Beatmania Wallpaper: beatmania IIDX RED bemani

Konami, Beatmania, Sakura (Beatmania) Wallpaper
Konami Studio Beatmania Game Sakura (Beatmania) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a character from the new IIDX red I totaly ripped one of my old walls off but the pic fit so perfectly color wise I had to re do it I think it turned out interesting

full res for more detail ^_^

update: updated the txt to make it look nicer ^_^

wow the psd is 100 megs

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  1. Zelgadis Nov 19, 2004

    nice wall exelent color theme and really hot scan !!!
    good work :)

  2. anael Nov 19, 2004

    great wallpaper !!!! red is roxxxee !!! XD :nya: excellent and awesome ^^ i like it domo arogato +fav :)

  3. xandman Nov 19, 2004

    finally one of the good scans i get to see..... it's been a time ^_^ ...man, xandman like it.

  4. evasion Nov 19, 2004

    ooooo, very cool! You are so a pro waller! I like how you got the scan into the bg - very awesome! Keep up the excellent works! ^_^

  5. Midori-chan Nov 19, 2004

    wow.....dats a hot gurl man!! i like the red n black effects on the bg...it looks great!!
    thanx for sharing such a great wall!! :D

  6. Valenth Nov 19, 2004

    Woah, cool gal on this wallpaper. Looks real great on the screen, good job!! :D

  7. Foolish-ishness Nov 19, 2004

    Awesome :) Nice grunge style and good job with blending the scan in.

    PS: Awesome avatar, go Beck :)

  8. GintheTwilightswords Nov 20, 2004

    That bg is wikced XD !!! I luv the colours in it and they go well with the chick-she's friggin' wicked and hot^uu^.Nice work Flowbeat :D .

  9. jackalx66 Nov 20, 2004

    woah very nice grunge wall
    me can't make the grunge style that great =>
    keep up the good job here.ok
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  10. candyloop Nov 20, 2004

    It looks nice, a bit too dirty and blurry over places but nothing serious, what you should take into account tho is the typography. Your letters would look better if you had put them a bit down on the canvas, then they would be part of the composition and not conflict with it.

  11. darkmadness669 Nov 21, 2004

    Very cool.......

  12. angelofdarkness89 Nov 21, 2004

    i think its awesome. it is a little blurry over some places, but other than that it is awesome. i added it to my favourites.

  13. angelofdarkness89 Nov 21, 2004

    i think its awesome. it is a little blurry over some places, but other than that it is awesome. i added it to my favourites.

  14. shhho Nov 22, 2004

    shes hot... oh my.. race queens a go goooooooo :D

  15. tecnophreak Nov 22, 2004

    i like it. chaos grunge with a direction, nice .

  16. Furikuu Nov 23, 2004

    Cool wall, but I'm just not sure grunge is the best style for a dance-game wall :P I would have expected something upbeat and psychedelic.. but you still pulled this one pretty good.

  17. afan Nov 23, 2004

    Huh? :o
    You ripped off your own walls? Flowbeat's a ripper! :o XD ^_^' jk jk

    Interesting wallie dude. Scan you used was kinda low quality (or resized bigger) though. Too red for my tastes ^_^'

  18. YinYangV1 Nov 30, 2004

    very nice wallpaper. i love it a whole lot. good job and keep at it. ^_^

  19. Aa-chan Dec 10, 2004

    Mmmmmm, yummy girl. Love the black and red ^______^ .

  20. squink Dec 21, 2004

    this is an awesome wallpaper gonna use this as my lappy wallpaper thanx

  21. hamed Dec 26, 2004

    the wall looks very sexy, and its Excellent !

    keep up the good work :D

  22. AlphaZero Jan 06, 2005

    ooo yeah. More bishoujo! this one's pretty sexy :D
    It's a good wallpaper overall. :)

  23. ShiNN Feb 27, 2005

    Grunge + Sexy lady + Beatmania (which I'm addicted to) = l337. That said I gotta say the girl prolly looks too blurry, and it's not a good thing if you use that kind of grunge style... I would have gone for a "dirty grunge" version of the girl just to blend her better with the rest of the background. But it's just my opinion anways.

    +fav, still a fine job!

  24. agentavenue Jun 09, 2005

    There's nothing quite like a striking red wallpaper. Love the scan. If you're looking for some ultra picky comments (oh, boy!), why don't you try simplifying the background a little bit? It's beautiful as it is, but some of the brushes take the attention away from the character. Just take this as you will to consider or discard T_T

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