Hayabusa Yuuki Wallpaper: The Darkest Dawn

Hayabusa Yuuki, Moeru Nihoutou Daizen, Collaboration Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

HOLY CRACK, A HIGHLIGHT, WUUUTTT? OMG OMG OMG..... *hyperventilates* Thanks, guys! T_____________T

OMG, IT IS DONE. *keels over* Also, it seems I'll only be submitting collabs in the future, lulz.

This is a collab wall with the awesome Trofi-chi <3 We've been working on this since....uh, sometime last year-ish? I lost track of time, heh. Initially, we went through 3 different scans to wall for a collab - one was already walled before we had a chance to start working on it and the second was dropped because both of us didn't really feel like working on it. So, the choice fell on THIS SCAN because we both liked the pose, perspective and the badass chick with a sword.

To shorten this awfully long description:
Alenas' rambling:

Spoiler (show)

I was in charge of doing the background, hair and skin while Trofi's parts were the dress, gloves, katana and the sheath. The background and some parts were extended and it was a really painstaking process, especially since we didn't really have a clear vision of the whole background from the start. When we finished coloring it all, it looked kind of empty just blue and with the girl like that so we decided that something else needed to be added on the right side. I added some splatters and brushes on the right and a derelict sword and helmet. The sword is a slightly modified version of the one from THIS SCAN (I nearly died browsing the 'Swords' tag to find the perfect sword I could use) and the helmet came from my own imagination - I was rewatching LOTR recently so I roughly sketched the helmet from my memory (I think Eomer wore a similar helmet but I'm not sure >_>). We also agreed that her right eye was a bit too much 'o.O' looking so I made it bigger. XD

[spoiler]The most challenging part was definitely the lighting - I spent hours tweaking colors, levels, gradients and curves until it more or less looked like the final result. I'm still not quite satisfied with it but I honestly can't go back and look at it anymore. >_<
So, yeah, the general idea was - a girl lying and pondering the meaning of her own existence before an epic battle at the ruined place the last epic battle took place....or something like that. XD

Trofi-chi's words of wisdom:

Spoiler (show)

I was asked to write my part of description too so here it goes.

As usual, I was the one that held back the whole process of wall-making with my extremely busy RL. Alenas finished her part so quickly, meanwhile it took me a few months...I blame all the details I had to make xD

This time I tried my best to make my style look as similar to alenas' so the painting took me even longer then usual. On top of that I had trouble with the lineless vectoring, I definitely need lines in order to function better xD With lots of alenas' support I managed to finish my part of painting, then I had to add some textures to the dress and sheath and I was done. It was a long progress since the start and I'm really glad that is over now.

Thank you so much for everyone's support and the highlight. I can't believe I'm really seeing the golden border xD

Brushes used are by KeReN-R and KeepWaiting on dA. Alternate resolutions can be found at Prismatic realm.
Hope you like it and feedback is, as always, welcome.



my-maiden celestial-luminesse vectory


Chosen by Chloe and Kitaan

Alone, I've always adored Alenas's artwork. To see her teaming up with other fantastic artist is truly like having Christmas in July. The outline is flawless, the painting is magnificent and the gradient lightening only enhances its brilliance. I love collabs and the teamwork it demands, I think they both complimented eachother's talents beautifully. Awesome work ladies!

Proposed by Chloe and highlighted by Kitaan.

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  1. leonskxxx Jan 21, 2012

    Woow!. A great job definitely! color, brightness, the final work is Excellent, I congratulate both.

    Thanks for sharing! Alenas And Trofi ^-^

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2012

    lol, can you believe this was posted at zerochan already?

