Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: bloody~abstract

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Archetype Earth Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Archetype Earth Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

woah XD
hi again my next wall
this time i want to make it
abstract/grunge style
the scan i got in here
sorry forgot who submit it ^_^'
all done in PS8
well hope u like it
and don't make fun of it.ok >_>
my first try on this type
comments r welcomed like always ^^

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  1. TakamuraReiji Nov 17, 2004

    Walau-e! Really nice. Er, the girl/woman looks like barbie doll to me ^_^' .
    Er, the a-bit-transparent words, dunno lah. I guess it's okay. Dunno what everybody else thinks. What's the word for? I mean, I think it's 'ming'. Dunno, just saying.
    Good job at creating, by the way. :)

  2. penpen Nov 17, 2004

    MErci pour ce quper wallapers !!!!!!

  3. dMp Nov 17, 2004

    whoa u got lots of crazy ideas for walling. keep at it.

  4. chingetscook Nov 17, 2004

    Whoa, the blood stains are a bit creepy with that look and the red eyes. Nice work.

  5. Bloodlust Nov 17, 2004

    really nice effect, thats my kind of bloody stuff lol, really nice, but if the girl and the effect look like magic the text give a techno touch that might not fit right, anyway, thats a really cool wall

  6. Athrun Nov 18, 2004

    creepy but kewl. awesome BG there Jackal, it's definately good work! ^_^

  7. slivermoon Nov 18, 2004

    looks nice, well done for a first try abstract wally
    all those red balls look like sperits wanting to eat her o_O

  8. gundex Nov 18, 2004

    ah!! a brand new grungy wall from u... nice one jacky-san... err i can't say much coz i never make grungy wall... :D :D still no exp... :)

  9. Devilet Nov 18, 2004

    hmm, pretty neat jackal ^-^
    i like the background, just the blood doesn't look much like blood more like grainy red balls..
    but but, that's okay, you can always improve ^.~
    the text overlay.. kind of odd to put with Tsukihime..
    still a good work, keep it up :)

  10. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    the wall invokes some creepy image (maybe its the character?)...id work on the blood spatter a little more to make this wallpaper perfect!

  11. KorganoS Nov 18, 2004

    Wth? Since when are you into abstract?? o_0
    Oh, nevermind... this one is very cool for your first attempt....
    I can't do grungy effects well, so I wouldn't comment out on this one...
    But overall it looks nice, although I'm not quite fond of the bloody look, it's just not my style >_<

  12. Kurosawa Nov 18, 2004

    nice abtrac wallie jack :D The BG was cool, with red blood, it give's me another sense about this wallie :D Keep the good work :D

  13. Kenzotsuke Nov 18, 2004

    yeah^^ the blood stains are a bit creepy with that look and the red eyes!!
    good work my friend^^.................+fav :)

  14. Frosty Nov 18, 2004

    hmmm.... abtract indeed. ^^
    i think the bg doesn't go too well with the wall. XD
    but the blood drops makes this wall looks sick. "in a good way" lol. XD
    maybe if you make the scan image bigger or something it would look better I think?!?!?
    B for a cool looking wall. ^^

  15. irix Nov 19, 2004

    loooooooks strange the wall!! ^^'

  16. semanga Nov 19, 2004

    My jo boy makes a new wall... looks very good you know i am a big fan of your walls... and this is my new fav from you .. looks great like all your other work give you a 9.6 =P

  17. Deen Nov 19, 2004

    Quote by penpenMErci pour ce quper wallapers !!!!!!

    Maybe penpen want say like this =

    Oh.. thank you for this cool wallpapers !!!!! ---> something wrong with ' quper '

    from me.
    Nice abstract.
    * ^^ back to use female scan *
    Cool but strange for me ^^
    --> 9.2

  18. GintheTwilightswords Nov 19, 2004

    It looske excellent^uu^.I like the colors and the bg is cool.I sit me or do do those blood cells look like...nevermind:P.Great work :D .

  19. walkure245 Nov 19, 2004

    What a pretty wallie~ You are always so creative with your wallies. I like the bloody effects and the sort of grunginess to the bg is really neat. ^_^

  20. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 20, 2004

    Very interesting to say the least.....Its almost like souls are gathering around her......so to speak anyways I misunderstand things @_@. Anyways to be personally honest its like you've created a whole new type of grunge. It breaks away from the traditional grunge-style thats normally used. Yet it still holds true to its roots and for the most gives off that grunge feeling that I really like. Plus its Tsukihime! Weeeeeeeee~ This was like the first picture I ever saw that gave me a referrance to the series....and yeah its what got me interested. Anyways you really did a wonderful job with the colors and the style you've gone with....well I'm gonna called it 'Jackal style grunge' is just amazing. So beautiful.....Favorite hands down. For your first at something like this its DAMN good.

  21. boost Banned Member Dec 03, 2004

    Calkim frikowata fazka..ale podoba mi sie - all I'm saing is I like it.

  22. crimson-blue Jan 01, 2005

    wah2 lagi2 wall yg keren =p
    eh ama km dah maenin game nya lom??
    klo uda tolong kasi tau gw blinya dmn?
    ama pokoknya ni pic cool de +fav thx yach

  23. Dikisbak Jan 01, 2005

    a very good one purity of Arcueid melt with blood excellent

  24. raxis Jan 22, 2005

    another nice wall from Jackal ^^
    +add to fav+

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