Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Solitude

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ehehe... my very first wallie XD
I know this is crappy, but I will improve... ^_^
Hopefully everyone can give me lots and lots of suggestions and tips so I know what I did wrong XD
Thanks Noctum for submitting the scan :D

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  1. bucket-shot Nov 17, 2004

    Interesting wall, Jor. :) And it's nice to see Rei with green and purplish instead of her default blue. XD
    Great atmosphere. You've conveyed the theme well. I really like the... well, desolation isn't the right word. :\ I'll get back to it when my brain grows a dictionary.

    Hm... I'd suggest varying the grass brush a bit more. X3 In particular, the last 'row' before they blur (well, that said is kinda blurred, too... it's the one without the dark green in it) should be a bit more transitional... if you get what I mean. ^_^'

    Um, also - the light looks kinda... slapped on top? Like it isn't 3d, or affecting the grass. XD I'm not sure how to fix it though, so nevermind me.

    The font is a tricky thing. XD My impulse was to say it's too plain. But then you read the word and you think...yeah. Okay. ^_^' Point taken.
    Still, I think you wouldn't go wrong with a tiny bit of shadow or something. XD *shrugs* Your call.

    Anyways~ neat first wall. :) Not perfect, but it definitely has potential. Good job!

  2. KorganoS Nov 17, 2004

    ooo... very nice, for a first attempt!
    I see that you have a good sense of image compositing and depth perspective, that's very good....
    although there are still lots of things that can be added to make the wall more interesting, but this one has that pleasant simplistic look...
    *fav* well done, I hope you make more walls, and I'm looking forward to it..

  3. Susan-chan Nov 17, 2004

    it's not soo bad!! but really! i like it, but perhaps the grass is too light,..it can be a bit brighter :S but it's good^^

  4. Devilet Nov 17, 2004

    first attempt?? O.o;;
    but but.. it's pretty good ^-^
    yeah, definitely the grass needs more work.. and Rei seems to be blurry at some spots..
    also maybe some lighting/shadowing variations on her might help
    but it's a really good wallpaper, you're skills look promising, keep it up ^.~ <3

  5. Frosty Nov 18, 2004

    lol... hey, thats better than my first attempt. ^^
    good job, it looks really good. ^^
    it feels like something is missing still.... maybe fix up the glassland abit and some brighter lighting. ^^
    b+ for a great first try. Good work. ^^

  6. ookani0131 Nov 20, 2004

    Weelll.... i don't think that the wall is wrong? Why i need to belive that? but is a nice artwork the one that we have here from u; the only that i can say is on the font style. For each wall, try to have a font type accord to the feeling that u want to express with u artwork. For last, your wall is nice, for be the fist one (because my 1st one not was like this, the mine sucks...), and keep u working! See U! :D

  7. Val3f0r Dec 01, 2004

    hehhhh.... not bad not bad :D just keep it up... you will be better soon XD

  8. boost Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Bwahaha.Niebadz taki skromny, it's not bad at all....for fist.Tak dalej

  9. Kikoz Dec 06, 2004

    wow....i great !!!!
    i love rei very much!!!
    I hope u can teach me on making saome walle!!
    I add this to myfav!!! ^^

  10. Akinosuke Dec 13, 2004

    Very nicely done! Thanks for this ^_^ +fav

  11. togugawa Mute Member Dec 19, 2004


    very gooddd!!!!

    thank you ^_^

  12. halo3 Dec 29, 2004

    a bit diverent, the bg and the front...
    but i think it should be...
    all in all great work and nice wallpaper.

  13. saiyijinprince Restricted Member Dec 30, 2004

    Wow!! what an awesome pic of Rei, I've never seen that one, you know the source? Great wall!!

    wat' s show is your avatar from?

  14. darkcloud89 Jan 04, 2005

    Wow, really interesting wallpaper.

  15. khpc82 Banned Member Jan 15, 2005

    Rei rulez~! And she still does~! XD Bloody nice wallpaper......keep up the good work~!

  16. Asuka-Langley May 24, 2005

    Looks like a pretty good wallpaper :) , much better then the other Rei pics ive seen with her out in the field

    - Asuka Langley

  17. nanapan Jul 10, 2005

    Wow!! what an awesome pic of Rei, I've never seen that one, you know the source? Great wall!!

    wat' s show is your avatar from?

  18. necro-sop Sep 17, 2005

    :D Nice 1st try in doing the 1st child! Your work needs a bit more outlining, hence the blurry look. And some more shadows would be nice, your sense of casting light reflections is good but remember that bright light also casts very dark shadows! Your CG hair doesn't look as good as the hair you do in your drawings, it would seem you need more practice using that imaging software of yours. But don't feel bad, I am in the exact same position as yourself! ^_^'

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