BECK Wallpaper: BECK "Mongolian Chop Squad"

Harold Sakuishi, Madhouse, BECK, Yuji Sakurai, Tsunemi Chiba Wallpaper
Harold Sakuishi Mangaka Madhouse Studio BECK Series Yuji Sakurai Character Tsunemi Chiba Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a very simple wall i did for personal use like my "brother" wall so dont expect anything crazy with this. all i did here was cut out the characters, touch them up, and color them in. then realized it looked lame in color so made it all red and i didnt put anything in the bg sense i think it would look best keepin it real simple the way it is.
i wasnt even planning to submit this sense im sure no ones gonna like this kinda crap i put out but heck whatever, thought might as well.

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  1. UndyingShadow Nov 19, 2004

    I think this wall looks hot, the color looks great and the retouch look awesome. HELL YEAH simplicity!!! mongolians!! HELL yeah....

  2. euna Retired Moderator Nov 19, 2004

    Cool wallpaper Crapmonster oppa!!
    Very interesting... maroon/red tone overall goes well... ^^
    Nice wallpaper.

  3. tAtEkAnE Nov 19, 2004

    yeah it is simple but it's fine :D, the color makes it seem like it's dusk which is cool well done :D

  4. Furikuu Nov 19, 2004

    Maybe it's minimal but hey, at least you picked a mellow but distinct colour :D

  5. akai Nov 19, 2004

    Cool... this came at the right time. I'm looking for a good beck wallpaper for my desktop. \(^o^)/ Beck rocks!! MT should start a category for BECK!!

  6. jackalx66 Nov 19, 2004

    it better simple like that
    i like the color u use
    no, it's not a crap
    it's ur hard work :)
    keep up the good job.ok
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  7. KorganoS Nov 19, 2004

    The best BECK wallie i've ever seen, period!!
    Great job!! *two thumbs up* ^_~
    adding this to my favorites....
    for you who haven't seen this anime, go check it out... it rocks, literally... lol :D

    edit : almost forgot.. ^_^' I'm using this as my wallpaper!! Thanks a lot, Crap!!

  8. keenan83 Nov 19, 2004

    See man i told you i would add all your beck walls to my favs lol.
    anyways let me know when the next one is out.

  9. Foolish-ishness Nov 19, 2004

    Finally something Beck :)

    Simplicity done well.

  10. miaka036 Nov 20, 2004

    w00t!!!!!!!! BECK wallie!!!!!
    Thanks for the wallie.

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 20, 2004

    No matter how simple or oldschool it can be its something i like....awesome job on the wall...keep it up mate! :D

  12. chibikko Nov 21, 2004

    you must be kidding, this wallpaper is really cool. the colors are very nice and beck seems to be a good anime. it looks simple, indeed, but great.

  13. adz Nov 25, 2004

    wow. a Beck wall. looks kinda like oldschool.
    and a huge one too. o.o

  14. Minako-cat Dec 20, 2004

    this wall is great the colors fit real nice. and its not crap its good.

  15. Sephiroth525 Jan 16, 2005

    YAY beck!!!! - Well done, there's not much Beck around on the net...

  16. vaiowega Feb 14, 2005

    wow ! ! very nice wallpaper, plus I'm a huge fan of the manga (and now the anime)

    good work ! ;)

  17. made Mute Member Feb 15, 2005

    excellent wallpaper. feeling good.

  18. anakaneh May 31, 2005

    a really simple and nice looking wallpaper. i like it very much. beck is one of my fave band ever. but i guess i never gonna watch them "live" :)

  19. Spike24 Jun 04, 2005

    WOW this BecK wallpaper really owns them all...propz to you and your skillz.
    I love this wallpaper man now =)
    woot simplicity at its best with awesome substance.

  20. funkybass Jul 16, 2005

    Whoaa!! It's an excellent BECK wall XD !! But why this wall casted away in the seiyuu category? ^_^'

  21. Gokuno Aug 08, 2005

    nice scan... its almost the only one that doesnt requires lvl 10 to dl and have all the caracters.... liked a lot

  22. bigmara Aug 27, 2005

    its a great wallpaper... i just love the way it look. I like a simple and neat design of wallpaper more :) ...also it is nice to see Maho with the gang in it... XD

  23. nemonio Apr 25, 2006

    very good job

  24. -Guille- May 13, 2007

    very nice good job =)

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