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Jun Mochizuki, Xebec, Pandora Hearts, Leo Baskerville, Echo
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Artist Comment

It feels like forever, but this thing is finally done!
I hope you guys like it!

Technical info:
Total hours spent: about 3h for each character + a few extra for details and some whimsical things that I wanted to add after most of it was roughly finished;
Nr of Layers: 46;
Hardest part: the lighting - frankly, I still think I kind of failed at this... my brother most certainly thinks so...
Easiest part: all of the black color places.

Other Info:
As you probably realized I kind of took some liberty with most of these people's hair color and costumes. This mostly comes from the fact that for some characters, I chose the lighting effect from the Manga when it came to their hair, while the rest, I tries to make it as close to the Anime as possible (and failed miserably at it).

I chose to give them a more vivid color scheme, mostly because I don't really like working with the diluted/faded patterns they're associated with in either the Anime or Manga.

For the most part, I tried to keep the costume color scheme intact (except for you know, making them a little brighter).

I chose to revert Oz's vest color with his pants merely because, the bright green would have been a horribly distracting stain down below while his vest would have been too dark, so I wanted to brighten him up a bit.

Choosing a color for Ada's dress was the hardest out of the bunch, since I'd already made her skin color so white, I didn't want to clad her in her usual yellow colored dresses, because it would have completely ruined the image of the picture (and she would have looked like a ghost). I couldn't well chose blue since that would have overshadowed Echo, I didn't want to chose Green since that would have made her too similar to Oz and I couldn't chose red since Alice's dress was red and I didn't want to make it seem like there was a red stain in the middle of the photo, so I went with Move, since I think it compliments her hair very well, and I just love the color on blonds.

I originally made Eliot's suit a light blue, like the one he was wearing in one of the Manga colored pages with Leo, but it kind of ruined the effect and he felt very much out of place and ostracized surrounded by all the dark colors and the white background. I wanted to make him stand out, or at least blend in to the picture, so I made his suit black since that was the color it had in the original Manga panel.

Leo's suit, I don't know if you'll notice, is actually a very dark brown. I chose that color while coloring Eliot's tie, since I think dark brown would look good on both Eliot and Leo, and I also wanted to make the two match.

Sharon ad Ada's dresses are usually depicted as having intricate patterns on them, but I couldn't really discern much but a few stains here and there on the Manga panel, so I just gave up and added another layer and drew some random patterns over them and made them a little transparent.

Well, that's about it.

Please don't upload this image on any site without my permission and credit me if you use it!

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