Evyione Wallpaper: The Fantastical Rendezvous

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2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

;_; Only 20 minutes til midnight.

This is for MTM WINTRY WONDERLAND 2011-2012.

I'll add the resources and stuff after I submit this, 'kay?
I must beg you pancake-lovers to tell me if the pancake ..thing, looks like a pancake. ಠ_ಠ I think I failed at the honey syrup. I'm not sure.

Much love to Snicker for the random pileup of inspiring items, Sel for the super support and inspiration (and she's gonna gimme pixiv tags for this, yay), and also to Cyanide, Sol, Leafie-otouto and Pande for mega encouragement and support.

...EXCUSE THE LAME TITLE. Can't think of anything else to name it, I had another title in my head when I first planned this, but that was like, a month and a half ago. I CAN'T REMEMBER lol.

Program: SAI , Gimp (only for the sig)
Time: Er, off and on, for a month and half?
Original resolution: 3600 x 2025 muahaha; big canvases, spazzing Sai. Worth it, seeing as the resized version makes me wince less.


Spoiler (show)

Snicker gave me this lovely list of random things a few months ago. (Dinosaurs and pancakes were in that list, just sayin') I planned a sorta steampunk-ish wall (but there is no steampunk?) in my head. It stagnated there for a while... Then came along the Wintry Wonderland contest and it was perfect for tag-dumping :3. Other than the pterodactyls flying and the character's pose and hairdo, this doesn't look anything like the original plan... Oho. Flying sheep is thanks to Snicker too. xD
This is also kind of a representation of the world I'm creating for my bit of the KZS group. ^w^ eff yeah weird ecosystem. I'll let you guess which eat which; the pterodactyl or the flying sheep. :o

Resources and References:

Spoiler (show)

I searched under 'females, dresses' until I found this scan which was near-perfect for the pose I wanted.

Hands: Kaminary's scan
Pterodactyl: populuska's scan (I just made up the other one lol)
Roses: Anther's scan
Textures and brushes: SAI default + Pancake textures + darlingmionette's Sai set. darling, truly darling. ;v;
Also, everyone, meet Rough Flat brush; Rough Flat brush, meet everyone. My relationship with Middle Round brush is no longer monogamous. ignore ignore this rubbish

New stuff I learnt:

Spoiler (show)

- The Linework/Vector layer option of Sai. You might notice the slight difference between the lineart styles in this piece - I only found this about halfway through and thoroughly abused it for the buildings. yay.

- Putting on a proper signature is necessary. just read alenas' sig Yeah, I noticed through Zerochan unidentifying that simply scrawling a signature sometimes does ass-all for helping people find your stuff... So, proper sigging ftw.

Pande, I choose you!
A Kind Of Magic by pandemonium91
A Kind Of Magic by pandemonium91

Go see alenas' as well, for sudden shock of no clutter:
Lost In Winter Wonderland by alenas
Lost In Winter Wonderland by alenas

P.S. idk if this can get an elite since I feel like redrawing stuff and blah blah blah - but fingers crossed. :P

EDIT: Thanks for the elite! *_* And renaming this from 'Drfiting Through Fantasy' to 'The Fantastical Rendezvous', props to le Sol. Oh yeahhh~

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  1. Raffachan Jan 31, 2012

    Now I have to go to bed (here it's 1a.m.) but tomorrow I'll add a properly comment! :3

    EDIT: here we go! XD A little in late :p
    Anyway The first thing that catched me of this work was the bright of the colours! *_* You I love the "colourful" work, so how can't I love this one? <3
    Plus I love your painting style, expecially on the clouds *_* it gives to your draw always that sense of "magic"...
    All the elements you drawing are so well mixed togheter, instead the fact that more then one of them don't have any correlation between them (sheep and dinosaurs? XD Good list Snicker!); Also the "tea time" theme is perfect , and I love her dress!
    In fact I love all of this work, expect for the sign :p I'm agree about it, you know...but you could choice a different font..it's a little too much "out" respect of the atmosphere of your wall ^_^
    Anyway, good work AO! :D

  2. Princess-Sophitia Feb 01, 2012

    Very pretty, Onee-chan! *-*

    It fills me with a happy feeling~ ^_^

  3. SolemnSerpent Feb 01, 2012



    http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/150/i/2011/361/2/d/my_little_pony_is_magic_4rlz_by_justananimefreak123-d4kg2go.png http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss7/chunkeymonkey81/chunkeymonkey81take2/tumblr_lkdnl2TpkD1qbfedd.gif

    All of the items & details are beautiful, and as usual, your painting style is refreshingly vibrant and uplifting. The main overtone is green, but I see so many blues, purples, pinks, oranges, teals - your skills with encourperating color into your works is lovely. Also, I really love the girl's dress, and how the details of the roses & boat compliment her so well. However, my favorite part of this is the wonderful city of fantasy and wonderment you've put together. And sheep! I see sheep! <3

    You managed to get sheep, gingerbread men, pterodactyls, and roses into one composition. You win at life.

