Vampire Knight Wallpaper: Love for a Vampire

Studio DEEN, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryuu, Yuuki Cross Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character Zero Kiryuu Character Yuuki Cross Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all, this is a gift for MisaSasekage who asked me to make a Vampire Knight wall about a month ago. So, Misa, I hope that you'll forgive me for taking so long and that you'll enjoy this wall :)

I vectored the trio from this scan but I didn't like Kaname's face there so I used this scan for his head. Until now I didn't like to vector hair but from now I guess I'll totally hate it D: Especially Yuuki's hair for it was giving me a really hard time.

I removed the blade of Yuuki's scythe because I wanted the entire building in the BG visible and the scythe was getting in the way. The building's supposed to be the Cross Academy, I made a few screenshots and vectored the details according to them. (And since I'm a lazy ass it took about a week to finish.) I painted the rose bush and petals, merged and edited six photos for the sky and stole the sidewalk from here.

Everything done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with a little help from my tablet.

Comments and favs appreciated. Hope you'll all like it!

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  1. Raffachan Jul 17, 2012

    I really like the charcters vector and how you changed Kurame's "head"! I like also the school, but I think that almost two things can be improved here:
    - the shadows: I mean...you did only the "base" shadows, but you can made the composition more "depth" working more on this aspect :) Take a look of the Alenas tutorial about Light&Shadows, it can be really useful!

    - the sky is too much realistic respect to the "vector style" of the school and the characters... I can understand you worked hard on it with these photo, but maybe in this case it should be better to vector them from another scan, to mach your clean style :)

    Overall, good job! ^_^

  2. Painter Jul 17, 2012

    Good job! :)
    I like your vector and how you changed the face, but something strikes my eyes (maybe it's because of your vector is with black lines but the school's not) and as Raffachan said the sky looks too realistic
    But I love the idea and the foreshortening :DD
    The main problem is that I don't like this anime ^-^'

  3. Ajisai Jul 17, 2012

    I love it! You have the picture without colors made​​? The lineart.

  4. hitsu-chan Jul 17, 2012

    *.* this is magnificient TwT Kaname looks just.. kyaaaah! >///< lol. as always, the vector is d(^.^)b but as people have already said, the sky is.. too much ^^' and I can understand how hard it could've been to vector Yuki's hair --' that's the main reason why I don't work on VK 'cuz I'm way too lazy to do it! xP (even if I love VK art)
    anyway, great job! :D

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator Jul 17, 2012

    I really like this wall, the colors are very nice. The only thing that needs more work to me is the sky because as Raffa-chan stated, it looks too realistic for the characters. I like the changes you made to Kaname^^ Everyone's hair and eyes looks really good!^^ (I know VK hair can be a real pain to get done) so you did a very nice job! The vectoring is awesome as usual and I like the added touch of the roses and rose petals <3

  6. DragonBlood Jul 17, 2012

    I think you did a splendid job with thr hair and the rest of the vectoring! The building is very well done also...I also like how you incorporated the flowers! I like the color of the sky...but I think there is something off in it...but overall it looks really really good! Well done!

  7. Ajisai Jul 17, 2012

    es I want well. On deviantart will be easier or mp.

  8. AnGeeChan Jul 17, 2012

    I love the look of the characters, great vector and good work with changing Kaname's head^_^ maybe one's eyes focusing on the sky too much indeed, so it should be calmer, but the characters looks so great that I love it anyway!^_^ ah, and I love the colours too^_^ keep it up!

  9. srsn Jul 17, 2012

    Hohoho I was planning to wall this one and is one of my PSDs already xDD

    I'm not too sure if I have to say a good job though. The vectoring is too simple. I don't usually mind simple vectors but VK's shading needs to be detailed and most of the time done in multilayered instead of just base shadows unless you took it from an anime scan or the scan was like those of your Kuroshitsuji walls. It kinda looks flat. I'm very particular when it comes to doing VK eyes, and I find your eyes lacking in deepness. Don't be afraid to use black in shading VK eyes. Here is trofikabinet's VK tutorial on the eyes click here. Also don't use black lines for the lineart. Color it similar to your base color but a bit darker because black lines tend to make it look flat and jagged. There is also less contrast and the lighting doesn't go well with how you shade the characters. There is a strong light in front while the shadowing is just too light. The sky is also too realistic compared to the vector of your character. The perspective of the building is also odd in contrast with the character.

    I would suggest you first look at Vampire Knight wallpapers done by trofichi (painted-gradient style), Sinever (full vectored), and me , if you're gonna do a VK wallpaper. Take note of the eyes, and how the hair is shaded especially if your image source is from a manga scan. If you're gonna retain simple vector - I suggest you stick to scans that are anime-imaged sourced. I have to say your vectoring is very smooth and neat, but the only problem is that it doesn't match manga-sourced imaged.

    I might release my VK wallpaper of this scan once I'm done with it, but I just don't know when because I'm currently too busy. I'm also too busy to even comment but I felt the need to comment on your wall for you to improve, I'm really encouraged and hyped to see people with potential (for a semi-retired waller like me xDD)

    Keep it up!

  10. LadyZ Jul 18, 2012

    Thank you for your work! I don't know who of them i like more, probably Kaname-sama... But Yuuki also so charming... *Stare on my avatar ^^* Thanks a lot!

  11. bloomnocyl Jul 18, 2012

    woah, it is very colorful and pretty and i think you did a great job changing image of Kaname into a more handsome, beautiful one.

  12. dchoggia14 Jul 23, 2012

    This time a wall from Vampire Knight? different style from AnE but still pretty. I like the background you used.

  13. Tina18 Jul 24, 2012

    I like better the manga style of vk, but I gotta say you did a good job in making it look like it's a screenshot from the series. A classic good vector. I can see how much effort you put in the building and it turned out nicely :3
    Only things that is bothersome, like every single other person said is the sky. I like it near Kaname's head, but it does look to realistic for the whole thing in the left part. Maybe try some blur and smudging with a bit of painting over, if you ever want to fix it.

  14. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 28, 2012

    I want to commend you for actually doing something different for what is expected with the Vampire Knight art. Not every good VK has to be manga-styled, great job!

  15. chaba Oct 08, 2012

    those eyes are hypnotizing me. they make me feel like they're starring at me and i love it somehow. aah i wish zero could stare at me too >__<

  16. ElAlmaDeTuCorazon Oct 23, 2012

    REALMENTE LINDO ME GUSTO MUCHOO n////n AMO ESTE ANIME genial lo pondre de fondo en mi lap nyaaa sigue asi enserio un buen trabajo me encanta

  17. Yuuki-Shirou May 27, 2013

    *-*! se ven tan sexys los 3 Y-Y! me encanta como se ve yuuki con el cabello largo *w*!... gracias por el aporte!

  18. fitarol15 Sep 01, 2014

    Wonderful Art! U r Expert At Those things!

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