Yokarura Wallpaper: BE Colorful

Yokarura, Pixiv Boys Collection 2009, Pixiv, Vector Art Wallpaper
Yokarura Mangaka Pixiv Boys Collection 2009 Artbook Pixiv Source Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Respect! Now, I am not depressive but totally crazy! XD How you all can see....
oh god, Why I made this wall? or better why I submited it? xD

[u]The Inspiration:
I have two reason. First.....In the last time I was very depressive -.- Really. And I still depresive T_Tnot so much...
I just have problems with everything......family, school, friends, trouble with love...In the last time my life was really black.
Maybe you all think that is normal, but I was really down! really! I cried everyday several time and....It was really horrible :((

But I met a new friend. He was (maybe still is) depresive too, so he started to help me. Everyday he write me a short message like " be stronge", "be happy", "live".........the last message was " be colorful" xDD I must so laugh!
He explain me that every wrong have color xD Is not only black, it have other colors too and when we mix them we got a......"something xD"
He is just crazy too ;p

So I started to do the " ? uknown?" .And the second, I have always dreamt to make a colorful wallpaper. But I never was succesfull! xD But now?........Too colorfull! COLOR BOMB attacks your eyes! XDD omg I am crazy crazy crazy! XD

Honestly my friend forcing me to submit this wall XD I prefer more the second monochrome version, because I planed to make a monochrome wall. And my feelings are more gray......

I think after the first critic comment I will delete it XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Just did it for fun ;)

Making of wall
Not much to explain...just a vectorline with colorfull coloring ;) The scan is colorfull too but I just and other colors ;) and haftone.

Haftone and paper textures: Deviantart


EDIT: Elite? for this? xD OMG! Thanks a lot!

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  1. chrisp Feb 06, 2012

    First to comment! AAAAAAAAAAHH! A abstract one, awesome! I like the real colorful version more, cuz...yeah it's colorful! xD The boy is cuuuute! And hey, your vectors are totaly perfect now, so smooth lines and nice coloring. I luv it!
    What I also have respect for is the abstract theme and the textures on the boy. Really like it and have respect cuz I suck in abstract stuff... :x
    Your feelings have to be as colorful as the first version! I demand! :*

  2. DepressedYoukai Feb 06, 2012

    Be Colorful is such a strong message. This is a good wallpaper, thank you for sharing.

  3. lisz Feb 07, 2012

    The way you vectored the character is fantastic, I just wish you repeated the textures and colors throughout the background; the background looks so stark in comparison to the character.
    Maybe several laywers duplicated and overlaid would have made the colors more vibrant, and I'd love to see how this looks with a grunge texture.

    Beautiful work!

  4. sailorchiron Feb 07, 2012

    Really nice work! The softness of the vectoring works well with the half tone. The bg is a little bland, but I'm afraid that much more could have made this too busy. Good job!

  5. xRedPhoenix Feb 07, 2012

    I must say this is the nicest wall I've seen using soft color halftones. Faved.

  6. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2012

    You know, usually I'm into really bold colors, but this is just awesome! All the textures (esp the newspaper pants, for some reason lol) and abstractness really come together well. I actually really like the checker background because it lets us keep the focus on him. Not to mention that you have such a lovely message! Honestly, great job. :)

  7. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2012

    OMG YES, finally a very colorful wallpaper that doesn't gouge out my eyes! There are so many halftones that look so vibrant and I love seeing all the small details you put into this (like the newspaper clippings on his pants and the bokeh in his hair). I'm glad you got Elite because this didn't deserve to be deleted at all.

  8. rosu Feb 07, 2012

    love the colours and the way you used the halftones are nicely done. :)

  9. darkkrisna Feb 07, 2012

    love title and the colours of the dots you used have really soft feeling to them^^

  10. Pinkya Feb 07, 2012

    wow *o* this awesum Kiya-chan! ^.^ i rly love how u made it looks so colorful! and also i love how u compared n combined ur feeling into the wallie~ u did a gr8 job there x>
    Keep it up~! d^^b

  11. chibimisao Feb 08, 2012

    The colors! ♥ I've always had a thing for colorful wallpapers and this one was executed perfectly! :D I love how you went crazy with all the patterns and halftones too. It looks great. :)

  12. back07 Feb 08, 2012


  13. Pulver15 Feb 10, 2012

    Wow~ you're so fast! *___*
    I really love this wall! I always had a weakness for abstract walls and this one is also beautiful <333
    I like how the whole craziness is 'in the boy' and not in the bg and he's also cute <33
    Great job you did here! >D

  14. kuryuki Feb 10, 2012

    I really like the usage in colour for this *u* I love colourful walls, though I think with the amount of different colours in here, it would've been better to have the colours brighter and saturated instead of the more pastel tones they have now.

  15. DREAM Feb 11, 2012

    i really enjoy the simplicity and colour controls of the design.
    my new desktop. i guess i will have to stalk er watch you
    lady KiyanaIkebana. +fav

    btw- the coloured version looks better than the monochrome. imo

  16. Aiira Feb 14, 2012

    You must have a lot of patience to do this kind of wallpaper O_O. I really have nothing to say about this wallpaper, looks amazing. Just like Snicker I'm more into bold colors, but this just pulled me in. Keep up the good work :D

    {Did I mention? The Newspaper pants is really creative :D}

  17. MikuMasterX Feb 15, 2012

    I love this. By creating the simple background, it turns all the focus to the character who is just dazzling. Love the various patterns and colors throughout!

  18. rene3088 Dec 26, 2014

    nice work.. love the texture that u put there =)

  19. jakuro Mar 08, 2016

    Amazing. Don't be afraid of color or critics :)

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