Kara no Shoujo Wallpaper: Midnight Affair

Miki Sugina, Innocent Grey, Kara no Shoujo, Mizuhara Touko Wallpaper
Miki Sugina Mangaka Innocent Grey Studio Kara no Shoujo Visual Novel Mizuhara Touko Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was made for Ala21ddin21 as a challenge wallpaper - he wanted me to make something more girly and on the ecchi side and I thought it was a nice challenge (since I dislike anything overly girly and ecchi) so I accepted. He showed me a few scans of his choice and out of all of them, I liked THIS one the most. I didn't tell him which one I chose because it was supposed to be a surprise, lol.

Since the scan was already of a relatively good quality, I decided to extract the girl but everything else from the original scan was vectored and repainted. The background was an extension of the original. I found that vase with flowers somewhere in my basement and the clock comes from my own dining room, lol - they were both photographed, vectored and then painted and it took me quite a while to do that, especially all those stuff on the clock. In the end, I did some final color adjustments on the girl to better blend her into the background, applied some textures and brushes, played with gradients, curves and levels and that was it. Some things still bug me but I'm too lazy to go and fix them now. I haven't walled anything in almost 3 months and I guess it shows, lol.

I have no idea what was written in that letter on the table, I'll leave that to your own imagination. xD

Textures/brushes used are from dA. More resolutions can be found at PR. Hope you like it Ala and sorry it took me so long. .__.

Feedback is, as always welcome. Do not repost/alter or remove the signature without my permission.

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  1. KazablanKa Jul 21, 2012

    gorgeous....this is simply gorgeous
    the girl looks so beautiful,and the BG is awsoem(it's even hard to say it's a vector or such...it seems real)
    you did a perfect job with it ;3
    you are a pro and i can't wait till your next wall Alenas-sama ^^

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2012

    Holy toledo a new wall from Alenas.

    So I'm all over this one. Mainly because it's got this whole gothic/noir style feel to it and I am all about that. One of the biggest things that stands out leaps and shoulders above everything else was the idea to work with the original scene itself. I really love that perspective and while I can only imagine the difficult involved in making sure everything is completely lined up just right, you really nailed it spot on. The little things like the red accents on the cushion part of the chair and the wood on the window really stands out to me and looks very slick. While the scan itself is definitely a departure from what you normally do, I like that it's still got elements of something I'd expect from you. She's cute, but she's also got this regal beauty to her. She's showing more skin, but yet in more so of an elegant way. It's definitely a nice balance and I'm glad that you stuck with the feel that the original scan had.

    More importantly, are the personal touches added. Taking a photo of personal things, vectoring them and then adding them to your work really gives it that feel that it's simply more than a wallpaper. That clock is by far my favorite piece of this entire wallpaper. The level of detail involved in both the design, and the lighting is absolutely incredible. Speaking of which, this entire piece has absolutely fantastic lighting. Night pieces are some of my personal favorites because of the silhouettes created, and the lighting is by far the star player overall in this piece. Little things like the lines starting to form in the wallpaper/cracks in the wall, to the way the light hits the flowers, to the glistening of her pen. Everything is taken into account for and looks nothing short of stunning. The letter with the writing in the right perspective was a very nice bonus touch to an overall incredible piece and you've got something that just knocks me off my seat.

    I can slightly see what you mean by needing to make some corrections, but honestly this is a seriously incredible piece. Hands down I have to say this is my favorite thing you've done so far. Everything about it screams high quality and attention to detail. Considering that this was something that was outside of your comfort zone too, I say you should do that more often! You never cease to amaze me ~

  3. Raffachan Jul 21, 2012

    I don't think it's ecchi at all (fortunally), but sure it's girly XD
    Love how you extracted and blend her with your background! :)
    Only one thing...I don't know way...but I feel like the background is too much "clean" (it's only a sensation, I can't explain it >.<), but I like it anyway...
    Good job!

  4. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2012

    You matched the style of the scan perfectly - the BG looks like it really was originally in the scan. You did a great job with everything here, just as KazablanKa said - it is as if it was real. Plus the clock and the vase make the wall more lively. And I like the color scheme as well, it adds a touch of dark to the wall (which I definitelly approve of :D).

