Ano Natsu de Matteru Wallpaper: Gimme a Taste.

J.C. Staff, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Ichika Takatsuki, Vector Art Wallpaper
J.C. Staff Studio Ano Natsu de Matteru Series Ichika Takatsuki Character Vector Art Source

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is for MYB's Exchange Scans Contest! ..Er I am about 6 hours late, but let me off the hook? m(_ _)m

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia#556949
Ano Natsu de Matteru#574744
Playing Together with Violins

And yes, this is half a vector at least... Lineart was done on SAI, colouring all done on PS CS5.
Oh and please, since this is my first time using mostly vectoring and PS on a wallpaper, give me critique! I am mostly pleased with it, but constructive critique would be awesome. Be harsh if you must, vector-licious masters and mistresses, come at me. ovo

Group: make-your-best
Programs: Photoshop CS5 (Portable version), SAI
Patterns: http://www.subtlepatterns.com ( I adore seamless patterns, send more my way~)

I've updated it to a purple version, the colour scheme made more sense that way, as compared to the original watermelon version. It might take a while before it updates though...sigh. The 2048x1152 reso IS purple though. :) ....it also looks more like Bakemonogatari this way. >->

Also, oh hai, Penguindrum influence. Innuendos sighted are some part on purpose, mostly coincidental.

[url=]Watermelon version[/url] ; Watermelon version 2 , Night version (most eye-friendly tbh)
Other Resolutions: 1366x768

W-i-P shots: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7

So for this wallpaper, I wanted to try different styles~ And I've been meaning to try out vectoring a little - which I did, for this wall and a Natsume Yuujinchou wall (which I'll upload later..); but then, I always get distracted halfway and end up painting some. Oh well, that's my style @-@. Procrastination

Now for your most dreaded part; Walkthrough Text Block From Hell; it's educative. 8)
Thankfully, I'll shield thine eyes from it with a spoiler. Be grateful. ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ

Spoiler (show)

(1) - I took the Ichika Takatsuki scan, and redrew and edited the lineart. Used SAI's Linework layers (which is like vectoring with path layers but with simplified and easier pen pressure..except that you can't change the brush type. So unless you make it into a point or join all the lines etc., the ends of the lines are all round lol).
One thing about this scan was that it looked a bit..awkward in anatomy to me. Plus at that time I felt like trying a dark techno-Halloween wall. (irony). I also referred to the other two scans for the hands and the mouth. <3 The hair took quite a while to lineart but in the end I tossed that away orz.

(2) - Colour blocks using PS's pen tool and shape layers. Awkward colour is awkward. This stage was finished quite slowly because I was working on two other walls, and other stuff besides... Ugliest stage tbh lol.

Spoiler (show)

(3) & (4) - I started shading only on the day of the deadline 8>. Also, finally got to use the watermark I made. I was running out of time so I abused the blending options for the layers, clipping masks and warp tool quite a bit. I love Photoshop now, painting with it is a bit retarded but gosh the other tools. *___*

OK, facts about this stage + Original plan vs final comparision:
The colouring for the eyes are NOT vectored - I got too impatient so I used the gradient tool and smudge. Each eye is coloured with two layers, one's mode is Colour dodge, the other is Hard light. The star pupil was somewhat by accident but I don't mind, personally~

I wanted to try out some typography, as well as make my signature obvious without taking too much from the wallpaper. The watermark isn't all that legible at small resolutions lol. I would have made the background more text-filled, except that it was getting a bit tedious lol.

I made the argyle pattern a separate layer, clipping masked it on to the vest layer and warped it. It looked too odd as a flat pattern. ..All patterns are there just because I like patterns. They.. they don't really serve much purpose otherwise. >_>

Drop Shadow, Inner Glow and Outer Glow were much much abused. I wanted to give it a cutout feel. Which wasn't my original plan...

The original composition was like in (1) because I wanted it to look somewhat symbolic(?). Like they were 'manufacturing a doll' or butler-ing her. But then at this stage, I like the slight shift(?) in styles between the main character and the 'arms'. So it became more like they were 'feeding' her and 'indoctrinating' her to become one with either colour, red or blue... Yeah my ideas are weird. @-@ This idea works more in purple lol.

Spoiler (show)

(5) - This is where I noticed the Penguindrum-like influence and orz-ed. See, there's BlueSis at the left, and RedBro at the right.. >_> Since BlueSis was holding red, and RedBro's roses were starting to blend in with the hair, I turned the petals and splatters blue.

(6) - Watermelon version! Everything is shaded in and general glowiness is added in~ I like gradients and overlays, yup. But within the hour, the colour scheme started to get on my nerves a little...

(7) - And so, came Purple version! Which makes a lot more sense, bcos blue + red = purple anyway. Ta da~
I could have left in the green and made it Eggplant version but ehhhhh. Watermelon and Eggplant don't go together well anyway. No, seriously, have you ever ate those together. ._. ....anyway.

Kudos if you read the long descripto~ Please give the purple version a look as well! ^-^

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  1. Kurorisa May 06, 2012

    now I know who got my scans xD
    vectors are nice, they're crisp
    the only problem I have is the outer glow effect (?) you gave on Ichika, and the pink dots snow-alike above her, it feels a little out of place
    great job combining all three scans together, don't imagine you can do something like that xD
    good luck with the contests!

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