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Sorry to keep everyone waiting ^^ Here it is~ the first version of the Canvas Member Poster! :D

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and made it a huge success ^^ I would list everyone but it would take up too much space @_@~ So please go to the Canvas Group Page to find out more about the talented artists who participated in the event ^^

Since this will be the first version of the poster, more updates will be coming soon i.e. shadows, coloring, background, extra effects, comical emotions, etc. ^^ Look forward to it, ne?

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  1. evasion Nov 16, 2004

    Ooooo! Wow! It looks so awesome! That is so cool how you put together all the drawings to make it one pic ^_^ I can't wait to see the next versions :) Thanks Cloudnine!

  2. YoukoxLover Nov 16, 2004

    o_o!!! me LUVS it!!!!! omg~!!.. haha osibot ish adorable! XD XD .. haha... awwwoo.. cloudy did a great job!!!! me wuvs this poster thingy~!! <33 *fav~!!

  3. Ari-chan Nov 16, 2004

    Oh wow!!! Its so lovely, you did a great job Cloudnine!! I can't wait t see the other versions.XD

  4. nuniko Nov 16, 2004

    way better than how I imagined it. great job! ^___________^

    and yep, Osibot looks good...XD

  5. Foolish-ishness Nov 16, 2004

    Ah, nice :3 looks like I missed commenting on some really good art~

    Ah, everyone knows what ZZ did XD ZZ is on his shirt.

  6. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2004

    waaahh .. >o< saki wasnt fast enough .. O.O

    saki will make one sooon!! ^_______^ ahahhaz ..
    this ish soo cuuuteee!!! ^.~

  7. nat Nov 16, 2004

    Hey that turned out really nice. It's neat to see so many different styles next to each other like that ^^

  8. pinkdoremi Nov 16, 2004

    it looks awesome!!! :D :D everything fitted in pretty well and the overall impression looks really cool ^-^!

    thank u for putting all ur hard work into this ^__^ can't wait to see the coloured version *_*

  9. sakuragirl Nov 16, 2004

    oooo, i wanna participate in it. but then i've fix my scanner soon.. anyways, it's a very nice combinations of drawings. it's beautiful

  10. kc2 Nov 16, 2004

    Nice, nice... pretty good poster!!
    So many good drawings!! Keep'em coming!! XD

  11. DarkVirus Nov 16, 2004

    how could u say that we are disfunictional..(everybody acts crazy)....j/k j/k

    i like the poster CN....you worked really hard on it....

    add to favorites :)

  12. broken-dreamz Nov 16, 2004

    oiii this looks so awesomeee =DD

  13. Yumi-Chan Nov 16, 2004

    ROFL cloudyyyy you're da best!!! this is incredibly awesome! I cant wait to see the coloured + full versioN!! XD wahahaha I'm next to the 'pantsu obsessed'-chan!! XD HAHA osibot ish' flying.. rofl.. XD Gah, this is so great. So happy Cloudy made this ^_~ *fav*!! *hugz cloudy!!!* XDXD

  14. walkure245 Nov 16, 2004

    What a wonderful poster, Cloud-san! ^_^ It's cute and funny~
    I guess we are a weird bunch. Hehehe~ Suteki~

  15. FlowerDog Nov 16, 2004

    OMG!! I love it sooo much!! *Saves and prints* The best part is that my drawing is far from Vhan's. XD (He can't slay me from there..) Love ya Cloudnine for coming up with the awesome event and for putting the poster together. Everyone did a beautiful job with their submission but me.....Though, the overwhelmingness of the beauty of everyone's drawing makes the uglyness of the my drawing none extistance. XD Love the way you crossed out dysfunctional and put happy family. :D Awww, osibot is so lonely.... T.T Overall, I truly love the way it came out and I can't wait for the updated version. :)

  16. tAtEkAnE Nov 16, 2004

    that is sooooo cool cloudnine! i wuv ya! XD it's so nice! i'm beside ZZ XD guess it's becoz of the lineart hahaha XD it's so cool cloudy, can't get over it XD ! cmon ppl! fave it and make it be featured!!!! we deserve it XD and cloudy very good job! osibot rofl! XD

  17. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2004

    rofl.. >_>

    my bot is flying <_<;;.....its lonly too ;_;

    rofl anways, nice poster :3....now..its time for animeclub to do something :D

  18. vincemercer Nov 16, 2004

    oh, sweet. I've never thought it will be just this. I thought it was a contest of some sort

  19. belmikry Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2004

    ieee-ahhh!! XD this is great cloudnine!!! i love it!! thanks a bunch for doing this!!! can't wait to see version 2 :o

  20. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2004

    oooooo....super!! i love how u got everybody gathering around the banner XD looks awesome cloud9! ^_^ can't wait for the enhanced versions later .....

    *takes out shotgun and shoots down osibot* XD

  21. Adam Nov 16, 2004

    All I can say is wow!
    That's amazing,you did a great job getting everything put together.
    It was a great idea for the first event to have everyone submit a drawing for the group poster,pure genius.

  22. shinta Nov 16, 2004

    Can tate-chan and I switch places? No "particular" reason...la la la la la la la!!! Tate-chan wants to be beside Cloudy. xd

    i think Osi should be lying on the floor with blood all over him. Jk jk!

    Nice poster desu!!!

  23. Frosty Nov 16, 2004

    wow! you manage to put them all together like that and make it looks so nice... lol...
    I fought it'll be hard to pull this off but you did it in flying colors. lol.... ^^
    and yea... One big "cough ... dysfunctional" cough..." happy family... lol... ^^
    a++++ for a great great great good job cloudnine... and everyone who submit a drawing for it. ^^
    Awesome!!! XD

  24. bucket-shot Nov 16, 2004

    Uwahh... nice one. XD Love all the different styles compiled like this-- a stroke of genius! Hehe~ the interactions between the characters are cute, too. XD Nice compilation job, c9!

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