi' tag because, seriously, there's nothing ecchi about this. Wish there was a tag that differentiated between tasteless almost-porn and artistic nudity. *gets shot*

Then I spent a good portion of time banging my head against the keyboard and trying to get colors work with her in the background and adding those shapes to make it at least somewhat, yenno...not empty. I'm still not quite satisfied but if I open it again to work on it, I'm going to shoot myself. In the end, I added some textures to spice it up a bit, played with curves and color options and finally called it a day. And then downed a whole glass of a leftover champagne to celebrate. \o/

Progress chart can be seen HERE. More resolutions can be found on PR.
Well, hope you all like it and feedback is, as always, welcome.

Original scan: HERE.
Patterns in the background are (c) starwalt from dA.


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  1. MisaSasekage Moderator Jan 01, 2013

    I think the background fits nicely, not too plain or overly bright/colorful; since you have the colors from the flowers to give you that instead, so extra points there for me ^^ I think the toga-like dress was a good idea. Her eyes are a nice shade of green and I really like all the flowers. They're very pretty and I like that there's a nice assortment of different colors. Her hair looks pretty and I like the style. The bird is a nice touch too and I think it's cute that the bird is holding a piece of her hair up in its beak <3 Even though it was a pain in the butt to make since it took such a long amount of time, I think all your effort really came through wonderfully <3

  2. DarthTofu Jan 01, 2013

    Happy New Year! ahaha I know that feeling. "I'm gonna relax!" *hours later* "That was not relaxing at all." But you did a great job with it. Totally worth it! :D

  3. angelxxuan Banned Member Jan 02, 2013

    Alenas gave us love ! what no purple? the shame ! j/k love the piece, the lovely detail to the girl, the flowers and the birds are quite nice. and will you look at that, she gets a cookie for tagging !

  4. Nysha Jan 02, 2013

    Wut! So this is the green project you were working on! Gah you just had to choose this crazy scan didn't you? :P All dem outlines...@_@ Interesting you used gradients this time instead of painting - that would help with the file size though! Everything looks nice and crisp too. And the toga idea is a nice natural solution to her nekkidness. I think it fits quite well. As for the bg, I kinda wish there was more petal/leaf stuff floating around to fill in more space, or even a hummingbird or something....but wouldn't want to kill you any further! Gonna have to wait for your alt sizes, cause manually cropping it to HD is not being friendly with me. XP

  5. srsn Jan 02, 2013

    I did mention that this reminds me of your angelus crudelis wallpaper - simple, clean but the only difference is that this makes use of gradients while the other is multi-layered vector!

    With all those details and whatnot, it looks like a green glass wallpaper. Definetely worth it as a new desktop wallpaper coz it doesn't clutter with my icons!

  6. MikuMasterX Jan 03, 2013

    Hmmm... my comments arn't very constructive anymore but this is damn fine work girl! Well done on another quality wall!

  7. mirtillo Jan 06, 2013

    Delicate, elegant and beautiful *__*

    fav *.*

  8. Raffachan Jan 08, 2013

    " I just didn't want this to have en 'ecchi' tag because, seriously, there's nothing ecchi about this. Wish there was a tag that differentiated between tasteless almost-porn and artistic nudity. *gets shot*"
    I love you <3
    Great work dear! I love the details and soft colours on this :)

  9. trofikabinet Jan 22, 2013

    Better late then never....I'm finally commenting :O

    As usual, you picked the most crazy and detailed scan you could xD But it turned out great, really. I love it all, especially the flowers. I still don't understand how you had the patience doing all this hahaha

    Great work <3

  10. Tsunoh Feb 09, 2013

    Gorgeous work, Alenas. I'm actually using this as my work desktop- eat flowers, iBoxes! I mean... pretty, clean imagery for a serious work environment.

    Yea I'm still on Windows, cause I hate giving up some of the apps and stuff I accumulated over the years like a giant Katamari ball. I don't think this would have gotten tagged as 'ecchi' without the toga, but it was a nice touch. I love the flowers, but especially appreciate the effort you put into little details, like her eyelashes. Her eyelashes!


  11. Steffi1690 Moderator Dec 31, 2013

    Wonderful! Her headdress is Amazing! I like the White flowers and that cute (tiny) lttle bird ^^

    Happy New Year to you too!

  12. galilio Mar 20, 2015

    thank you so much for this!

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