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I've been busy with RL that I didn't have the time to create wallpapers. I've also lost my motivation in walling with all the anime, manga marathoning that I'm doing + work. I tried walling to see if my motivation will get back and so I decided to make a quick wallpaper that utilizes old school walling - lighting, extension and painting.

At first, I was just gonna do photomanipulation + lighting adjustment which is pretty much the same as what Valuna did with her wallpaper of Guilty Crown but then I'm not satisfied. So I decided to go the hard way. What I did was, I first clean off most of the firefly thingy of the scan. Then I started painting some shades into the character as well as lighting. Then I extended the scan and painted a few more grasses. Then more painting of hair strands and fixed his outfit as well as more lighting adjustments X.X . I then manually painted those light balls particularly those round ones. It really was hard getting the effect of multilayering with those balls. I left some of the "rough/furry texture" skin of his' because I was thinking of Kitsunes having a bit of fur even in human form. Anyway below is my WIP.


I must say this wallpaper is more strenuous than my Touhou wallpaper because of all the lighting, extensions as well as depth that I placed in this wallpaper. What I like the most on this wallpaper are the balls of light as well as the grass. (I'm not sure why, maybe because of the effect it gives? oh well)

Anyway this is dedicated to Alenas, Trofichi, Tina-pi and Fiifo. I believe I haven't given your bday presents so here it is.
I'm not sure if you guys will like it or not seeing that this style isn't really what I usually work on, but I still hope you'll like it :)

What to expect next? hmmm not sure when I'd be back, but for sure there'd be lots of collabs from me. (Guys, for those whom I still owe some collabs, yes I'm getting back on it! Finally!) As for vectored wall, hopefully I'll be able to finish a hot bishie soon?

*My WIPs are piling up*

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2012

    Oddly enough, I don't care for the scan...
    I do love your idea to stay with the basics and just do something
    simple, but for some reason I just don't like the choice.
    I will say your extensions and painting and lighting were good,
    darkening helped to make the scan stand out and it looks more
    mysterious as well.

  2. IMkhaos Nov 18, 2012

    great job on the extension and lighting! although the face seems blurred... it somehow gave the feeling that he's a ghost.. :P

  3. snyp Nov 18, 2012

    Wall looks pretty nice but i really don't like the overdose of blurry effects around the character
    But still nice lighting effects on the background. Still a good job though.

  4. angelxxuan Banned Member Nov 18, 2012

    oh my srsn gave us some nice love ! I really like the brushes used and the detail you supplied for the kitsune. the depth and detail is quite remarkable and beautiful ! even though you put a lot of work into it, I have to admit it was well worth it +fav

  5. LadyZ Nov 19, 2012

    So beautiful! I like this mystical atmosphere very much.
    Also, the character looks like Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita, I think... ^^
    Thank you!

  6. heart-sky Nov 19, 2012

    i love it thanks for the share :)

  7. FiiFO Nov 19, 2012

    Yummy bishie *___*
    I really like, although its different from your usual style, you did a great job extending the scan and adding the additional lighting, which helps the wall stand out more compare to the original scan.
    Thank you for the gift Ashes :3

  8. Alenas Retired Moderator Nov 19, 2012

    Aww, thank you for the dedication~ <3

    This really does look different from your usual style but I gotta say you did an awesome job with the extension and reducing the number of those fireflies was a good idea. I just wish the overall wallpaper was more clean and clear, somehow it looks too blurry and fuzzy in places.
    Good to see you walling again! xD

  9. DragonBlood Nov 21, 2012

    It's a wonderful wallpaper! Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Evvo Nov 24, 2012

    Amazing atmosphere!
    Gotta say I miss your walls too :D

  11. Golara Nov 24, 2012

    Great job :) thanks for sharing :)

  12. Furiz Nov 26, 2012

    Quite lovely :)
    The lamp seems to attract me more than the bugs themselves :)
    what sort of magic would that be :)

  13. Yina Dec 05, 2012

    I'm kinda used to see clean clean clean wallpapers from you so it was surprising that the wallpaper looks so grainy. O: I know you probably wanted to create a mystic atmosphere but the blurriness still bothers me a lot @_@ (Requests vectored version and runs XD)

  14. belove Jan 11, 2013

    I like the scan feeling to start with. I like how you kept that feeling of mysterious and blurriness. I like what you did for the scan (extension, painting and lighting). I like it overall.

    Great wall. Thanks for sharing!

  15. BethHua Jan 15, 2013

    I just so love it!Awesome~The boy in the picture is very bueatiful~

  16. Cirru Nov 03, 2013

    Such a peaceful and serene atmosphere is depicted here... very calming and elegant wall, thank you for sharing. : )

  17. chaba Dec 02, 2013

    very touching. the lights and the grass makes it perfect :)
    and i love kitsune <3

  18. Steffi1690 Moderator Jan 08, 2014

    Lovely! I like all those sparkles but mostly his ears ^^ *want to touch them*

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