Naoki Honda Wallpaper: Sandy Beach

Naoki Honda Wallpaper
Naoki Honda Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well....the long awaited summer wall has arrived!!! ^_^ u can just start to feel the summer heat now......since so many ppl are making these summer walls i thought i'll add mine to the bunch (trendwhore? XD) LOL....

neways....enjoy! comments are always welcome.

EDIT: *stabs whale to death* XD
EDIT 2: *argh* 4got to thanks cloud9 for the great scan! XD i told u i'll try to give it justice

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  1. -Timber Apr 23, 2004

    Awesome ZZ. ^_^

  2. Sir-Boingal0t Apr 23, 2004

    wow......that looks hot man XD
    though wats that whale doin on teh beach......it can die!!!!!!!!>=0!!!

    damn nice renders XD!

  3. dMp Apr 23, 2004

    created bg on ur own? hahaha love the beach cuz it's filled with cute babes.

  4. X-Setsuna-X Apr 23, 2004

    you are a damn trendwhore, with your damn butterflies (oh what hassles they cause) anywho looks sweet man

  5. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2004

    of course!! .....damn...don't remind me of the butterflies setsuna...haha

  6. DJOriental Banned Member Apr 23, 2004

    very.....tropical, ^^

  7. xelns Apr 23, 2004

    this is sooooooo nice!
    i can feel the summer already!!!
    always love your walls :D

  8. Dark-Sakura Apr 23, 2004

    very nice background, and the girl look kawaii ^_^, the sunshine effects are well done.
    really awesome XD

  9. Ritalin Apr 23, 2004

    Eeeee @_@ It is so crisp and summer~y. The whale kinda took away from it though =( Otherwise it's awesome!

  10. Cloudnine Apr 23, 2004

    Haha.. nice scan =p I wonder where that came from XD

    Nice work~ Love the shoreline and and greenery.. awesome detail on that =3 The whale looks out of place though.. looks like it's about to fall...

    AHH! Tidal wave~!! XD

  11. shinta Apr 23, 2004

    COMMENTS ARE WELCOME...nyarharharharhar

    RANT: ZZ says "DUH!!!" OI! Go back to being dead! What's a farking whale doing in a beach! Birds pooping all over the place! sigh...that poor girl...psam psam psam psam


    Excellent work as always ZZ!

  12. akai Apr 23, 2004

    EEEEEEEEEE..... so nice!
    Did you draw the background??? The beach... the sea... the sky... the sandcastle.... they all look so real. Excellent job!

  13. Angelette Apr 23, 2004

    You trendwhore...

    That's some hawt trees you got there.

    Now... I just want to know how she's still standing at that angle... OO;; Especially with the ground at that angle... and her at that angle... It's not phyiscally possible, is it... =/

  14. crapmonster Apr 23, 2004

    damn nice job on making that landscape!!

  15. X-Setsuna-X Apr 23, 2004


  16. ProjectZero Apr 23, 2004

    damn it boyya
    u took too long
    u slacker
    what took u this long

    good stuff
    very pretty indeed

  17. TwistedGTX Apr 23, 2004

    awesoem stuff once again ^__^

  18. Yumi-Chan Apr 23, 2004

    >_< I don't know how u did those cool waves and sunlight TT_TT U the man ZZ XD XD XD

  19. Mizuki-Chan Apr 23, 2004

    woow sooo kewl!!! XD

  20. chibi-kyo Apr 23, 2004

    Uwaaah, great, I really love it.
    Whoa, a big whale in the background, it' bigger than the beach house. I would be afraid to go into this house if a such a big whale would live there oO XD

  21. Zabel Apr 23, 2004

    aaahh great !

  22. roly-poly Apr 23, 2004

    aah whale murderer T_T our indonesian teacher showed us a video with someone cutting up a turtle, it was still alive too

    but great wall zz. i especially like the summer feeling of it

  23. melonchen Apr 23, 2004

    damn u and ur skills... XD nah u did it again... awsome wall ur baka *throughs cookies against guni* neh neh... i love the details and the hole summer fealing .. ^___^

  24. Kev Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2004

    ubersized whale zz has, lol

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