Samurai 7 Wallpaper: Samurai 7 - Oyasumi, Komachi

Gonzo, Samurai 7, Kirara (Samurai 7), Komachi (Samurai 7) Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Samurai 7 Series Kirara (Samurai 7) Character Komachi (Samurai 7) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

New wallpaper feat Kirara and her sister Komachi of Samurai 7. I never watched this serie but my brother told me the names ^^. I wanted to practise vectoring because this is just my 3rd vector. I know that it's not as clean as other ones but I'm proud of it nyah nyah anyway it took me around 5 hours to vector it with 350 layers. I forgot the amount of layers on the background work, sorry, but the bg took around 2 hours. Well then, please write many comments and klick on the link with ''add to favorites'', too XD
More resolutions come soon: www.uchiki.de

[EDIT] I forgot to link the site where I got the pattern for the door from: it's http://patterns.ming-ling.net/ thx for the nice patterns.

check www.uchiki.de for more resolutions

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  1. DarkParagon Nov 16, 2004

    Well I think it's fantastic... firstly because I love the series. Other than that, however, appreciation must be given for the sheer amount of time and effor put into the wall. The vector looks great from my perspective. The only thing I might have wanted to see, would have been a larger opening to the outside. Otherwise I think this is brilliant work. + Fav

  2. jackalx66 Nov 16, 2004

    woa chibikko
    that one nice vector wall u have there
    great effort
    thx to share it in here ^^
    i will be honour to fave this one ^_^
    keep up the good work

  3. Foolish-ishness Nov 16, 2004

    Awesome vector. The floor boards and the door look so cool :3 Good job. +fav

  4. Paolo Nov 16, 2004

    awww. how cute. :)

  5. harakiri Nov 16, 2004

    I like this work very much. The vector is awesome, that's a fact, but the bell outside and the lamps on the floor are greatly done, too.

  6. kitat Nov 17, 2004

    Nice vector works !! I like back bran . It is very good !!
    I remembered the house in old Japan . great works of chibikko . :)

  7. Kyuzo1 Nov 17, 2004

    Ahhh. Endlich mal wieder ein samurai 7 wallpaper :) . Mir gefaellts. Nicht schlecht. :)
    Weiter So....

  8. Septillion Nov 17, 2004

    wow chibikko it is excellent!!^^ i love how your walls are so original!! oh yes nice vectoring!! love the work you did on the doors and the outside scene. they really seem real :D

  9. Saranbaatar Nov 17, 2004

    wow ^^ absolutely fantastic ^^ *fav*

    i really love thsi one man ^^ Kirara is schweeeet :) nice reso also :)

  10. semanga Nov 17, 2004

    sehr suss die beiden toller hintergrund und sehr schoene atmosfaehre :) auf jeden fall ein fav fuer mich

  11. GaiJiN Nov 17, 2004

    Yup, very nice vector work, and also on the background.
    And like semanga said :"sehr shoene Atmosfaehre" ^^.

  12. SolleMina Nov 17, 2004

    it's SO cute!!
    i wish I had a little sister like that.
    But, no.
    I've got two, dumb ol' older brothers who spend all their money on games and not a dime on their family.
    Well, one of my brothers does, anyway.
    The other one's halfway decent.

  13. Kurosawa Nov 17, 2004

    weqq!! Reallyyy cooll chibikko. Your vector is good^^ . Right, I am gonna fav this one :D

  14. wiesel Nov 17, 2004

    Die Vektorisierung ist dir wirklich gut gelungen. Das Motiv gefällt mir auch sehr gut, erst recht, da ich die Serie sehr mag. :)

  15. WunAngelwHoney Nov 17, 2004

    this looooks wealliii great !!! .. and the characters look weallii cute too .. +fav!

  16. FlowerDog Nov 18, 2004

    I have never seen the series myself but I love your vectoring style very much. :) Whoa, 350 layers! Always working so hard to make a beautiful wallpaper. Well, your effort always shows. Which is why you could label me as your fan. :) I truly love the way you did this victor/wallpaper. :) Keep it up Chibikko-sama! :)

  17. FlowerDog Nov 18, 2004

    Oh...no...the curse of the slipping fingers....so sorry for the second post. -_-'

  18. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    Wow.....No I know that its really good and I feel stupid for taking so long to review this but wow..... Holy freggin' crap. The atmosphere you captured in this background, the very scent , everything.... just perfect... Its simply amazing I can't believe how well detailed this background is. I know that your work is amazing but this wall caught me completely off guard. Considering this is your third vector.....jeeze I can't believe how amazing this looks..... just gorgeous! As if the indoors wasn't enough even outside looks simply astonishing. I myself have yet to see Samurai 7 (but since its liscensed I figured I'll wait for it to be released on DVD) but I'm VERY interested now...... Favorite of the day, hands down. You are seriously something else Chibikko-chan.

  19. Fantasia Nov 18, 2004

    Miko sama~~~~~~~~~~~XD
    crazy for S7 now
    and this wall is so pretty
    the bg is very jp like,you must spend much on it awesome~and it comes out prettily^^
    great wall~

  20. Asahi Nov 18, 2004

    i wonder why everyone count the layers O.o but anyway the vector work looks very good imo ! like the background too =) keep it up

  21. Yina Nov 18, 2004

    woooow... It's wonderful!! The bg is beautiful too!! >___< +fav! ^^

  22. Deen Nov 18, 2004

    Ha..ha.. Funny Chibikko Ko chan chibi chama
    I see some different from you
    You r wall paper really touch my heart
    A women who has compassionate heart to small child
    she touch that child head with pityingly touch.
    I guest she is that mother child, right chibi chama
    and about " favorit "
    Even if you don't request that, i will add to my favorite ... bai..bai XD

  23. Skillzpay Nov 19, 2004

    Nice job on the vectoring Chibi!
    And the japanese style room is wickedly good. Great stuff :D

  24. evasion Nov 19, 2004

    Wow! It looks like a perfect snapshot from the show! I love it! :) Great job with incorporating the bg and the scans. Wonderful work, as always. Keep up the awesome walls!

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