Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: just a m o m e n t with you

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Lacus Clyne Character Kira Yamato Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

herez a wallie of my favorite coupplleee~<33 ^-^ tee heeez .. kira nd lacus ..

>o< this walliee took foreevveerrr since kiraz left arm blended waayy too much with the black bg .. -o- awoooo ... *kickerz computer*

uhm .. uhm ... ^-^ extraction was kinda hard too ... since i still sux at it ... tee heez ... itz very very blurryy ... and kinda bright?

dedicated to pinkdoremi aka pinkiieee~<33 happii bdaii!! ooh .. and thanks to kyooro for the scan!!

i might update this again ... ^-^ soo checkkiee~

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  1. Nakayori Nov 18, 2004

    :: Tackle hug. :: So pretty!! X3;; I'm sure PinkDoremi will love it. =DD Great job, Saki-chan. ^^;; :: Favorites. ::

  2. broken-dreamz Nov 18, 2004

    waiii sakisakisakchyannn always doo good with walliezz >o<'' sniffs this ish sho cute ^o^ heartie heartie!

  3. Albiore Nov 18, 2004

    Greetings, Saki:

    A little romantic, but so good n____~ Congratulations!!

  4. DeeDee Nov 18, 2004

    oooo i love it!!!
    sooo sweet!! it is a little blurry, but no prob :d
    + fav

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    how cute i love it
    great job i'm adding it to my faves thanks for sharing :)

  6. dans Nov 18, 2004

    it's so romantic and pretty. pinky will love it. :)
    give you a fav.

  7. jackalx66 Nov 18, 2004

    nice wall saki ^^
    *me wub the wall*
    i like those couple too
    so romantic indeed
    maybe u want to add some rose petal or sakura
    for more romantic feel ?
    overall is nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  8. rory07 Nov 18, 2004

    aww so nice of you i bet she will love it liek i do yes its a bit blurry and bright but that isnt a bad thing at adds to the whole effect making at actually look alot better very nice job hehe romantic indeed dans :)
    nice job saki you are very skilled no matter what you say :D

  9. XDarkDestinyX Nov 18, 2004


    ....so... CUTE ::hugs::

    ::Coughs:: It really isn't bright, it adds a nice light effect to the wallie~ The lines are interesting and flow with the wallie which is a very nice touch~ ^.^ The colors are nice and aren't overly done~ ^.^ Fave~

  10. white-zero Nov 18, 2004

    I was planning to use that image in my future wall project. Looks like I have to ditch it.

    Awesome work as always, Saki-chan!

  11. KohakuXP Nov 18, 2004

    I dunno this but did Lacus fall in love with Kira at the end?? ^_^'

    Uh yeah, very nicely done.. :D

  12. Mew Nov 18, 2004

    OOOOish saki chan pretty!!!!! -hugles- such a pretty wallie! -puts gold star on your nose and bows- good work princess saki!!!! favorites for you^^ princess.

  13. Celessa Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    Wow this is such a good wallpaper - ahh wish I applied here first. lol

    Still nonetheless, a definite applause from me. Way to go! Wo0t! **Clicks to Fav.**

  14. D4rkKnight Nov 18, 2004

    Yay, a lot better than my other Gundam SEED wallies. I love the glow effect behind Kira and Rakusu.


    :) I love it! Nice work, Saki :D

  15. exentric Nov 18, 2004

    waii wai~~
    ne wallie by saki~!! XD
    very nice saki~
    but da scan ish low on quality T_T
    bery nice work~ XP

  16. Athrun Nov 18, 2004

    woah. that totally kicks the crap outta my SEED walls XD great job Saki!

    * adds to fav

  17. Keough Nov 18, 2004

    =P yay Saki i luv it!!!!! it's so pretty much MUCH better than mine *nod nod*

  18. andanother Nov 18, 2004

    yea yea saki!!!! *huggles* great wallie!! lovin it to death... + fav
    guh i haven't talk to u in da longest! i miss u! so give meeh a holla! tee hee ^^
    v^_^ peace and chicken grease

  19. tAtEkAnE Nov 18, 2004

    woooo! really sweet XD the girl is so forward XD nyahahaha! nah they looks good XD *pretends to be the girl* rofl!

  20. Devilet Nov 18, 2004

    awww, me loves that couple too ^-^
    kawaii! interesting minor effects on it too..
    and the background matches.. it's so happy happy and fluent!
    Saakiii... good work! waaaii, fav! :)

  21. Paolo Nov 18, 2004

    another wall made by the great saki.

  22. Piyo Nov 18, 2004

    so kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~~~* background sho pretty..

    its melting my teeth cute *___* I WUV IT <3333333

  23. Pikapika Nov 18, 2004

    waaai waii waii ~~~<3 saki-saki makes more skei-skei cutie wallie. ^.^
    ~~~<3 lovie dovie cuie wallie saki ~~~<3 lol. ^.^

  24. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    oo, what a totally great seed wall! ive been warnting to see a wallpaper done by this scan, and you did a good job :)

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