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Blue Butterflies Breezed by Beautiful Begonias


Ok! I'm in need of your guys' help! I'm currently doing 26 illustrations, 1 for each letter of the alphabet @-@ (yes i have a deadline and its going to tear me apart 8d) It's going to be turned into a children's ABC book, accompanied with cute tongue twisters. ^-^

SO, this illustration is for the letter B. I'm debating weather or not to use my usual digital lines or use pencil. This time I tried using pencil as an experiment. Since it's a children's book, I want some kind of approachable and friendly feeling, and I feel pencil and traditional medias are good at creating that effect. However, I'm not too good at it LOL

I feel like the pencil shading makes it look messy but at the same time it kinda adds more depth to each element. (duno what to do)

So I ask everyone to please give me some feedback D: Mainly:

1. Opinions on digital lines vs. pencil?

2. Should I remove the pencil shading and just use pencil outline?

3. Go all digital or all traditional media?

4. Others?

Thanks! :D

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  1. shirayu Feb 08, 2012

    that is an awesome art well like the colors and the pictures, it's a funny creation... ! ^^

  2. aqiaqua Feb 08, 2012

    I really like the style you've used here! It has that sort of rustic fantasy storybook feeling, like the kind of drawings if you opened up a wizard's book or something :D. You might remove that if you got rid of the pencil shading as well. My eyes lit up seeing this picture, so I'm sure children would love it!

  3. DarthTofu Feb 08, 2012

    :D Love seeing your work! All the lines flow together so well! My two cents: Keep the pencil lines and digital colors, ditch the pencil shading.

  4. Raffachan Feb 08, 2012

    Personally I like how you mixed traditional with digital media, the result is awesome! Plus if really this work will be used for a children book, I think you did the right choice!
    Also the use of three primary colours is wonderful, and I love how you attached all the details! :D

  5. tsuyutsuki Feb 09, 2012

    1-I personally prefer pencil, and I think that for a child's book it's more suitable because it offers a more "palpable" (like, they understand better) notion of the coloring.
    2-NO. ò.ó
    3-The mixed version is good enough, I don't really think you should change it. Maybe you could soften some parts (like the red butterfly's wing) to make it more uniform, but I must say I liked the combination.
    4-Looking forward to more of those. :D

  6. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Feb 09, 2012

    Oh my goodness... If this is an example of the artwork, I SOOOOOO want to purchase a copy of this when you finish it! (And maaaaaaybe I'll let my students look at... or just the well-behaved ones. XD)

  7. aozoraskies Feb 09, 2012

    It's a lovely blend of digital and traditional. The colours and the dreamy, abstract, nature-themed elements go together nicely~ Indeedy Blue Butterflies and Bees Breezing by Beautiful Begonias make a pretty concept.

    As to the pencil shading, hmm, well it would be a little tidier if the pencil shading was colored so it blends in better. But that's just my opinion. ^w^ It certainly lends it a handmade, authentic look.

  8. jns Feb 09, 2012

    Personally I love the mix of traditional art + digital so I say keep the pencil lines but do the actual coloring digital
    I'm with fireflywishes, I'd love to buy it too

  9. DREAM Feb 11, 2012

    for a children's book definitely go traditional

  10. Megumi22 May 14, 2012

    Wow. Beautiful.
    I like colors ^^

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