Suigetsu Wallpaper: Our Own Little Place

Gayarou, F&C, Suigetsu, Nanami Makino Wallpaper
Gayarou Mangaka F&C Studio Suigetsu Visual Novel Nanami Makino Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Very simple wall from me, my first minimalistic one. Same as the one before, I focused more on the feeling the image gives. I tried the screencap thing again on this one and I'm really loving it. Some may hate it but I don't really care. Comments?

BTW. The girl is from Suigetsu

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  1. Limality Apr 22, 2004

    wow...now this is really great ^_^

    The feeling is kinda sad, that's good =)

    And the little pics on the left corner are great...they even give more atmosphere

    and the quote is great...but what im wondering, that tree kinda doesnt fit XD

    anyways good work ^^

  2. Taurec Apr 22, 2004

    Ow Zuri .. very nice, there is a hard line in the middle of the paper maybe it's the coast line .. ?

    But very nice ..

  3. Zabel Apr 22, 2004

    a sad wallp :/ but still nice

  4. recca Apr 22, 2004

    nice one too
    but I prefer your previous work ^^

  5. xelns Apr 22, 2004

    simple and clean ^^ i really love it :D

  6. i-am-good Apr 22, 2004

    have good sense. ^^

  7. ProjectZero Apr 22, 2004

    not bad
    kinda eerie if you ask me ^^

  8. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Apr 22, 2004

    It has a similar mood/theme was ur 1st one....still like it...it looks like itz a scene from a horror movie though....haha...

  9. Rouge Apr 22, 2004

    very beautiful wp... so cute, so cool.

  10. Rex Apr 22, 2004

    i...have thing against boarders >.<

    anyhow........i like it.....it's very very beautiful

  11. crapmonster Apr 22, 2004

    damn nice job on this one. as already said though, im not so sure about those bars

  12. kbobd Apr 22, 2004

    nice touch on the wall

  13. DJOriental Banned Member Apr 22, 2004

    its nice, its great infact

  14. sword Apr 23, 2004

    seems to come out of a horror movie lol

  15. Katsushin Apr 23, 2004

    Very nice job. The completely blue colors in the wallpaper add to the mood that it is trying to convey.

  16. Cael Apr 23, 2004

    So peacefull... ^_^

  17. Voracle Apr 23, 2004

    What are you talking about Zuri? Who would hate that? It's so blue... and the lawn chair, quiet hint of a tombstone?. This thing has many hidden messages. The whole mood works together very well.

  18. cheshire Apr 23, 2004

    it reminds me of a scene from "ringu" or "the ring" it also reminds me of dreams i've been having lately so i must say very very well done! this and it's predecessor

  19. Angelette Apr 23, 2004

    Werd, looks nice. This one's better than the other one >_> ^_^;;

    I think it'd look better wiithout any borders... And the font... if it's a fansub... would have heard hell from other OPs and critical viewers. ^__^;; But of course, that has nothing to do with your awesome wallpaper ^___^!

  20. Yura Apr 23, 2004

    love the feeling

  21. ixus Apr 23, 2004

    wow...this is really nice

    i can sense the serenity there

  22. WGate Apr 25, 2004


  23. Kintarooe2k2 Apr 25, 2004

    your good with the blue bgs man ! keep it up :)

  24. Adrima Apr 26, 2004

    wow, a really quiet and peacefull walli ^_^

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