Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: t.e.r.r.a.[SAVIOR]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is for the D-A contest. Lately my walls haven't been as popular which is really urking me because...well, I don't know why. I'm not even sure if this is the finished version, but it's closer than anything I've done so far.

So yeah, comments and favs definately appreciated. Enjoy the wall.

And to sammo, sorry I'm invading your territory! XD

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  1. white-zero Nov 12, 2004

    leech! LEECH!


    Go pwn Sammo. Hahahaha.

    Great work, man. A fav.

  2. halcyonTwilight Nov 12, 2004

    Wow...nice ^^ This is totally diffrent from your usual abstract walls. Heh, at this rate you totally dominate than invade XD Really sweet wall !!

  3. sword Nov 12, 2004

    jinnnnn ur missing key elements here!! wheres teh cutey girl and the boobies and the flashing contrasting colors. if ur missing those u wont generate as much attention as the rest >_>

  4. afan Nov 12, 2004

    Whoa @.@! Jin already made another wall! If you
    invade Sammo's top two spots, you get like a hundred
    bucks dude. No one will ever get up there again...unless
    it's Sammo. @_@;;;;

    ps: That planet is kinda random.

  5. boink Nov 12, 2004

    I love it, Jin. You still have that canyon atmosphere though XD haha, joking, it looks really good. Favorite for me.

  6. crapmonster Nov 12, 2004

    ah ive been feeling the same way as you about my own walls. though i actually love every wall you make including this one, and like em this one gets a fav!! btw, right under the gundam where the planet and space meet, there seems to be some transparant object there. not sure if it was meant to be there or not.

  7. Ninja Nov 12, 2004

    Really sweet wallpaper, I love the spacey planet like background. Perfect scan with a perfect blend with the background.

  8. Spriggan Nov 12, 2004

    nice gundam seed wall ..but actually , I'm all here for the bg XD the planet and space look damn great! ..obviously , its none less better cause of the robots pic ^_^' ..just that I particularly like the bg >_< nice one Jinzhou.

  9. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    shiet..that planet roxorz @_@

    and i wub gseed *_*

    btw, im giving you a warning for that shameless plug. XD XD *runs away*

  10. biriwilg Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    Oooh, nicey! ^^ Usually I don't like mecha walls, but this picture is really arresting. Good luck with the contest!

  11. asuk Nov 12, 2004

    finally, someone put this scan to good use. i saw this scan in another not-so-good wall. great job

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    Hehehe its all about the bling bling bright walls and hot ladies whih seems to be the trend in MT...but yeah you could add some techy stuff near the text but as usual it just kicks my ass in walling!!!! XD

  13. UndyingShadow Nov 12, 2004

    holy crap, you never cease to amaze Jinzhou. Amazing wall, the bg is amazing, and the scan is very nicely used

  14. exentric Nov 12, 2004

    oh my god jin-kun..
    dat is one heck of a wall...
    the planet (or is it a moon? da big one... ^_^""") looks dam awesome
    I wonder how you made that... T_T
    all in all its a good job, tho for some reason, I think something is missing.. =/

  15. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004


    i juss watched gundam seed destiny with my brother today .. ^______^ and herez a walliieeee!! tee heeez ....

    the planet roockkzz!! ^.^

  16. muffs Nov 12, 2004

    very nice wall. I love Gundam Seed and Freedom is my fav gundam from Seed. Very cool wallpaper, like the space background and the little asteroids at the bottom left of the wall. Definitely +fav for me!

    Just wondering is that big thing below the moon?

  17. whisper Nov 12, 2004

    good job man nice work and keeep up teh great work XD the pictures looks good hahahah mad props for you!!

  18. tecnophreak Nov 12, 2004

    maybe people are used to seeing you invent perfection with every wall you make? lol. anyway, great BG, alright scan, but no offense, i h.a.t.e. mecha walls. besides the point, 9/10

  19. kagomei Nov 12, 2004

    wo~~~~it's so cool,but i like the people in dundam seed very much ~~~~~~

  20. Sheqel Administrator Nov 12, 2004

    if you want your walls to be popular, try scenery-planet-starfield-cute gal combo >__>

    actually this is much nicer :3

  21. hidekeitaro Nov 12, 2004

    I am not fan of Gundam Seed, but this wallpaper is very nice XD
    Congratulations :D

  22. DarkParagon Nov 12, 2004

    This is great. It's good to see more decent "non-human" anime walls out there. :) The colours mesh well together and the scan/extraction is nicely done :)

  23. Angelette Nov 12, 2004

    I likes! I don't understand how you get such detail in your planets, but its simply amazing. (mmm.. this wall kind of reminds me of your Angel Dust wall... prolly the colors)

  24. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2004

    nice wall jin...i always loved that scan......it looks awesome with that BG :D

    ps. u keep 4getting to add www.raveanime.com in ur descriptions all the time >__< RA pride!!! XD

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