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hehehehe i colored my self portrait for the canvas event XD the BG is kinda messed-up coz i was trying to be artistic XD

i need to fix the shoes >_> but i'm lazy XD

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  1. GaiJiN Nov 12, 2004

    hehe the bg isn't messed up, it really looks like a canvas XD ! Hum, really like the way you colored it, especially the skin, but those colors, rofl crazy shoes XD !

  2. kalicodreamz Nov 12, 2004

    oooooooh...colors *-* lol
    i really like the coloring job you did. i don't think the bkgd is messed up, i really really like it lots.
    i love how you did the hair and the rest of the face. it came out nice :D

    yay for tate and her coloring!

  3. PikaMoon Nov 12, 2004

    Wow! You drew this? Amazing. Looks so professional-y. Very good. Luvluv! :D Great job.

  4. Foolish-ishness Nov 12, 2004

    Awesome :D

    The color looks nice :3 Especially the blush. The varity in the line thickness looks good also. There's nothing wrong with the BG. It looks kinda painted :D

  5. XesT Nov 12, 2004

    wooooow! O.O shoooo c000l! awesome tate :D just colorize your CGs from the beginning the next time XD it looks so great! I am really speachless ^_^'

  6. Rex Nov 12, 2004


    coool looking portrait....
    and its so cute XD

    *goes draw a self protrait*

    hmmm.....on second thought....i can only draw stick figures XD

  7. exentric Nov 12, 2004

    tatekane ish even good in coloring em~ ^_^
    itsh very pretty takekane~ ^_^`

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    oh~ great job taters! love the texture of the cheek especially....keep up the good work!

  9. Omega-Knight Nov 13, 2004

    :) Nice coloring, really cute. Those blushing effects reminds me of Maruto's drawing style :) Really great drawing, nice art!

  10. euna Retired Moderator Nov 13, 2004

    weee~~ the coloured version!!! The colours are great!! Really nice brush work!!
    Great job!

  11. Sir-Boingal0t Nov 13, 2004

    *agrees about what everybody said* -_-

    teh only thing i dont like is her forehead.......I think she needs more hair to cover it up >_<!!!

    but besides that......really ....really ......really !!nice j0b!!!! XD~

  12. PANDAgirl Nov 13, 2004

    *dies* Tat! ;__; I never saw this side of you *violently messes up Tat's picture* ^_^' Hahaha...that's just my way of saying I love your picture. The bg!!! ;___; *dies*

  13. Frosty Nov 13, 2004

    nice one Osaka-chan lol.. hahhaha ^^
    she is very cute and the color definitely bring out the cutness of this picture even more. ^^
    and no you didn't mess up on anything. Its very nice. ^^
    good job "Osaka-chan" lol. ^^
    a and + fav for a nice and beautiful drawing ^^

  14. Okuzim Nov 13, 2004

    XD So kawaiiiiii !!! The Bg looks simple , but still very lovely ^_^ ...Great job !

  15. Yumi-Chan Nov 13, 2004

    Heyy your char looks sooooo much kawaii-er in coloured version!! XD dang I also thought of colouring mine.. XD hahah.. btw it looks cool, the bg's fine :P
    blargh, yumi must fav this piece of artwork XD

  16. shinta Nov 13, 2004

    Wow, awesome coloring! I wonder if I can do that with the mouse. ROFL rofl. *steals tateng's shoes*

  17. jackalx66 Nov 13, 2004

    at last
    u color it
    yeah that's much more better
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  18. ericcarson Nov 14, 2004

    Awesome! truly incredible! i really like the color scheme! yay! a plus fav for sure

  19. ericcarson Nov 14, 2004

    Awesome! truly incredible! i really like the color scheme! yay! a plus fav for sure

  20. ayanechan Nov 14, 2004

    ara.. is that the beach!? tate-chan can't go to the beach like that! nyaha~! *pulls out a swimming suit* XD lmao.. just kidding.. now ur char looks even more kawaii coloured~! XD

  21. evasion Nov 14, 2004

    Oh wow, awesome coloring job! I really like the way you did the bg ^_^

  22. Crash-kun Nov 15, 2004

    T_T back then u said to me u cant draw or cg...now T_T oh well.. ^_^ very nice actualy. yup like the way u made her blush :D

  23. hidekeitaro Nov 16, 2004

    Very cute :D
    This is a greta job!!! :D
    And you are very cute too (i am based in this portrait ^_^' )

  24. Val3f0r Nov 16, 2004

    heh... this become really cute XD
    awesome colouring tAtE ^^
    everything looks really nice :D

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