Video Girl Ai Wallpaper: I'm here for you...

Masakazu Katsura, Tatsunoko Production, Video Girl Ai, Ai Amano, Member Art Wallpaper
Masakazu Katsura Mangaka Tatsunoko Production Studio Video Girl Ai Series Ai Amano Character Member Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

HAPPY NEW YEAR MT! :p a little in late...but I want to use this work for give to all of you my sincere greetings for this new year ^_^

About the wall, well how you can notice, it's anothere "FANART WALLPAPER" like Miku&BRS and YOKO's ones :)
This time I chose to do an Ai fanart/wall, because I saw that the few works about this serie are really old, and I want to share a little of love for this beatiful manga, that proably most of people don't know, since it's really old (the first publication was in 1987 if I rememeber it right...).

The idea to made Ai in kimono cames from this my scan:
Video Girl Ai - Volume 3 , and some of the ispiration come from this scan Hm...? .
The idea of background instead come little by little, and until the end I changed it a lot of times.

Since the process was really long and I'd like to show you all the different passages (actually I can't made a video this time, Camstudio, the program that I used until now to record, started to give me problems, and so for the moment I decided to not do speedrawing video, maybe in these days, if I have time, I could do a "making of" video...o.o I don't know...could you be interested in it or not?) I did this image, in which I describe all the "fondamental" passagges :) It's here, on my DA account!

What else could I write?...welll obsviously I hope you like it, and COMMENTs and SUGGESTIONS are always welcome, like usual :)
See ya

Ai Amano – Video Girl Ai © Masakazu Katsura
ART by Raffachan
Program: Gimp 2.6
Tablet: INTUOS 4 L
Inspiration Stuff:
Video Girl Ai - Volume 3 - Hm...? - Kusanagi#566808 - http://www.youtube.com/user/Gumitien
DON'T TRY TO POST THIS WORK IN OTHER SITES, WITHOUT BEFORE ASKING ME! It's simple a polite thing to do, not less not more ù.ù

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  1. Tifa-chan Jan 17, 2012

    How unusual a Video Girl Ai wallpaper! I like this manga :)
    Your fanart/wallpaper of Ai-chan is so gorgeous! Congratulations for creating a wonderful picture of her!

  2. blitzbullet Jan 17, 2012

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need a bigger bust D:<

  3. espada001 Jan 17, 2012

    Another nice wallpaper
    I like this wall specially the way you drew the wood
    I like the shading style too

  4. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2012

    Wow, it's beautifully drawn! And her hair looks amazing :)

  5. leonskxxx Jan 17, 2012

    Is an amazing job Raffachan! if you've made ​​from those images has been a great job, really do congratulations!. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mibelle Jan 17, 2012

    Oh wow this is beautiful! IT's so elegant and soft. I really love the way you drew this and the background is so fitting! Nice, nice work!

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2012

    Really good paint job, specially on the hair and kimono ^_^, maybe I'm wrong but I think her nose is looking weird, but I'm loving your fanart, its very well done ^_^

  8. SamB Jan 17, 2012

    Absolutely wonderful and beautiful work. Added on my favs.

  9. ArtificialRaindrop Jan 18, 2012

    80's anime for the win! \o/ I could favorite this wallpaper for the hair alone, but everything was crafted with such care that the entire piece is fantastic. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous: from the shading on her kimono to the atmosphere outside it is consistent and detailed; the patterns on her yukata and sash work well with the shading. Thye grass in the front also adds a nice bit of dimennsion to the piece. I love it!

  10. MikuMasterX Jan 20, 2012

    Those colors are just brilliant. The purple drew me to it straight away.
    Her pose is elegant and her kimono looks great!

    But yeah... it kinda looks like she hasn't got a nose. XD

    But its a damn good wallpaper. Those colors are just.... <3
    Great work!

  11. lisz Jan 24, 2012

    Oh. My. Word.

    This is gorgeous.
    I love the details in her kimono and her hair, and the softness of the whole thing makes it all the more lovely.


  12. raymi Jan 26, 2012

    Video Girl Ai!

    Yeah! And a great wallpaper, that's truly rare and I'm happy to see an amazing work like this... I'm feeling small in front of your works. ^^

    Keep up the good work, and thanks you for your comments on my latest wall.

  13. Schindler Jan 29, 2012

    Awesome. This was one of my favourite series for quite some time. It's not only rare to see it on a wallpaper, but you also managed to keep her same innocent look from the series. Not to mention you also managed to synchronize the whole scene with her.

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