Anime Wallpaper: Shin no Tenshi - Death's Angel

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Okay, since I had some time ^^" I started this wallpaper Friday afternoon and finsihed it today.
Erm yes, again and again a space wall >_> sorry that the planets seemt o have the same texture, but they dont xD they just end up looking the same in the end :\ i guess a minus point there XD

well and then theres the scan i found on MT :3 I knew this is it, the scan which gives me inspiration for a wall...XD

Neways, i changed the BG because in the beginning it really had to many stars on it... i tried to reduce it a little with the next BG, then i added the planets and that nebula thing up there to the left...first time making a nebula though...if you can call it like that...

okay i really hope you ppl like this :D dont forget to +fav it 'aight ~_^

Ja ne!

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    You know I love it :D In all its incarnations. but anyway. the wall is good, I like those wings and the starfield. A favorite :D

  2. Nuriko Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    Great job on the wall! The starfield looks great. Keep up the good work!

  3. MissCz Nov 14, 2004

    Wow! I'm definitely liking this wall. :) I also have another wall that someone created wth the same scan, but this one just seems to really stand out a lot more in my mind than the other one. Considering the other was a fav, this is gonna have to be a +fav too. :) I think I like the glowing angel wings the best...it really looks quite dramatic and stunning. Keep up the great work! :D

  4. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    Er... just a small snippit about Japanese language... "Shin no Tenshi" doesn't mean Death Angel. ^_^; I think you might've been going for "Shi no Tenshi", because that means Death Angel.

    But anyway... the wall is mediocre. Personally, your planets looks flat, like the texture you used has no depth to them. And the ones in the upperright corner don't have to correct perspective to be the way you have them. Other than that your cutout could you a tad bit work. And I don't think you should have used that rock texture as a fadded b/g before the stars.

    But she's hot and those are nice wings. =D

  5. FallenAngel Nov 14, 2004

    woah, the wings look a lot better than what you showed in irc, did you do anything to them? The whole bg looks great btw. *_* Nice job lima! :)

  6. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    hai hai kewl scan and wings :D

    the planets looks ok, the small one looks a bit flat. Starfield looks great and so is that small galaxy, keep it up limabean :P

  7. sword Nov 14, 2004

    keke lim~ spiffy space wall like usual. wings could have been done a bit better but bleh xD

  8. Story-Weaver Nov 14, 2004

    Very impressive. The space in the bg seems at first an ordinary starfield but it is actually filled with colours and textures - nice! I think the planets look great - not too similar at all!

    Great character too and those wings are well done! *favs*

  9. YoukaiexterminatorSango Nov 14, 2004

    so pretty!!!! i love ur space backrounds, i don't know how to do those! i wish i could though, and great wings on the anime gurl!

  10. Zelgadis Nov 14, 2004

    whoa i like this scan and you made such a nice wall with it !!!
    great job !!!

  11. DayBreak Nov 14, 2004

    reminds alot of pain..
    anyway very good.
    i like the planets and the character. +fav

  12. kitat Nov 14, 2004

    It is very beautiful !! "Shin no Tenshi" -- very good japanese word .
    totemo subarashii wallpaper desune !! Even so, it is great works !!

  13. Naomi Nov 14, 2004

    Ohhh I like your wallpapers so much. They all amazing *_*!
    The background and the wings are so amazing. False! All is amazing *_*!
    Very very good work ^^V.

  14. Mimy Nov 14, 2004

    Very cool , great job :)

  15. Devilet Nov 14, 2004

    I love the background, nice work on the wings..
    Planets look perfect to me.. liking the atmosphere aswell
    Great job as always :)

  16. Ninja Nov 14, 2004

    Very nice wallpaper, the theme of space is always good, anyhow simply a beatiful background and wallpaper altogether.

  17. Foolish-ishness Nov 14, 2004

    Nice wall. The starfield looks great :D The only problem is that it seems as though the character shouldn't be in space. Looks out of place, y'know?

  18. boink Nov 14, 2004

    As I said before, Lima, this wall is great. I love it =) keep up the awesome work, even though I'm still not so sure about her mouth... =P

  19. Angelette Nov 14, 2004

    Oooh, another lima starfield xD I love the wings, looks intricate. But, yeah, the extraction near the top of her hair seems a bit off =X

  20. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 14, 2004

    Jeeze Lima. And you say yer not a |337 waller. This just proves otherwise ^_^ V

    Awesome starfield and planets layout, and the scan rocks too. nice wings :D!

    +fav and download. Cya on IRC! XD

  21. KorganoS Nov 14, 2004

    Whooa.. nice... so you changed the starfields? That looks good now ^^
    And the wings looks great!! :D
    Well the planets might look a bit flat.. but overall this is a very interesting wallie ...
    anyways... this one goes to my favorites, Lima! Great job!

  22. YoukoxLover Nov 14, 2004

    i love this wallie!! the wings look great! =3 .. the planets look nice! ^___________^v


  23. euna Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    beautiful space theme wallpaper. I like the scan and the planets in particular...
    The planets look stunning...
    Really nice job! *fav*

  24. jackalx66 Nov 14, 2004

    nice like always
    especially the starfield
    thx for the tip how to make it :)
    it's goes to my fav too
    keep it up.ok
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

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