Green Glass Wallpaper: Goddess of the Stars

Green Glass Wallpaper
Green Glass Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Well I'm back with a new piece.. this time I don't remember where I picked this image from.. but anyways.. I think I pretty much pulled it off in the wall and I mean it because of the complicated scan I chose T_T.. so I guess I'm pretty proud of making it work well.. the scan is a bit bad on the colors so I fixed it up a lot.. and now it looks a bit blurry .. hopefully it looks good enough.. since I did my best . Hope you guys like this piece.. if you'd like other resolutions please visit Dream Angel

Thanks for viewing and for comments in advance.. ^^;;

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  1. Purplefire Nov 14, 2004

    Wow I love the image
    very magical and shoujo-ish
    its very cute, and i like how you blended all the colors together
    It looks so pretty!
    keep up the great work.

  2. Frosty Nov 14, 2004

    ooo this I like. ^^
    the pattern ,brush works, effects, and the girl image.... very cool and nnice XD
    its dark yet is bright.. ^^
    awesome job Ymooncrystal. ^^
    a and + fav for a very beautiful wall, good job. ^^

  3. DeepInfinity Nov 14, 2004

    Hey I think it looks awsome, realy puts me into a dreamy mood, thanks for the hard work ymooncrystal ^_^

  4. Paolo Nov 14, 2004

    very flashy, though something seems a little off... maybe its just me. nice wall.

  5. Foolish-ishness Nov 14, 2004

    Very nice. :D

    The colors look awesome and the scan blends so well into the effects. Good kob ;D

  6. soryane Nov 14, 2004

    Quote by PurplefireWow I love the imagevery magical and shoujo-ish
    its very cute, and i like how you blended all the colors together
    It looks so pretty!keep up the great work.

    i agree ^^ good job!

  7. jackalx66 Nov 14, 2004

    long time not see ur wall ymoon ^^
    another great job
    i like it so much
    the effect are great XD
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  8. Susan-chan Nov 14, 2004

    what a beautiful wallpaper!! and it's very interesting!! goood job!

  9. Yumi-Chan Nov 14, 2004

    ngakkk!! XD nice wallpaper ymooncrystal~! ^.^
    the bg effect looks very complexed :D and I love the scan you used.
    It really blends into the starry background x3
    a job well done ^___^

  10. Asahi Nov 14, 2004

    well.. THAT wall is one which look very different to other works imo. the background work is imaginarily .. many colors.. many forms. keep it up =)

  11. Crisis2040 Nov 14, 2004

    this wallpaper is very colorfull .. and that what make here nice ;) .. i really love the font that you used specily the "g" ... this is trully the Goddess of the Stars

  12. Kuwanger Nov 14, 2004

    Very much color and i like it. This is just sparkling good. :) Great wall.

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2004

    At first i didnt get why the wall was a bit dark but in the end the whole wall went all together especially that text which isnt as godly as the sweet goddess pic heheheh...Awesome wally Ymoon! :)

  14. darkwaterbunny Nov 15, 2004

    wai! its so pretty! So great! The effects you used are so pretty ^_^ everything comes together really nicely! I love it! fav!

  15. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2004

    Hooray! Welcome back Moon-chan and what a way to come back, you always make such an amazing return with just an simply gorgeous and so full of life wall. The scan alone is just simply amazing, so VERY beautiful and just seems so very different... really sets a strong mood for the overall wall and I really like that. What I really like the most though is your choice for the background. VERY beautiful and just so very unique and it fits perfectly with the scan! I would of never imangined for it to fit so beautifully as it does but its just so majestic.....Overall I must say the combination of colors is simply gorgeous and leaves me speechless and just staring at it. Favorite hands down, I really do love the work you put into this wall and its so amazing. Just so.....calm...

  16. Val3f0r Nov 16, 2004

    weee.... Ymoon at last you made a wall XD haven't seen your work lately ^^ anyway... this wall looks really great... love the imaginative background style... very fits with her ^^ great work Ymoon...looking forward more for your walls :nya:

  17. darkmadness669 Nov 18, 2004

    very beautiful.....

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    lovely abstract work..it's a pity that the quality of the scan is so low, it doesnt compare with your skills :(

  19. Jormungand Nov 18, 2004

    Ooooo... this looks really really great @_@ the scan and background both seem very original... looks very different from the other space-themed wallies :D and that text is really nice... definitely a fav ^_^

  20. Skillzpay Nov 19, 2004

    Great stuff Ymoon, love all those lively effects in the background. +fav :)

  21. Rex Nov 19, 2004

    whoa.....meant to comment earlier.....but schools been keeping me really really busy

    anyways, i love the fx you've used all of the wall, the scan is just a beaut too XD

    i love this!

  22. Ongaku Nov 23, 2004

    Why am I not surprised by how awesome this wall turned out? lol! I love the blending you did, it's great and it does look like it was a freakin hard image to work with X_X brave haha Anyway, lovely lovely ^^

  23. boost Banned Member Dec 03, 2004

    Very Impresive ... Jestem pod wrazeniem of your wall.Exelent work.

  24. inuyashalove04 Jan 03, 2005

    I've been doing a bad job at leaving comments for some of my favorites. Sorry about the late comment for your wallpaper. I really like the effects that's been used and the colors. The girl is really cute too. Wonderful job.

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