    I love that you've decided to make her right eye bigger, because in the original scan it was so odd xd, I see you guys went outlinesless, kudos for that :D

  3. NarinaInoe Jan 21, 2012

    Very black and white great,love it,great job you two!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2012

    The work in this is just fantastic! The colors, the lighting, the shading... everything! The vector/painting is great! AWESOME work, you two ;D

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator Jan 21, 2012

    Omg, I loved this scan when I saw it on zerochan! And I can't think of a better pair of people to turn that scan into an completely awesome wall^^ I love the lighting and shading you used, I think it works really well because you've got a whole light and dark aspect going on here, which I really like. The vectoring is done awesomely and I love her sword, it looks awesome.^^ Her dress is also very pretty. Really awesome collab Trofi-chan and Lena-chan :) Congrats on the highlight as well you two^^

  6. Ginrei Jan 21, 2012

    It's very lovely and suits my taste. keep up the good job!

  7. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2012

    Lol, not five minutes ago I thought to myself, "Hmm, I'm ready for a new wallpaper, but I have no idea what I want." And then I see this.

    Just WOW, you two, really. From the textures to the lighting/shading to the consistency, everything about this rocks my socks off. And I definitely get that impression of a chick pondering her own existence before a battle, which just makes it emotional and that much more awesome. Also, for some reason I'm particularly in love with the gloves. Anyways, great job you two!

  8. FiiFO Jan 21, 2012

    Amazing work the both of you *__*
    Flawless vector with great detail work and without lineart too. Also nice job in extending the background and adding the additional features to complement the vector.

    *Throws confetti* Congrats on the highlight!

  9. DarthTofu Jan 21, 2012

    THIS IS SO PRETTY GUYS OMG. It's clear that a hell lot of work went into this. I feel like there's some weirdness in the no-outline thing that makes everything somewhat flatter than it should be (maybe because the edges are so sharp compared to the shading contrasted with the textures?)…but AEOIFJAO;DSFJ;AOSIDJF I don't even want to crit this because AAAAH YOU GUYS.

    and the details in the dress and gloves. *stares forever*
    And it's not my favorite color scheme but you did a great job on it. :3

    merged: 01-21-2012 ~ 06:56pm
    woah that was a FAST highlight. XD

  10. Fenafir Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2012

    I always wanted to see someone do a wallpaper with that scan.

    A beautiful wallpaper and good job on enlarging the eye and making those hair extensions. Although there are two large strands of hair, just above near the gloved hand holding at the end of the sword handle that might need some blending in? It just looks odd to me. Other than that super job to both of you for making this lovely wallpaper.

  11. aIshiRoi Jan 22, 2012

    stunned and bewildered. Another fav. scan of mine has been walled!
    love the those silky strands of hair, the lips, those luminous eyes and the textures on the floor and the swords. just amazing details!
    awesome combo you too! You deserve every praise! More power for the both of you!<3+

  12. Nysha Jan 22, 2012

    Ooouuuuuuuuuu! OMG you guys finished! *___* It looks so great! I love how you placed that blue/orange gradient across it - really makes the lighting and color scheme interesting. And the details in the helmet and the lacey dress! Congrats on the highlight you two! Lawlz @ the message in the sig and the other hidden one. >DD Indeed!

    She looks rather ethereal somehow - like her hair is floating and radiating light - I feel there could be a darker shadow on her face right below her bangs and a shadow on her neck/chest where some hair covers it too. It's just the way it's layered without being integrated with darker cast shadows from the lighting that makes it seem this way. There are also cast shadows from her arms on the ground, but not on the hair... Wait a sec, I think I know why it looks kinda odd - the helmet, sword, and parts of her body have sharp, dark cast shadows on the ground, while she herself does not have the dark shadows to round her features consistently with this more dramatic lighting scheme. For instance, along with the areas I already mentioned, the left side of her face, breast, arms, etc could have deeper shadows to really give her some dimension and to match the lighting a little more. Every element looks meticulously crafted in different layers, but some lack the shadows necessary to bring them all together as one image. (It would just take a few extra layers of some dark airbrushing here and there, basically.) If she had just been pushed a little more on the finishing touches to blend all her layers together, this image would be much more striking! :D

    Still love it though. ;D And both of your hard work shows. Great job!

