Kunie Kanbara Wallpaper: Flowers Explosion in your mind

Kunie Kanbara, ECHO (Artbook), Vector Art Wallpaper
Kunie Kanbara Mangaka ECHO (Artbook) Artbook Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

On my god ._. This should be a "simple&fast" work...but I'm beginning to think that I'm little masochist -.-

Long description again…if you want to skip it, do it XD The credits are at the end! :)

"Once upon time there is a girl that wanted to do a "graphic" wallpaper, one of that "old" school wallpaper that now we don't see often..."
No seriously XD Sorry! Let start this description again ù.ù
This afternoon (and here now it’s 11.00 p.m.) I started to give a look in MiniTokyo Gallery Scan, but I can’t find nothing that suggest me a good idea.
At the same time I gave a look on the "Tutorial Gallery" on this group on DA.
I was searching for a simple "colorize" tutorial, but it seems that now this type of tutorial are all "psd coloration" ( <-- but...what is the sense of this? where is the "tutorial" if you just have all the layers "made"? o.o I lost something I think...could someone explain me? XD) ..and since I use Gimp, for me they are useless….and at the end I gave up -.-
In meanline I switched for a "vector" instead of a scan, just for have to sure a decent quality...and what is the first that catched my eyes? Obviously a Kunie Kanbara's vector! (I'm really addicted...)
The vector is made by MapleRose: Rebirth (vector) by MapleRose
Rebirth (vector) by MapleRose
And so this is what I did step by step:
1st: I duplicated the original vector, I made smaller and reversed the duplicated one; then I changed the face of the smaller one using like refer this scan:
In my mind
2nd: apply some others flowers in order to blend better togheter both layers; I used this brushes Flower Vector Brushes but I have to re-vector all flowers that I used to have the right final effect.
The final result after these two steps is this
3rd duplicated this finale result, and reversed it again …and I like how it turn *_*
4th applicated a my coloritation ù.ù Since I can’t find any XD Just random curves setting and some unit tint layer in different modes :3
5th: Duplicated again, made it smaller, desaturated and put under all the other layers, how you can see in the final result :3
6th: Add this Grungy Paper Texture (it’s always the same XD I like it ù.ù) , a gradient in the background and a layer with a with-black gradient to give some light.
7th: Become crazy with typography and after a lot of various attempts I chose this one…anyway I upload the textless version, too!
Final step: Sign and properly credit to everyone :D

Program: Gimp 2.6
Vector: Rebirth (vector) by MapleRose
Rebirth (vector) by MapleRose
In my mind

Texture: Grungy Paper Texture
Brushes: Flower Vector Brushes
ORIGINAL ART © Kunie Kanbara
Graphic Elaboration by Raffachan

COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS are always welcome :3 (and Faves,too if you want :p)

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  1. tsuyutsuki Feb 15, 2012

    Oh well, why am not surprised to see it's both from Kunie AND you?
    Good job Raffa~!
    I must say the thumbnail didn't attract me at all, but as soon as I saw the bigger one, I loved. Going to the download. :D

  2. erdeteha Feb 16, 2012

    this wallpaper overall is good.. I just don't like the typeface..

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2012

    Lol, as someone who's good at reading subliminal messages, I noticed almost immediately the word 'sex' in the middle that is a result of words 'flowers' and 'explosion' combined. XDD

    Other than that interesting fact, this is pretty nice. I like the design.

  4. SamB Feb 16, 2012

    I like your wallpaper, the graphic composition and your color choice. I like flowers, because, you know that, Sanremo is Sanremo :P +FAV

  5. Aiira Feb 16, 2012

    Alenas pointed out what I noticed when I full-viewed the wallpaper :D A pretty interesting fact, did you do that on purpose?

    Still love the colors :D You set the colors in MT going.

  6. zaira Feb 16, 2012

    This wall is very creative! The flower arrangement are well placed and blends together, the colors are soft yet very stylish and the way you vector is clean and sharp, and the lighting effect is just right! Overall really colorful wall! Good job! +fav! ^^,

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2012

    haha, what a neat way to use that vector :D I like all those flowers you added, and the mostly symmetrical design. The only thing I don't like is that slight white outer glow on the grey parts at the bottom

  8. kuchukuTulip Mar 15, 2012

    So So Pwetty and CutE! Nice Job! (^-^)b

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