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heyyy...itz youko!! ^o^ .. *everybody cheerrs* XD

i drew this cuz i was bored.. ^-^v hehe i actually took my time on this..^^ ..yea, i saw this image on the internet so i tried drawing herr... the right leg looks alittle tooo skinny, rite? XD .. ahaha .. oh wellZ~.. im left-handed.. so leftiess cant draw to save their life!! XD .. well most lefties that i know >.> ... newayz... hope u like it .. @_@ ...

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  1. yuirei Nov 12, 2004

    nice work youko-chan ^^ I haven't been here for quite a while ^^ its bec of work i guess ^^; but now im having time to visit MT ^^

  2. KenshinFFX Nov 12, 2004

    Hey Youko. I see you set this to unknown but I felt you deserved to know what it was from.

    It is from Valkyre Profile and it's a Playstation game.

    play it sometime ok?

    Luv ya.

  3. belmikry Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    i love your colouring techniques Youko-chan!!!! XD

    very pretty :o love it love it *favs*

  4. YoukoxLover Nov 12, 2004

    ^ ehehehee sankyuuu kenshin~~ ^_______________^v .. me go change it now~~... ^-^

  5. rory07 Nov 12, 2004

    very good,i love the colours and her hair looks very good hehe and the feathers are just like the icing on a cake and dont worry about the leg being skinny i actually didnt notice it till i read it up top :P
    good to see your artistic abilities are starting to shine through as you are starting to submit :) and may i add submit very impressive work.

  6. KohakuXP Nov 12, 2004

    Ooh this piccy..I saw it too. Its pretty.. :D I think Im still using her head as my banned under my sig..

    Color is greeat with the drawiiing.. Great job.. :)

  7. WunAngelwHoney Nov 12, 2004

    wahhhhhhhhh!! AnG feels jealous agian .. lolz .. great job .. and the colors looks weallii good .. <3 +fav !

  8. rojacol Nov 12, 2004

    wooooowiiie! ^^ lookish verysh coolish ^^ XD, great drawing :D

  9. MissCz Nov 12, 2004

    Really nice Youko. I definitely like the feathers and the colors. :) Haha and there's nothing wrong with lefties!

  10. GintheTwilightswords Nov 12, 2004

    I think you did a fairly good job on the pic^uu^.The coloruing and tech are good,but your skills for drawing form other images needs alittle work.L ike rory mentioned,her like is little skinny,and i think her lip is too close to her nose,or it might be cause I tryin' to squint at the screen.You did a good job on it regardless,keep refining your skills :) .

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    o, i saw this scan, and you did a marvelous job duplicating the image~ as expected of youko :)

  12. Kei-kun Restricted Member Nov 13, 2004

    Wow, in color. Nice. What did you use to color this? Did you regular coloring pencils, special tipped coloring pencils, pastel-type coloring pencils or crayons? ^_^'

  13. euna Retired Moderator Nov 13, 2004

    WOW dongsang!! You can draw!!!! You said you weren't that good... =_='
    i wouldn't believe that.. *laughs*
    Nice colouring.. Euna hate colouring... usually... coz it's annoying.. =_=
    Nice job!!

  14. Yumi-Chan Nov 13, 2004

    >8( You draw and colour sooooo nice!!! *pulls your ear* o( >.>)==c(x_x;;)
    and its watercolour + colour pencils!! XD damn good idea of materials!
    The girl's sooo beautiful ^_^ and yeah prolly her right leg is a little small but its not that obvious anyway XD Youko please draw more! You have the skills, you gotta use it! X3
    *fav from yumi~`!* :P see i faved I did.. XD lol..

  15. iN1Ti4LdR1fT3r Nov 13, 2004

    whoahhz nicee drawwing there kagOOmee totally awesomee its a fav!! <33 :D

  16. bandgirl Nov 13, 2004

    Youko!! your really really REALLy good at drawing anime XD! I like this. I wish I could draw like that :). *adds to favs*. thanx for shairing your work. it's really good ^^

  17. Nakayori Nov 13, 2004

    Wai, so pretty! ^o^;; I'm left handed, too. =D Don't know what you're talking about, most left handers can draw, including you! o.o;; I, on the other hand, can not. =D :: Talent-less. :: t~t;;

  18. Hikari87 Nov 13, 2004

    Awww...~ Youko-neechan!! Nyaa~ *^^*
    The Valkyrie is soooo nice~~ ^o^ Yeeah, her hand and leg a bit skinny but I like her eyes and wings muchie~ :D
    Keep it up the good work, Youko-neechan! *pounces*

  19. PANDAgirl Nov 13, 2004

    I think it looks really nice and like you said, the right leg is kinda skinny =] No worries, I still like it. On her left leg, the ankle area seems kinda skinny too and her foot looks kinda big. I'm loving the way you did the wings and feathers. Did you paint it? Looks like you did by the texture of the paper and the strokes there ^^; Great effort on duplicating the picture. You're making me kinda jealous Youko XD lol I like the coloring on this.

  20. Frosty Nov 13, 2004

    very nice artwork YoukoxLover-chan ^^
    you are a pretty good artist. ^^
    pose more of your good works. lol. ^^
    a and + fav for a job well done. ^^

  21. TakamuraReiji Nov 13, 2004

    Er, lemme ask this. You use what things to colouir? Crayon? Lol
    And you're a left-handed? Wow.
    Okay, yeah, the legs looks skinny. ^_^'
    But anyway, good too. Great drawing. Cheers! ^_^'

  22. broken-dreamz Nov 13, 2004

    yukiichyaaan =) omg all your doujinshi @O@ sho beautiful!! gaaaa hope you keep drawing =3

  23. Eve Nov 13, 2004

    This is soooo pretty!!! I love the detail!! The feathers are just gorgeous. I'm just amazed!! ^^

    Keep up the good work! You're so talented! Pro!!

  24. cloudcherry Nov 14, 2004

    *gasps* o_O
    yuuuukiiiii is sooooo GOOOOOD!!!!!!
    *cries* ;_; my bunny ish much better than meeeeeee!!!
    i wuv my liddle bunny who ish wunnerful at drawing!!!!
    *gives u sweety lollie for bein so good*
    and dis is a favey for meeeeeee!!!

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