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This wallpaper was made from this scan:

Kara no Kyokai#580400

I like the pose and expression, she's both mysterious and elegant... So I tried to create a BG that bring her to light. I hesitate about cherry blossom (as on the original picture) but I tought it's not really novel, so I chose water theme (as often!) but in drawing splashing water as if she had to plunge his sword into the water. I worked really hard on it! Then I added some lightning points (glitter), worked on the whole in playing with colors, contrast, saturation. I submit 2 different versions, one by day, one by moonlight.

I hope you'll like!

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator May 17, 2012

    When I first saw this, my reaction was 'Oh, this looks very pretty!' but then I looked a bit harder and thought that this looked oddly familiar
    somehow. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the background in the night version of this wallpaper is practically identical to the one you used in this one (http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/532216) - besides the vectored character and those splashes of water, everything looks the same as in that one - the clouds, the sky, the water, even the moon is the same; the only thing you omitted was the island. The sunset version also looks familiar. And not just in this wallpaper; I've noticed that in pretty much all of your recent wallpapers - same clouds, same water, same bushes, rocks, mountains, buildings, flowers, trees etc...

    I don't want to sound rude but looking at this, I have to say it's no wonder you're so fast in making wallpapers when all you do is vector the new character and slap on background elements you've already made and used before. If the rest of us did that, we'd be making 2-3 wallpapers a week, as well.
    I think you should use that potential and imagination of yours (because you do have one) and put more effort into making your backgrounds more original and creative instead of just blatantly copy/pasting the elements you've used before and only changing some colors on them. I also think you could definitely use a new approach to techniques or styles; do something abstract or try typography, vexeling, extractions, old school techniques, the possibilities are endless, really. If you continue this way, I'm afraid all your wallpapers will start to look completely the same (as they've already have) and that's not exactly a good thing. :/

    Other than that, I like the way you vectored the details on the kimono and obi. But, as usual, the lighting makes no sense since she's too bright and there are no additional moonlight/sunset highlights on her skin, hair and clothes. The orange overlay on the sunset version is also not necessary at all since it only ruins the overall colors...Keep practicing.

  2. elisadevelon Retired Moderator May 17, 2012

    I don't care that you used the same background elements as in your previous walls (as alenas said). It's fine if an artist can get away with it and has something else with what he/she can imress people. Even professionals do this kind of thing when they need to finish their work quickly.

    I absolutely love the kimono and the splashing water, I think that you are a master of vectoring! It's all so detailed and precise.

    Only thing I would change is the coloring and lighting, the sunset version looks more or less good, but the kimono in the moonlight version should be much darker, as well as the skin.

  3. LATIS May 17, 2012

    goes well with my desktop theme o.o

  4. SamB May 17, 2012

    Great water & light effect... your work is amazing as always. Absolutely added on my fav this one, too.

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator May 17, 2012

    I love the effects of the water both around Shiki and on her sword, it looks really elegant and cool^^ Both versions look really nice, the night version works very nicely with her pose and the water. And Shiki is vectored very nicely. Though I agree with Lena about you might wanting to add deversity to the backgrounds of your walls so that they all can stand on their own and look individually awesome without being too similiar. Overall though I'm not trying to sound negative; quite the opposite, I believe and already know you have amazing skills, I'm just hoping to give you advice to make your works that much more awesome in the future^^ Keep it up Cilou :)

  6. Raffachan May 17, 2012

    I'm pretty agree with Alenas. I tried to say you the same thing on AP on another work, but it seems that you decided to keep in this your way to do, and ignore me.(especially about the nosense "light source")
    It's your way to do walls, and if you're prefer to keep made wall like this, it's okey...nobody can say you how "to wall"...plus you usually have a lot of "good feedback", so probably you'll ignore me again XD
    But I just think it's a shame (like Alenas said) to not try something else with this your great talent...and I feel like your works are "low effort" in the concept...but maybe it's only a my problem :)

  7. srsn May 18, 2012

    I would definitely agree on alenas' long comment regarding the BG, We'd definitely make 2-3 walls per week if we were to always reuse our BG.
    As for what elisadevelon said, That

    Quote by elisadevelonEven professionals do this kind of thing when they need to finish their work quickly.

    . That is a BIG NO. That's why they are called "professionals" is because they don't do repetitive work. They produce different kinds of work in a short amount of time or even when they are running out of time. They would think of something new for the limited time.

    Also I'd be saying to you what alenas said:

    Quote by alenasIf you continue this way, I'm afraid all your wallpapers will start to look completely the same (as they've already have) and that's not exactly a good thing. :/

    Upon looking at the thumbnail, I gotta say I love the glow of golden brown in the hair as well as the Blue part of the kimono, and the water. BUT upon closer look, I was kinda unsure of it. For one thing, the glow in the hair is too blurry, it would be nice if it wasn't that blurry at all. The skin is once again weird.Well, you have this golden brown in your hair, so why is her skin - especially the face part still pale + white glow? A touch of warm color would be nice to match the hair. I will not comment on the Sunset version because, it really looks odd - I mean the way you color it like slapping a single color to the whole wallpaper and then lowering it's orange opacity so that it will blend with the whole BG --> I think that's just wrong because it doesn't bring out the vivid colors of the whole wallpaper.

  8. kuchukuTulip May 26, 2012

    I certainly looks elegant but doesn't loose the mysterious look, so i like that too.
    The glittery splashing water looks great.
    Me LIKEIE! (^-^)b

  9. Cirru Apr 07, 2014

    The water and droplets look fantastic. Both color options (Day and Night) are hard to choose between, they both really suit this wall. : )

  10. fishshell Jun 22, 2014

    I like the how the water seems to sway together with the katana :)

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