GUILTY CROWN Wallpaper: Outbreak[GENESIS]

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

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IS THIS FOR REAL!? A WALLPAPER AFTER 4 MONTHS and not to mention TYPO-TYPE WALLPAPER!? Yes guys you're not dreaming, I made an extraction type of wallpaper and my first ever typo wallpaper.

The usual thing that urged me to wall is having this craze of Guilty Crown right after I finish marathoning 22 episode of the said series in one day. I can't stop watching the last 10 mins of the last episode. (I repeated that part for the nth time already). Anyway, it lead me to go and scan hunt. I actually found 2 scans which I like to wall but finally decided to do this SCAN.I extracted the scan and enhanced the quality. I even revectored most of the lineart because of the jagged extraction *phew*.

As for the BG, I first wanted to do a scenic one, but since it's extracted, I decided to go for abstract. At first I want to base the BG on Guilty Crown's void ranking system. That's why you'll see some cubes on the process GIF below, but later on I decided to go techy. As for the techy stuffs in the BG, I vectored them one by one, coz really, I don't feel quite right if I don't spend much time on a wallpaper. I then added some Typos and even made an alternative version for semi-colored typo. GC title is vectored from a screenshot.

Thanks to alenas for the help.

PS: My original idea was to just have a monochromatic typo, but well, I'll set the colored one as primary. Monochrome typo is also available - it has a more angsty look <Well... for me>.

Note: There might be some variation between colored typo and monochromatic typo in terms of visibility of some texts - That's intentional.

WIP pic found below:

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Browse GUILTY CROWN Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. hitsu-chan Apr 08, 2012

    what attracted me the most was the very stylish background *___* it's just beautiful! the wall sure has a techno look :D there were some jagged lines but it's quite okay ^^ and some of the lines you added were a bit stronger than the color of the scan and it seems like the characters aren't very blended with the background :( oh, and I prefer the monochrome text one (^.^)b
    great job!

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2012

    Ahh, nice to finally see it submitted~

    There are some jaggies here and there still and I think you could've mixed yellow and purple letters a bit more than just putting purple on the left and yellows on the right but I really dig the stylish background and the overall typography and scene of the wall. Nice to see some new styles from you, too. xD

  3. Tens Apr 08, 2012

    Finally more GC walls!

    Good choice of fonts to use in the background. They're very clean and smooth. Throwing in bolder fonts makes it a lot more interesting because of the variety. Having a whole slew of skinny fonts is not very good so I am glad. I like the amount of detail you used for the abstract shapes in the background. Bigger shapes with lots of little shapes to help accompany them. It's the right amount without having the larger shapes create a lot of blank space and not too many smaller ones to make it look like a mess. The beauty of having a B&W background is that it makes all the colors pop which is very noticeable with you color adjustments to the original scan.

    Only thing I could add is that I don't like the gray outlines on the white shapes very much. Totally cleaning it up by adding in more white pixels to maintain the shapes would have taken a lot of extra work though. I'd be too lazy to do it lol. But this change will help the scan's shapes blend with the background instead of having a visible border separating them.

  4. YoruAngel866 Apr 09, 2012

    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(...) ultimate droll for this <3 i was just wondering if anyone would ever wall this and im glad it was you because you have outdone yourself on this one <33 awesome vectoring (even partially) as always and i love how you did the background ♥ my new desktop <3

  5. MikuMasterX Apr 09, 2012

    That typography is freakin awesome. Always good to experiment new techniques and i think you nailed it with this one! Great color combination and superb quality as always. Great submission, Ash!

  6. rosu Apr 11, 2012

    I absolutely loved guilty crown anime (going to go re watch the last episode as well)~ I love what you did here, the bg is simple and the typo fits very well. Since I've never done an extraction before it must have been quite hard.. great work :D hope to see more of your walls (especially the bishie ones... haha If you still plan to)

  7. shinigami190685 Apr 22, 2012

    una mas que esta de poca m.... hehe

  8. Dancerinthedark May 10, 2012

    so attractive!so stylish and the background is so wonderful...you did a great work on this wallpaper!
    keep it up!

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