    Lol, the title isn't terrible either - but if I were naming it, I'd name it 'The Fantastical Rendezvous', mainly because I'm reading a science fiction novel called 'Rendezvous with Rama', but whatever. >.>

  4. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2012

    ;_; There are no words to describe how much I love this, but let me try anyways in my typical dorky fashion and sudden shifts into third person. I really love how many of Snicker's obsessions details you managed to pack in here, and with so much color too-the way everything comes together, I feel like I'm in a sort of Wonderland. Not to mention the painting and brush strokes feel distinctly aozoran (that's right, that's a word now!). And just XD at the flying sheep and the pterodactyls. Great work! <3

    P.S. Pancake make Snicker hungry. Pancake Snicker eat.

  5. tsuyutsuki Feb 01, 2012

    I wouldn't expect any less from you, Ao-sama, I must say. XD
    I loved the pteranodon (technically, that's not a pterodactyl, it's a pteranodon, but whateva), and the flying ship, which took me a while to find. It's not all that eye-friendly, but who cares, it's still overflowing with colors and details, in short, overflowing with awesomeness. The ginger-zilla on the background was also something unexpectedly funny, and that candy cane just adds for his air of harmlessness. XD
    Oh well, I don't know if I said what I wanted to, but I think this'll solve things up. ;)


  6. srsn Feb 01, 2012

    This kinda reminds me of your 07ghost wallpaper because of the color scheme and the technique. It's actually nice to see such technique once in a while. Nice BG btw!


  7. DarthTofu Feb 01, 2012

    so much love! :D It's so random and whimsical and cute. <3

  8. mbeckley Feb 01, 2012

    Your painting perfectly reminds me of famous paintings from the Impression era. I love it~

  9. rosu Feb 01, 2012

    amazing mixture of so many random things XD especially love the roses~

  10. Alenas Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2012

    Holy...! This was the first thing I saw when I came on and instantly went all *____*

    I was quite surprised since this is not what usually comes to mind when seeing 'Winter Wonderland' but it's awesome and so colorful and so original that I can't help but stare at it all and still be *__* lol. Great job! :D

    And lol at the shock of no clutter. XDD

  11. AnGeeChan Feb 01, 2012

    WooooW! Beautiful! love how you mixed the colors, really feels like a dreamworld!^_^

  12. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2012

    It's so...fluorescent *___* Seriously, it like glows in the dark and stuff! And there are so many details! When I got to the part about the vectored buildings, I looked at them more closely and went "holy shit, the windows/roofs are floating! :o" - this whole thing is just bursting with creativity and fluorescence!

    Lol, I see you chose the scarf too XD And much obliged for the plug <3

    At least you didn't shamelessly steal your title from a song XD *coughcough*

    We should ttlly do a collab <3

  13. minamiyukihimenonaka Feb 01, 2012

    Magically green. I can feel sensation between traditional and digital paint. Actually, you put all crazy idea here and mix them into beautiful arrangement ;). I'm see vivid green thumbnail from my start page and wooow amazingly green. Scratch, bristle brushes, stokes, everything combined into one!


  14. flyindreams Feb 01, 2012

    Such an epic wall! Love the burst of colors and creativity :D

  15. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2012

    this is pure love! i love your painting (always ^^) looks yummy and magical, the victorian lady its just awesome ;) and the gingerbread boy <3 gorgeous work in the lineart and the color palette ^_^ absolutely fav!

  16. A-413 Feb 02, 2012

    mwahaaa, srry im late ;w;
    but all i can say is
    "i told you so" XD
    told you it would easily make it into elite and i was right. it's gorgeous and more than worthy of it. i've already told you my feelings on it before while it was in the making, but after seeing the completed version, i can tell you that i feel the same + multiplied by a million. XD
    it's so viewtiful and lovely <3

    i know you worked incredibly hard on this one. *pats your back* <3333

  17. jns Feb 03, 2012

    Now this is an interesting entry for wintry wonderland. It's so colorful and full of life & movement
    And the amount of details is crazy

  18. Aiira Feb 05, 2012

    I see a GIANT Gingerbread :D
    by the way great work Ao. Love the colour scheme you choose.

  19. back07 Feb 10, 2012

    cool wallpaper...

    i love the color...

  20. Miss-Mess Feb 18, 2012

    This is absolutely amazing!
    I love it :D

  21. sakusasurakkaus Feb 20, 2012

    Wow.. Such beautiful coloring! Thanks for sharing!:)

  22. Hooyaah Mar 08, 2012

    I love the surrealistic subject matter and intense colors. It's the soft of thing that I look for in a wallpaper. Not getting bored looking at something that you place to be seen often is an important factor in determining ones selection. Nice work, you should be proud of your accomplishment.

  23. Mt-Maigetsu Administrator Mar 26, 2012

    Your wallie makes Mai-chan think of a scene out of a book of fairy tales~ She is so happy that aozora-chi decided to use gingerbread men as in her wallie... Mai-chan LOVES to eat them! Omedetou on your FIRST PLACE win in Wintry Wonderland aozora-chi! <3 <3 <3

  24. pegassuss Jun 07, 2013

    Simply amazing. The amount of detail is great (just look at that dress and buildings!), and the colours are vibrant and stunning. I love how everything flows together. It is surreal and beautiful. Awesome job!

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