  13. SunFighter Jan 22, 2012

    A great job! Thanks for share

  14. srsn Jan 22, 2012

    Finally I have the time to comment now! Ugh with all the manga projects I've been handling, I wasn't able to go online here for like 2 days. With over XXX notifs in my notif page, this wallpaper striked out! which made gave first and comment later (which is now).

    @alenas: And I think I saw somewhere that you're not good with lineartless artwork, Just look at this! HLed! see! xD and again I have to mention how realistic you made those rusts and metals!*__* and yea the lighting is not bright compared to the previous one you've showed me! Nice!

    @Trofichi: As usual, you always never cease to amaze me with using textures! I also like the katana you made - it look crystal-like ^^v

    @both: Both of you guys complimented each other very well! Congrats for the HL!

  15. back07 Jan 22, 2012

    i like it...
    a excellent walls..
    thanks for sharing..

  16. Tens Jan 23, 2012

    Forgot to type up my comment because I was too busy fapping to the wall.

    First of all, the character is sexy. She is slender and her breasts are a nice size. They are not bloated like warheads ready to drop. When I saw the scan it immediately reminded me of Claymore. The light hair, light eyes, fair skinned, and sword are the traits. I like how simplistic her dress is but has those little details and patterning that prevent it from being plain. Her lips are absolutely alluring. They remind me of shiny ripe red apples. Probably the best lips I've seen from what I can remember. The color is just right, not too thin, not too thick, shape is good, and good proportion in relation to her face.

    The addition of the sword and helmet reminds me of Skyrim or any of the Oblivion series. I must stay away from that game... time flies by too fast playing that lol.

    Nysha already nailed on the parts I wanted to comment about. The extra shadowing and deepening will make it a lot better. Only thing I can really add is that I wish some parts of the hair had darker shadows like on the original.

    Great work. Also thanks for the 1080p for mai desktop. <3

  17. Horseradish Jan 23, 2012

    ZOMGWTFHBBBQROFLMFAO. My eyes just had an orgasm. LOL WUT? (OwO) This is freakin' AWESOMESAUCENESS. It's so FANTASMIC and so FANTABULOUS, I'm completely speechless. XDDDD


  18. lisz Jan 24, 2012


    I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time that went into this; I applaud your patience ~

    My only issue is really w/the hair. The edges seem to crisp, maybe because the contrast between hair and the shadows are way to sharp. Perhaps soften/blur some of the shadow under the hair, or shade the hair a bit more? Same for the sword and helmet. The perspective of the tiling on the floor seems a bit wonky to me as well, but it was like that in the original, so meh =w=

    I /love/ the way the dress and ground is textured; the sword and helmet are marvelously well-done as well. And the lighting is beyond gorgeous (:

    Beautiful work guys. My eyes are still sparkling.
    & congratz on the highlight!

  19. chibimisao Jan 24, 2012

    Holy crack! This looks epic! :O The amount of detail put into this wallpaper is simply amazing! Great collab work on this one guys~ And congrats on the highlight too. Definitely deserved it. ;D

  20. Jaejaeboo Jan 25, 2012

    very nice. its so moving and i love the colours you used.

  21. Arkved Jan 25, 2012

    I totally subscribe to every praiseful feedback, though I'd like to recommend one more thing - try to make eyes more liquid\crystalline (such as the girls in the Nysha's "Delilah" has), that would be truly masterpiece.

  22. MikuMasterX Jan 26, 2012

    I'm absolutely stunned.... seriously.
    This is absolutely amazing... The details of this are unbelievable.

    Congratulations to the both of you on the highlight. It's well deserved!

    Spoiler (show)

    Sorry i took a while to comment this. Ive had tons on my mind the last week...

  23. espada001 Jan 29, 2012

    i guess this was late
    it has been highlighted congrats
    well nothing to be surprise about the details are really awesome
    the variance of colors it's amazing

  24. chiara Feb 06, 2012

    Wow ... only wow ... I don't really know what to say! The richness of the details are awesomely frightened. I love especially the shading and lighting in this one - really great, great work. Your skills are simply amazing - I tried myself more than once at bg's but failed horribly ;) so thanks for your hard work - hands down.

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