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The winter semester has just ended and I finally had time to finish this thing. It's a Halloween wall and I know I'm like two months late but I really couldn't have done it earlier so consider this a kind of gift from me. Happy Christmas to you all! :D

I made WIP.png if you want to see the walling process (I'm not a fan of animated gifs so I hope you'll be fine with a png file).

I got the idea for the wall while watching this video (from which I also stole the title). The video is about embracing the dark side of yourself and I liked how it's divided into the 'good' and 'evil' part, and especially the end, where one of Adam's eyes is blue and the other golden, caught my attention. I immediately thought of an old story that I had made up when I was younger. The characters I had created had the same eye colors as Adam uses in the video so I decided to paint a wall that would feature both of them, putting their heads (and eyes) as close to each other as possible.

To help you better understand the connection between the wall and the video, I should tell you that the girl (Elisa (my alter-ego)) is a vampire - the evil one - and the boy (Andy (my ideal (and imaginary) boyfriend)) is an angel - the good one. (So it's not only about eye colors...) Now, why the Halloween theme? Well, here is the answer. (Just too cute not to watch.) Elisa and Andy are dressed up as demon and angel for Halloween to emphasize the contrasts their charaters create. They both also posses some supernatural powers (therefore the fire on her tail and the aureole (Is that the word?) above his head). That's probably all I should explain. If you have any questions, you can always ask me.

Resources used
Marble Texture
Vase with Flowers Reference
Bird Cage Reference
Spider Candle Holders Reference
and the best website for (not only) fire effects - Silk

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  1. DragonBlood Dec 21, 2012

    Really like the characters and the details of the background! the only thing I think would make even better was a bit more darkness overall so that the moonlight could have a deeper impact...but it's an amazing work!
    Have a great Christmas! :D

  2. Nyora Dec 21, 2012

    Wow, the most attractive part is those "inspirations" for me. You actually drew those clothes on them, amazing :)

    And I'm agree with DragonBlood about the moonlight. Except that, there are lots of spiders and stuff around, it's kinda distracting. It'd be much more nice if you remove some of those spiders and add that curtain each side of the window I think. This way, more than around, you could attract attention to the characters ^^,

    Keep up the nice work :3

  3. IMkhaos Dec 22, 2012

    awesome! I envy you, you can draw great! keep it up!

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 22, 2012

    It's so wonderful to see Original wallpapers! I don't see them often, makes me so sad :(
    I do love the couple, they're very sweet looking and the anatomy is great. I don't see any
    major problems, it's very hard to get bodies and positioning right; I haven't even gotten it completely right yet, heh. My biggest complaints or problem is with the BG and the lighting. The moon is too dark considering it's so close to them, the glow on them should be more present as well.
    I don't think everything should be blurred, it kills the depth levels and makes the wallpaper look
    very flat and one dimensional if you get my drift.
    The spiders were a nice touch but they look so cardboard- ish I think it would've been better
    to just leave them out or just find more realistic ones perhaps...I don't know if them looking like that was your plan or not but it just looks odd to me.
    The shading is good, I think more dark shades would really benefit them. Especially
    where the bodies almost come together. Remember the moonlight is on their backs so its suppose
    to darken the front view a lot more.
    Also the sky could be darker as well, just to help the moon look more gorgeous and mysterious.
    Helps to make for a colder night look as well, nothing says "cold night" like a dark sky with plenty stars XD
    I really do love seeing Originals, it's nice to see more characters than just my own lol
    Lovely job, please show us more! <3

  5. angelxxuan Dec 22, 2012

    oh my gothic christmas (we'll pretend it's a christmas piece due to the halloween/christmas movie that time) ;) ! love the crispness to it and the details and love to the entire piece well done !

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator May 07, 2014

    This is Amazing! Love the Background! But most of all love the mask and her Dress =)
    Hey look! There is even Jacks head there - from Nightmare before Christmas *lol*

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