Fairy Tail Wallpaper: Karyuu No Tekken!

Hiro Mashima, Satelight, Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel Wallpaper
Hiro Mashima Mangaka Satelight Studio Fairy Tail Series Natsu Dragneel Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My entry for Match15: Fire Elemental at Wallpaper Games group. This contest gave me the chance of doing a wall with one of my favourite anime character: Natsu-kun.

images sources: character - flame - background

Comments are always welcome :)

EDIT: added a further version (thanks a lot to Nysha-san for suggestions!)

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2012

    I always love it when people incorporate interesting light sources in their walls and then do it well; I like the way you illuminated Natsu's skin, hair and clothes with that soft warm lighting, it really makes the whole wallpaper pop with the feeling of fire in his hand. I think some of those textures on the rocks and ruins could be toned down a bit since they look a bit too aggressive at the moment, but everything else was really well done, especially the whole dusty atmosphere you have going on.

    I'm glad to see something more complex and scenic from you, it really shows how much you have improved. Great work and keep it up! :)

  2. KazablanKa Aug 05, 2012

    i guess Alenas already said everything ^^
    your wall is very well done and it shows how much you improved :3
    the first thing someone would be focusing at is the fire on his hand and you succeed in making it,also the reflections are very good and fitting,his hair is nice done too
    overall,it's very good work of you and i hope to see more of your works that would show your improvement ^^
    so keep up the good work -^.^-

  3. Nysha Aug 06, 2012

    Very nice. :) I enjoy when people wall stuff like this. Your scan choice is nice and dynamic and up close the quality of the lineart has just the right amount of softness to make the wall polished. Your coloring is also nice and creamy to match the lineart quality. However, like other people have been saying about the "glow", this wall lacks the umph to really make it shine. To me, the reason is because most layers and colors here appear to be on normal layer blending modes. The normal blending mode tends to make things creamy and airbrushy, but the colors cover up one another instead of interacting and enhancing each other to produce dynamic effects, making the final result look rather dull. To make the glow from the fire actually glow, (including the light on his hair and such) try some of the yellow/orange color layers on color dodge, linear dodge, hard light, or overlay with reduced fill amounts (not opacity). Usually it takes a combination of several blending modes to get the best effect. Also on a new layer try a radial gradient coming from the fire (again, using an appropriate blending mode) to enhance the lighting. For a final kick, add some final adjustment layers like levels or color balance, or apply an unsharp mask filter to the final image to really make things pop. ;D With just some final tweaks like these, the wall will look so much more vibrant!

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2012

    So I've recently gotten a chance to start watching the Fairy Tail anime. Being a huge fan of Groove Adventure Rave, I was really excited to read the Fairy Tail manga, and the anime was even better. It always surprised me that this series didn't get more love, or at least some love for anyone other than Lucy. That's why this piece was such a treat to see.

    One of my favorite things, hands down, is how everything you used, came from Fairy Tail. Be it a snapshot from the anime, or scans, everything incorporated is from the series itself. I also appreciate how you used a serious scan of Natsu as well. He displays so many emotions throughout the series, so it's nice to help make things a bit more dynamic with him showing a more serious, mature side instead of his usual, silly self. You've got a good eye as well for capturing just the right sections of him as well. The medium-style shot fits perfectly with the wallpaper!

    With that, we move onto the background. Converting that screenshot into this beautiful landscape is nothing short of stunning. While I definitely agree with Nysha's and Alenas awesome feedback, I actually like the fact that there's a lack of glow on the fire. It gives the wallpaper this sort of subdued look to it, almost making it like a photo. The only thing I would say is the rocks on the left hand side, where the candles are at, are lit a bit too much. Otherwise it's an incredibly beautiful background. You definitely put quite a bit of work into it and it's very evident. The fire also fits in rather nicely as well, and the lighting you did for it looks quite nice too.

    After browsing through your gallery, I can definitely say this is probably your most ambitious piece to date. It shows a lot of promise, and some great execution. I can only imagine how much work it took, and I can definitely tell you that it was completely worth it. You've got a great eye for things, and more importantly I'm glad to see Salamander getting some well deserved love too.

    Does this mean we might get more Fairy Tail wallpapers from you in the future? : D

  5. Dancerinthedark Aug 08, 2012

    Beautiful,everything is beautiful in this wallpapers, I like how you made the fire and his hair
    amazing job! keep up the great work
    can't wait to see more of your FT works <3

  6. NaWhO Aug 09, 2012

    cant wait 2 see more of ur ft works:3

  7. Drakill Aug 17, 2012

    Amazing work! (*_*)
    I love the detail and the clarity of it!

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