  5. ArslanSSS Jul 21, 2012

    Splendid work mate, really beautiful wallpaper, very nice blending and choice for main background,
    thank you for sharing this

  6. MisaSasekage Moderator Jul 21, 2012

    I really like the gothic style here and the addition of the clock, it's shiny (and your name is there xD) I also really enjoy the darkness of the wall as well, being that I usually don't like overly bright colors. The background also fits very well, I like the little vase. Really pretty job Lena-chan, I look forward to your next wall <3

  7. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 21, 2012

    something tells me this is going to get elited, but at any rate, the details you did to this piece, that's what I enjoy so much about your work. still trying to figure out how you have the time to moderate and draw, so kudos to you ! now back to the piece, it's dark, depressing and yes, once again, going back to the details. well done as always.

  8. Dancerinthedark Jul 21, 2012

    I really like Dark wallpapers,and this one is in the top!
    I like your works Alenas-sama!
    great Job!

  9. kuryuki Jul 21, 2012

    huh ecchi what are you talking bout?! this is so so mild compared to other stuff roaming around xD
    owo nice extensions, everything fits together so well ;A; as expected from the one who created a lighting tutorial!

  10. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2012

    Oooh, I love this! First off, I'm all for the angle; I think it does a lot for the piece. Second, I love how well she fits into the scene-a lot of times with walls (in general) I find that the anime character looks out of place, but she fits in great here. Third, the lighting. It's subtle, which I feel lighting should be-if the lighting stands out too much, it seems to me that it means it's either too bright or not from a logical origin. I think it would have been nice to make the cracks on the wall more pronounced or maybe even have the wall look like its peeling, depending on the type of wall you were going for. Still, this is lovely and I'm glad that you've been experimenting lately! :)

    P.S. On your Shizuo art you had your own road sign company, now you've got a clock company? You are a woman of many talents, alenas. ~

  11. Pinkya Jul 21, 2012

    love the lighting's and the colors ~ :3 keep it up ~

  12. srsn Jul 22, 2012

    WOAH!? you released a girly scan!
    I was expecting the 07ghost one xDD

    I actually thought at first it was a vectored-lineartless wallpaper, but upon closer look it was an extraction *Man my eyes are getting bad for not walling along time*.
    I like the overall mood of the whole wallpaper. My only nitpick is that the clock (esp the numbers and clock hand) and the table as well as the flowers were kinda sharp compared to the girl. (I think that's the effect of getting it vectored).


  13. AiyaHoshiko Jul 22, 2012

    Great! *-* It's so... wonderful!

  14. DragonBlood Jul 24, 2012

    Amazing job! The background looks really good! The detail is very accurate! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 25, 2012

    Wow, I've never seen a wall that explains my life lately so well LOL.
    Ugh, you make me want to waaaalll! I miss is it like a chubby girl misses cake.
    On a serious note though I love the dark scheme and honestly this wasn't
    that challenging for you XD I wouldn't made you do something A LOT more revealing hehe>D
    Great job vectoring and basically drawing the scene on, totally looks like a scan that was vectored over <3
    Awesome job, woot!

  16. Nysha Jul 28, 2012

    Zomg lookie here! You finally finished this wip! Extraction this time eh? She does look slightly softer than your other vectored elements. ;D And taking your own reference photos? That's a skill a lot of professional illustrators often have to do - and often what I had to do in graduate school. :D And look at that lighting! Looks like a scene to show to you-know-who. >D But I can't help but think the scene looks a little...bare? I see there's some cracks and stuff, but I would think there'd be more gothic trinkets lying around and stuff on the walls... And no fancy mountains or trees outside too? XD Good to see you still walling here and there. :)

  17. Drakill Jul 29, 2012

    Very cool! I LOVE dark walls :D

  18. Lonleyq8 Jul 29, 2012

    I like it
    Thanks for share

  19. ala21ddin21 Feb 11, 2013

    I'm making a record with this comment, Guinness called me to tell me that I've got the title of:

    SOOO SOORYYY Alenas, it's just that I have not been paying attention to Minitokyo notifications. I already saw the wallpaper before, and now I'm back to download it and comment it, I saw that it was dedicated for me, THIS IS JUST AWESOME! And yeah, you're so talented even when you wall girls! Despite the lack of ecchiness, but I'm really loving this wallpaper, I bookmarked the Wallpaper page to use it later and now I come back for it! So, thanks again for that wallpaper, and keep up the excellent work you do!

  20. mistergua Aug 09, 2014

    Thanks, I love dark wallpapers.

    Cute girl with a mini top hat is a bonus.

  21. renlilica Sep 28, 2014

    The mood of this picture is nice, dark setting and all.

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