Soryuden Wallpaper: battle~ready

CLAMP, Soryuden, Hajime Ryudou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Soryuden Series Hajime Ryudou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wall by me
sorry but this time is male scan XD
i will finish my winter wall soon ^^'
the scan i got in here
sorry forgot who submit it in here
the bg done in PS8
use some stock photo in the ocean pattern (some lazyness)
well hope u all like it
comments are welcomed like always :)

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  1. euna Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2004

    Wow... very interestin wallpaper jack-chan!!
    I luv the bg... it's simply amazing... ^^
    The clouds look so good. Nice job!

  2. Celessa Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2004

    hm.... very interesting indeed. Got anymore female pics I could probably look over?
    lol - not bad...

  3. gundex Nov 17, 2004

    ahh!! more clamp wallie... very nice sky jacky-san... i like it a lot :D :D he he ur lazyness is similar with my lazyness... :D :D :D

  4. Septillion Nov 17, 2004

    wahhh i love it!!! the colours are beautiful!! the sky is amazing!!! great work^^

  5. Frosty Nov 17, 2004

    more allie base on clamp's work hay... lol... ^^
    the bg is nice but I think when you have to wall pic like clamp's artworks (very 2d ish image), is best to use 3d-ish scenery bg because it just doesn't fits well in my option. ^^
    Still it looks awesome, good job. XD
    B+ and + fav for a job well done. XD

  6. dMp Nov 17, 2004

    wow...you're walling pretty fast these days. hehe. the bg here is very good. the floating platform just don't seem to fit very well.

  7. irix Nov 17, 2004

    it's a male!!! :angry: ...not girl! ...not fave! sorry!!! ^^

  8. Kenzotsuke Nov 17, 2004

    yeah!! very interesting wallie^^cool pic and nice bg!good job as always^^
    ...........+fav :)

  9. jrc Nov 17, 2004

    watch out everyone watch out!!! dont F with the guy in the pic he'l f you up ....lol
    good job man...

  10. KorganoS Nov 17, 2004

    Looks surreal.... ^^
    The rock block is very nice this time.... and stock photo? ^_^' The ocean looks great anyways...
    I'm not so sure about the scattered brush (sprinkles?)....
    but everything else is just great!!
    Nice one!! :D

  11. semanga Nov 17, 2004

    why you say sorry? Becouse it is a male scan but i like this more cuz I like boys and this is my fav boy from the manga series Soryuden I love this pic from him.... and you make a so great wall the bg is amazing and let the guy still more looking magical.... give you a 9.8 for this awesome work :)

  12. Asahi Nov 17, 2004

    that one looks really intersting.. with the place where the chara is sitting on in the front =) i like your work in the sky .. but imo the water looks to 'hard' =/ a little bit.

  13. GaiJiN Nov 17, 2004

    Wow, very epic and impressive wall :D ! As always, your bg are awesome, and on this one, everything blends together very well... Good work, keep it up !

  14. Led Nov 17, 2004

    Hey JAckalx66 you know the girls here love male scans but the men...?? Okey someone shurely ..XD
    Great work what u have done thanks for sharing it ^^

  15. Athrun Nov 17, 2004

    Pretty cool. Not too fond of the BG since it doesn't really make no sense to me, lol. (sorry, short attention span here)

    but it's got a cool character so what the heck. Fav. ^_^

  16. MuZ0NaZ Nov 17, 2004

    the drawing style of the scan does not quite fit the bg IMHO :\ the water is too harsh, too.

  17. Kurosawa Nov 17, 2004

    woahh.. really nice jack. I like the BG and the chara is cool ^^ . The cloud is great :D

  18. cygnus Nov 17, 2004

    Whoa... *speechless*
    Score: 9.99+ (I'm a forever fan of clamp :nya: and I'm a girl ^_^' )
    I'm just thinking last night about concept for all four brothers of Ryudou, water for Hajime, fire for Tsuzuku, earth/desert for Owaru and sakura bloom for Amaru... and you years ahead of me in making those concept into a whole beautiful wallpaper :) :) :)

  19. Devilet Nov 17, 2004

    hehe, I don't mind male scans :)
    errm, just the shadow on the water I don't think is necessary since it's in the horizon..
    and the sparkles look fuzzy.. but I like the water and sky is well done ^^
    nice work! :)

  20. TakamuraReiji Nov 17, 2004

    WAH! OMG! Really nice! XD XD
    No wait, something's wrong. The cloths in front (near the shoe), it's suppose to be down flat attach to the rock. But overall, great wallie you make! XD

  21. slivermoon Nov 18, 2004

    pretty wally :)
    i really like the bg, the sky is just amazing ^-^ and i love the colours

  22. weary_samurai Nov 18, 2004

    that is intense! the colors make the wall that much more amazing

  23. walkure245 Nov 19, 2004

    Kyahh~ >_< I love Hajime! He's so hot. I really like the bg and it blends well with the character. It matches his armor so well. Definite fav~

  24. Deen Nov 19, 2004

    The jak-mania.... Oopps Sorry
    Jackalx66 submit cool wallpaper again
    male or female scan, as long as the wallpaper is cool, i like it.
    done with ps8.. not PSP ^^

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