Hetalia: Axis Powers Wallpaper: 1 Decembrie

Hidekaz Himaruya, Studio DEEN, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Romania Wallpaper
Hidekaz Himaruya Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Hetalia: Axis Powers Series Romania Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My country was actually born in 1918, a really young nation, 1st of December being the day when Transylvania united with Romania. In this piece I represented Romania's flag colors that each hold a meaning. The blue represents the vast sky, freedom and faith; yellow stands for good crops, fertile soil and agricultural wealth; red symbolizes the blood spilled in battle, bravery and royalty.

Nowadays Romania doesn't have the best reputation because we are judged based on people that aren't us. I'm talking about the gypsies, of course. Gypsies aren't Romanians, I wish people would differentiate between us.
Gypsies don't even originate from Romania nor the neighboring countries. Gypsies originate from the N-E of Pakistan and the N-V of India. They first migrated to Iran and Asia, then headed for Egypt, reaching Wallachia's side years later in the 1400s.
Gypsy tribes traveled the whole world ever since they were formed and still do so. They don't have a country of their own, never had.

I feel obliged to share this bit of history so that Romanians stop taking the offense for the wrong doings of gypsies.
It's beyond offensive that hard working Romanians are treated like thieves despite being great doctors, engineers or performing other honest jobs earning their pay through hard work. We too have a bad side of town, but don't extend it more than it truly is.

In the end, I want to say that Romania is a gorgeous country that despite taking harsh blows from the economy still manages to stand. It's complicated because Romania's badly ruled by the government, thus it looses a lot of its full potential, but even so if I was to choose I wouldn't want to be born in any other country than this. Despite getting lazier after the tough communism period, Romanians are still smart people who do their best and have an incredibly strong patriotic heart.

(5 posters about why Romania kicks ass)

Thank you for reading this.

Now about this wall, I used many pictures, but I drew a lot by myself and I'm very proud of that. I used Himaruya's sketches as reference especially for the head because I wanted Romania to look as official as possible.

I tried a new type of coloring through gradients and I love it so I'll try it again soon. I had to paint as well, I'm not particularly fond of the vector + painting combo, but I had no other choice to illustrate distance and to make a decent sky. I doubt I ever painted this much, hope it looks decent. The main shape on the cape is Mihai the Brave, one of our rulers in the late 1500s, the rest of the silhouettes are mostly from the manga Berserk. The pattern on the cloak is a very detailed map of Romania.

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2011

    I like the way you incorporated the map in his cloak, it really caught my eye. Also, nice job on the background, too and I especially love those little details in wheat and flowers. :3

    I knew Gypsies (we call them 'Romi' which is kind of more politically correct since 'gypsy' sounds as something offensive here) were nomadic people and yeah, I agree that people sometimes overlook important things because of some other factors and tend to be judgmental. Thanks for those little tidbits of history. And lol, my country, though always being quoted as such, is officially only 20-ish years old. XD

  2. rosu Dec 01, 2011

    Interesting information about Romania :)
    Very nice incorporation of all the representations of Romania's flag, I believe you have indeed displayed Romania as a gorgeous country. The painted background is well done, it shows depth, and exellent work with the details of the wheat grass and flowers - always loved your vectoring style :3

  3. jakuro Dec 01, 2011

    Your detailed description was wonderful but I can't help but think of the movie Borat LOL
    This wall is fantastic, personal, patriotic, and well-designed, great job! However, I don't think I've ever considered Romania to be a bad place, then again, I was never really taught much about it here in the U.S. (big surprise, right?!) All I know is you guys have good food and obviously great artists! ;D

    merged: 12-01-2011 ~ 12:27pm
    ** forgot an actual critique

    The way that this wall is painted is so cool, really, from the flowers to the sky, the painting style all matches, so this wallie looks proper. It really makes the piece because you put that effort into it.

  4. srsn Dec 01, 2011

    I think people above already said what I wanted to say....I finally got to see your multishading yay!

