Star Ocean Till the End of Time Wallpaper: StarOcean - Till the end of Time

Studio DEEN, tri-Ace, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio tri-Ace Studio Star Ocean Till the End of Time Game Fayt Leingod Character Sophia Esteed Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okay, this is my second wallpaper for the dual anime contest http://contest.dual-anime.com

Well i was trying to make a nebula for the first time and i liked how it came out for the first time... and then i already had something good to use as a background for a star ocean wallpaper :D

hmm, well i hope some of you like it and fav it :3

Ja ne!

BTW: Hehe download the wall first before commenting xD cause in the thumbnail it looks crappy >_> like alot of 1600*1200 walls :3

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Browse Star Ocean Till the End of Time Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Tama-Neko Nov 14, 2004

    Monochrome walls are iffy, but you've pulled off the color very nicely, giving a serene feel to the image. Text with glow is also usually iffy but it fits in this situation and makes it look quite official. The starfield is great like your others, although the nebula-whatchamacallit makes me think of an oyster with a pearl for some reason :P I find it a little unbalanced that there's only one planet in a corner instead of both, though.

  2. MissCz Nov 14, 2004

    Wow, are those vectors? I need to learn how to do things like that. -.- (N00b to vectoring, so I'm trying to discern them.) It looks really good, albeit a bit simple. But what do I know? :) I definitely like the end result of the nebula that you described and it simply looks fantastic! I need to really go back and finish the game...I'm a big fan of it. *expects to see Cyanide in here sometime soon!*

    Awesome work!

  3. jackalx66 Nov 14, 2004

    i see what u mean, lima ^^'
    *zoom it*
    lke the concept of it
    the overall is nice too
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  4. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 14, 2004

    Very dark. Nice atmosphere to it. Saw the nebula when ya previewed it, and It looks great in the wall. Nice job! ^_^ V

    +fav. Cya on IRC Limabean XD!

  5. Ninja Nov 14, 2004

    Not bad, I like the nebula thing. Looks like a good wallpaper, great job.

  6. sword Nov 14, 2004

    oowahh would look better if the characters were bigger but love the nebula.!

  7. Inu000 Nov 15, 2004

    great wallpaper! the nebula is so kewl, very bright. good choice of characters, color, and lettering. thankx 4 the wall!

  8. Angelette Nov 15, 2004

    Looks beautiful, Lima. I love the Nebula and the text. Definitely the text. And definitely the characters. MMM~ But... But... the nebula seems to change too abruptly into the black of the space BG. =/ I feel it should be a bit more gradual. Considering how light doesn't just stop... =?

  9. Val3f0r Nov 15, 2004

    Waiiiii.... looks really great Lima... love that SO3 Scans... they are looks so cool :D and very nice sphere effects :D (it's a sphere isn't it >_>) eniwei... great work and wall Lima :nya:

  10. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2004

    I really hated the character that was paired up with Fate(I'm not calling him Fayt anymore, his real name should of been fate) Sophia or whoever she was I don't remember.....Haven't played it in forever. So glad you paired him up with Maria cause thats who I want him to be with actually =P. Anyways I really love the choice colors of the characters and the background is actually really nice dispite the simplisity. LOVE action in the center......for that it earns a favorite for me. Great work Lima.

  11. euna Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2004

    Lima-chan makes another wallpaper~~~
    Interesting blue & black wallpaper... ^^ I like it..
    I like that thing in the middle with that light thing... ^^
    Nice work!

  12. FallenAngel Nov 15, 2004

    haha, I always look at the full screen so...:p. Anyways love the nebula *_* and fate with maria. Nice job as always lima! :)

  13. irix Nov 15, 2004

    That's a good experiment that you do in this wall!!! nice!!! ^^

  14. Ritalin Nov 15, 2004

    It's too empty I think... The nebula stands out WAY too much for my liking. Some extra star fields wouldn't have done any harm. :|

    Although for what there is, it's well done. And I love the SO games <3.

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2004

    Your nebula needs a bit of work, maybe more gaseus couds and bright little stars to make that blown up effect cos it looks simple i think but yeah the characters need to be placed somewhere though buts it hard because if the title is in the middle then you either have to take them off or just trasparrent them in the nebula...just my suggestion.
    Nice wall though!^_^

  16. llxll Nov 15, 2004

    Very nice. I like it . :)

  17. neko-chan Nov 15, 2004

    Its simple but very beautiful like allways!!
    I like the wallpaper alot.Keep up the great work :)

  18. Yina Nov 15, 2004

    Simple and great!! Like it very much!! add it to faves!! ^^

  19. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    cool nebula, although the colors are kinda boring...but its cool, one of the better star ocean wallppaer out

  20. Rex Nov 19, 2004

    nice nebula!

    and love the monotone of it.....some walls these days r overly colourful XD

  21. shirahana Nov 20, 2004

    Ooh... Star Ocean! My friend's currently obsessed with it! I think it's two discs long o_O; And it's for PS2! So it's a wicked long game...

    Anywho, this is a decent wall. Maybe fade the sky effect a bit more? I don't know much about the game... but I think more color would've looked nice. Other than that, the effects are pretty cool. ^_^

  22. Ninjutsu Jan 01, 2005

    nice wallpaper . Fayt & Maria are good characters . the bg is cool with that kind of sideral ! thx for sharing ;)

  23. catreroth Jul 08, 2006

    You are right, the thumbnail doesnt reflect how good the wallpaper looks in high res. This is the first Star Ocean wallpaper I get, I like the characters you used and the overall dark background. Cool.

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