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ROFL XD...its osibot roflrofl

For the canvas group event :\

The rules stated:

1. needs to be black and white - check
2. simple - double check rofl
3. doesnt have to be your portrait - check :D

Btw, for those who are in animeclub, ill set up an event later :P ( currently with 88 members..we pwnorz XD )

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  1. chrno Nov 11, 2004

    funny, I think Osi could be really a Bot in real ^^

    hehe ^^

    nice nice^^

  2. chibi-lizard Nov 11, 2004

    omigosh !!!! that's... that's... that's so ossiiee !!!! ~hee~ cute ne XD :D

  3. dustin Nov 11, 2004

    The bot looks just like you and it's fugly >_>
    Get yourself a brain.

  4. wanna Nov 11, 2004

    i like it, looks nice ^_^' simple but fun

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 11, 2004


  6. chibikko Nov 11, 2004

    omg that looks like a gundam mecha

  7. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 11, 2004

    Ima start crying in the corner now <_<;;
    Creepy lil Osi half-breed u_u;;

    +fav ROFL XD

  8. exentric Nov 11, 2004

    I just cant stop laughing!! XD XD XD
    this one heck if an idea you got osi~ XD XD

  9. tAtEkAnE Nov 11, 2004

    rofl! that's undoubtedly the best entry YET! roflmao! nyahahahaha..i actually laughed out loud XD

    The rules stated:

    2. simple - double check rofl <<<<<<< nyahahahah! ya got that right!

    i'll fave this! nyahaha!

  10. Eve Nov 11, 2004

    THIS IS SO cuuute!!! ><

    i looove it.. ..and I waaaant iiit!!! X_x!! *Eats it*

  11. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Nov 11, 2004

    LMFAO......nice one osi XD j00 stupid bot XD

    (>_>)==O)X.x) check this! [/url]http://gundamzz.minitokyo.net/[/url]

    Quote by chibikkoomg that looks like a gundam mecha

    hey! dont insult gundams with this >__> hahaa

  12. YoukoxLover Nov 11, 2004

    rofl!!! ahahahaha XD .. itzzz sooo adorable!!! XD .. ahahhaha!! .. BAKA bot OSI !!

  13. akai Nov 11, 2004

    Hahahaha.... our osi boy is balding. XD *smacks boy's head* (^__^)//(X.x)

  14. Cloudnine Nov 11, 2004


    Lol~ I'll make sure to put osi-bot in the back of the poster XD

  15. UndyingShadow Nov 11, 2004

    my...god...Osi...hes like...WHAT..AM.,..I?? pretty godly looking drawing you got there.

  16. afan Nov 11, 2004

    Haha! Osi. That's a good one XD
    Did you check out ZZ's userpage?

    btw: What are those horns o.o;;;;;?

  17. FallenAngel Nov 11, 2004

    rofl *dies of laughter* So you made the bot in likeness to you huh? XD

  18. sword Nov 11, 2004

    hmm..it looks like a robotic pedophiliac that is going bald from too much testosterone. i pity u ossy...

  19. AkinaSpirit Nov 11, 2004

    Woah... check out your hair >_____>
    hahaha Osi is actually the devil @_@ *pushes Osi back to hell* :D

  20. PANDAgirl Nov 11, 2004

    OMG ! It's the devil!
    XD Hahaha...anywho, nice job Osi. I like the hair, it looks crazy!

  21. Silvana Nov 11, 2004

    That's awesome hair. We all should look like that, then people won't complain about pretty or ugly.

  22. Sh0rT0nE Nov 11, 2004

    lmao osi chan chan is so kawaiiiiiiii...simple to the say the least...but u kno what they say...short and sweet...simple but to the point...lol... nice one osi XD

  23. FlowerDog Nov 11, 2004

    Haha! XD That was creative. :) Great job Osiris, the osibot is so cute. I can't resist faving. :D

  24. blahzzz Nov 11, 2004

    lmao rofl!! Hes sooooo cool xD i cant stop .......laughing :) this is the coolest! +fav xDDDD

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