  5. sandumirabela Dec 01, 2011

    It's easier to judge than to discover, it's easier to build walls instead of bridges, it's easier to see, hear or feel what you want to, what you were made to.
    I am saddened to see this continuous mocking in our faces, I am proud of being Romanian, I ma proud of my country and of being what I am, no matter what I see it, I see it's still there that beauty, that talent, that intelligence that we always had.
    For all of those who might judge us, no offense to anyone, but maybe you are blind and have fear to see, maybe you are to proud to see that we're the same, that as you we struggle, that as you we smile, we cry, we feel, we're like any other and I am not ashamed to say I love my country, I love it with madness, no matter how much I appreciate others there is no place like home, there is no place the same.... filled with laughter even in sadness and hope even in the darkest moments, with faith.
    Some will forever refuse to accept that we are fascinating, that this little country is itself full of life.
    I wanted to comment in English, not because I am not proud of my language but because I wanted my message as well as yours to reach others.

    Felicitari pentru wallpaper, sunt mandra si fericita sa vad ca nu sunt singura, ca nu ma zbat de una singura sa dovedesc si altora, inclusiv, romani de ai nostri, de ce iubesc Romania!

  6. dianas Dec 01, 2011

    I am a romanian that lives abroad now, the economical situation made me consider other options - it is hard to leave the county that you were born and raised - but one must think about the future....

    Frumos wallpaper - intradevar deosebit

  7. back07 Dec 01, 2011

    great wallapaper....

    thanks for sharing..

  8. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2011

    Oh my goodness, that cape is gorgeous. I love him having the map on it! <3

    Aside from that, I also really like how you did all of the rich colors in the scenery as well as had them be symbolic. On top of that, you had a very nice message. Stereotypes can be so frustrating, and I always love to see art with such heart and meaning. Great job! :)

  9. sandumirabela Dec 02, 2011

    dianas I dare to contradict you, I know people here who live as well as others in other countries, it's more a matter on how much you are willing to work for it. I have no money, I do complain about it but I'll be sincere also this is a period of my life when I prefer to do what I like no matter if money is less, I have faith that I am inventive and creative enough and that even by doing what I want and like I'll reach a standard.
    For me life means more than money, we're so very wrong that we gave money that power that stands even before our own family, I don't really want richness if that means dropping other things more precious. Another thing half of the people who left Romania to "work" abroad are poorer there than here, always miss Romania and yeah they were cowards because they ran from work in fact but when they went there they found out that it's the same struggle. You are one of the lucky types who says here in UK the medical service is free - take a guess where a lot of money from your boyfriend's salary goes, to your "free" medical expenses. The "free" stuff is just an illusion, nothing is for free especially nowadays.

  10. Tina18 Dec 02, 2011

    Iubesc graul, arata foarte bine, si detaliat, chiar ai impresia ca esti acolo.
    Ideea a fost geniala, nu stiu de ce dar ma simt atat de bine cand ma uit la el, si ma bucur enorm ca ai reusit sa faci un desk asa superb. Faza cu harta, bestiala.
    E super, bravo. Si ai fost inspirata sa spui si de tigani.
    sa scriu si ceva in engleza sa nu ma ia la ture.

    Great composition, depth and color ballance.

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2011

    + fav just for the description ;D
    Love the grass/field. Neat job!

  12. NenrikiKaen Dec 02, 2011

    Wohoo!La multi ani,Romania!
    Interesting way of attracting attention toward our country. This is a pleasant surprise. I'm glad you thought of it.

  13. dianas Dec 03, 2011

    You made something clear to me sandumirabela... have fun
    once again great wallpaper

  14. jakuro Dec 03, 2011

    Lots of heartfelt comments here.. I think most of us are proud of our countries, upsides and downsides :D It is easy to bad-mouth a place you have never been to. As long as love for where you are from.. does not turn into hate for where you are -not- from, then all is well!

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