Donten ni Warau Wallpaper: formulate i n f i n i t y

Kemuri Karakara, Donten ni Warau, Hirari Abeno, Vector Art Wallpaper
Kemuri Karakara Mangaka Donten ni Warau Series Hirari Abeno Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This vector was fun to do because of the black shading, I like hard shading so much ._. I don't really have a good explanation for this piece other than I REALLY like the mangaka's style. Maybe I can think of better things to say about it later lol

Oh, I took the liberty of showing a little thigh. ;D

Character Shown : Abeno Hirari
This is actually a guy from a short story within Donten ni Warau called "Ephemeral Laughter." I'll just write that here since its a little confusing if you go to read this manga and never see this guy in the first chapter :P

Progress Image

img - http://i28.mangareader.net/donten-ni-warau/2/donten-ni-warau-2468773.jpg
texture - http://www.unsigneddesign.com
other - stock
no brushies :O
inspiration - http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/nirvana/ohme.html

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  1. rosu Dec 04, 2011

    Ooh, the dark shading and colours attracted me :D
    I do like the simple bg and fading into the black, the texture fits quite well I think. I like how you stuck to simple orange/brown-ish colours, it makes the wall seem warm and fits well with the character's glow... o-o peacefull......
    btw- congrats on being featured in MTM ^^

  2. aozoraskies Dec 04, 2011

    Mmm, nom. xD I really really love the warm lighting in this, it makes everything glow softly, and how you make this stark yet liquid shadows - looks very evening-like. Somehow, you make that texture blend in so well, with the evening tones and ripples.. You've beautifully brought out the character's blissful expression as he closes his eyes and just sits back and absorbs the atmosphere - there's a sense of peace and stillness in the wall's very composition and the balance of texture and lighting, and it's understated, gorgeous. ~v~

    I can find no flaws - except maybe I wish it were wider, I keep pressing my left and right arrow keys because wanna see moar lol.

    Also, Kemuri Karakara, YESH.

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2011

    Ooh, nice color combination and I love the way the lighting is made. The textures and those flowers really look nice, too, I really like what you did here. The only thing I'd nitpick about would be the way you kinda overblurred the shading on him, especially on his arm, it kinda looks too melt-ish compared to the crispness of the vector.

    Still a nice job! :D

  4. srsn Dec 04, 2011

    Finally a scenic wallpaper from you!
    See? even simple wallpapers such as this can be called scenic.

    I like the shading you did here even though it came from a manga scan and the floor doesn't look out of place too! (There's a tendency of character being off due to BG being realistically done because of textures) I must say you did it right in here. It also doesn't hurt the eye like what most of your walls actually do because of the jakuro-funky color style LOL


  5. natsumee Dec 04, 2011

    waaaa.... nice work ! and nice Bish :pervert:
    I love light texture , anyway ..>.>
    this is so beautiful maybe i download it >3< <3

  6. singlemoon Dec 04, 2011

    You know, sometimes, a wallpaper with a huge void space looks empty and uninteresting. But your wall doesn't feel like that. The huge black space behind the guy doesn't make the wall looks empty, but somehow makes it looks more beautiful.
    Also I love the color you choose!

  7. DragonBlood Dec 04, 2011

    Very good! The contrast is awesome! The flowers are really perfect!

  8. distillme Dec 04, 2011

    I have no clue what this is from but I love it! :)

  9. IceColdLady92 Dec 04, 2011

    Beautiful! I LOVE IT!<33333

  10. DarthTofu Dec 04, 2011

    Gorgeous, the atmosphere is perfect, and the vectoring even better. :D

  11. DarkWolf2011 Dec 04, 2011

    oh, other great work ^^
    I like this wall, the colors and the shadows n.n
    good job bud !

  12. LightSorrow Dec 04, 2011

    Another great artwork, shady, dark, and calm my kind of wallpaper. Thanks for contributing!

  13. haruhixsama Dec 05, 2011

    This wall made me go read the manga, and oh man do I wish there was more out! Really, love this wall. Thanks for sharing! <3

  14. Aiira Dec 05, 2011

    *stares* WOW! Can't keep my eyes off the flowers, beside the character the flowers seem to stand out a bit more [to me] anyways, but the lightning for the character is just WOHOO~ love it.

    Instead of mentioning a whole bunch of comments might as well get to the point

    The hotness of the guy is also a big factor LOL.

    Thx for sharing :D

  15. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2011

    I only wished he was placed to the left a bit, the negative space is kinda too much.
    Aside that, this is absolutely beautiful :3

  16. MikuMasterX Dec 05, 2011

    Im really digging the dark atmosphere.
    The flowers and perspective really creates a mood for the wall as well. Great work!

  17. Mibelle Dec 06, 2011

    I have no other words for this but this is amazing! ^^ I am truly impressed with your progress you have made since you came to the site. :hug:

  18. Kan-tastic Dec 06, 2011

    That's a guy?! Oh my god.... x_x

  19. jakuro Dec 06, 2011

    BAAAHAHAHHAHAHA, priceless!

  20. Nalataia Dec 07, 2011

    Very nice! This atmosphere... I feel like peeping on him xD

  21. Darkfinal Dec 08, 2011

    The vector is very well done =)

  22. Tifa-chan Dec 10, 2011

    Every manga image that you do a wallpaper makes me want to read the manga! This wall is very beautiful, congratulation for your great work! /o/

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