Mr. Flower Bride Wallpaper: A Kind Of Magic

Lily Hoshino, Mr. Flower Bride, Aoi Uno, Vector Art, Contest Entry Wallpaper
Lily Hoshino Mangaka Mr. Flower Bride Series Aoi Uno Character Vector Art Source Contest Entry Source

4096x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

After thinking I was going to throw a hissy fit over the internet connection not working today, I finally managed to upload this. And (almost) just in time for WWII! And not in time at all for Kelsey's birthday, which was 3 months ago T_T Happy very belated birthday, Kels, and here's your gift <3 It's also for MT's Wintry Wonderland II; didn't plan to enter it at first but then thought the theme fit - btw, I added the scarf as a required item, I tried adding earmuffs and they sucked.

Ironically, the vector took the most to do. I originally wanted it to be simple, with just a few shades here and there, but then I couldn't stop myself from adding more shades D: Then I had trouble with the background, because I first wanted it to be only trees and clouds, but I couldn't paint them properly (I suck at making clouds when they're "important" to the wall) so I looked for scans. This wasn't easy either because most were too low-quality for the huge resolution and I absolutely did not want to vector again.

In the end I went with this scan, which I stretched to fit the canvas. After some re-painting it looked OK so I left it this way. The most challenging (but fun) part was definitely all the snow. Since I've been ranting in my blog about how much I hate snowless winters (like this one almost was), I was ecstatic when it finally snowed and I got the inspiration to continue this wall c: Then I proceeded to add snow on everything. See, because I've been snow-deprived, I take it out on my walls! It was all done with default PS CS5 brushes which are very fun to mess with. See the comparison to see where I added snow!

So I got all the way to this point when I stopped to think "Hold on. WHY THE *censored* AM I EVEN PAINTING GREEN TREES IN WINTER?" Cue epic facepalm and rapid deletion of the shame. I ultimately got to this point before finally deciding to scrap the whole background and start anew.
Also, I hate the tree on the left. I had to redo it twice and I'm still not happy with it.

Credits & specs
Manga scan ---> for the other rant, see the vector.
Background scan by back07.
Original image vs. snowy image (comparison)
Layers / size: 57 / 142 MB + 162 / 66 MB (vector) = 219 / 208 MB
No textures used, everything is painted!

EDIT: non-dual screen has the Bars of Death on the top and bottom; tried to make them look decent (thanks, Ao!) but your mileage may vary concerning whether I succeeded or not c:

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  1. KiyanaIkebana Jan 30, 2012

    OMG! It's really long time that I have seen a new work from you! And I am very happy to see this beautiful one. It's remind me to the weather on my country! xD It's so could but without snow! T_T Just I feel the life on your wall, full of snow,could wind and fog. Maybe It's too much fog on the middle , I wish me more around. The background must be very hard, but the result is amazing! I very like the contrast of the vector and bg! Great! Great! Great! I love it! :3
    I Hope it will be more walls! ;)

  2. RaitoTheReaper Jan 30, 2012

    Love the details! This is really beautiful, especially the background! :)

  3. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2012

    I am absolutely LOVING that background. This is just my opinion, but I kind of feel like the heavy concentration of fog/mist in the middle is overpowering and a bit distracting from the rest of the glorious wall, I dunno maybe a lower opacity on the fog would help. A gorgeous wall nonetheless though! :)

    P.S. You are so lucky if you live somewhere that most winters have snow. ;_; Where I live we only get it once every four or five years.

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2012

    I, for once, think that black bars wouldn't look bad here lol. It would offer a contrast in terms of colors, since the color scheme of the wallpaper, despite of being a winter wall, is rather warm :3

    Kudos to you for extending that manga scan, if you hadn't mentioned it I'd have thought it was like that in the original scan, more kudos for vexelling it, it looks really beautiful. Good job on the snow, it looks very well done :D

  5. aozoraskies Feb 03, 2012

    When I first saw the in-progress shot, for some reason I thought it would be ttly sunny and stuff. Erm yeah NO. xD

    You got cha snow! Yay! my snowy gift worked y/y? I think you snowed in that scan pretty well, totally looks like snow I can sink my fingers into, and get frostbite. xDD
    You gave him shiny eyes in your cool vexel, and as I said before, I loved that. Also the fur collar thing. xD And the Dexter's mum's gloves comparision. pfft But really, the reconstruction is kewl, the gold lighting at the focus point with the grey-blue-white wintryness of the surroundings is effective, and props for using the manga scan that no one saw coming. /D

    Darn, I really like the snowiness here. And I like, am usually a Winter-hater. So good job!
    I admit though, my sneaky evil brain just had to give me this line when I looked at the wall: "Oh wow, yes, look at that, you've got amazing golden breath, boy!" //slaps it ow

    Bwahaha, bars of doom, meet Ao-style gradient. Still this wall suits them far better than mine. xP

  6. sakusasurakkaus Feb 20, 2012

    Beautiful, amazing artwork. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful picture!:)

  7. Mt-Maigetsu Administrator Mar 26, 2012


    Mai-chan gets cold just looking at your wallie pande-chan! You've captured the feel of winter perrrrrrfectly! <3 Omedetou on your commendation in Wintry Wonderland II! <3 <3 <3

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