Hikaru no Go Wallpaper: hikaru no go - rivals

Takeshi Obata, Studio Pierrot, Hikaru no Go, Akira Touya, Hikaru Shindo Wallpaper
Takeshi Obata Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Hikaru no Go Series Akira Touya Character Hikaru Shindo Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I have nothing to say in my defence but tasteful simplicity. :) If you must, go ahead and delete it. *shrugs* I won't argue.

This is one of my favourite images of Hikaru and Akira; I needed to make it a wall, cropped a little and added the text. XD Imo, it's almost sacrilegious to mess with Obata Takeshi-sensei's gorgeous Copic sketch work.

:\ But for some reason, he doesn't have many fans in the fashion department. I can't understand it. XD

Scan from here, submitted by riku-chan.

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  1. juanicths Nov 08, 2004

    haha...maybe coz the shirts look really weird...especially akira's one.... check so does not go with him!! i kinda like akira in a way, because he looks a bit like haku from spirited away!

    like the bamboo background ^-^

  2. shhho Nov 08, 2004

    wow.. looks like they are... on a holiday or something .. haha yea i like the bamboo background too.. the characters are nice.. just don't quite like the hair of akira (as usual) haha.. gd work bucketishot! :D

  3. jackalx66 Nov 08, 2004

    simple but nice
    i like this so much
    this goes to my fav immediately
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  4. bikixnn Nov 08, 2004

    I never seen this pic of hikaru no go. thank you~~I like the background . XD

  5. tAtEkAnE Nov 08, 2004

    it's simple but nice bucky :D
    i downloaded his artbook some images were cool
    bamboos always gives out an asian feel XD haha! me loves bamboo XD

  6. Athrun Nov 08, 2004

    Well I'm not a big fan on this anime/manga, but the wallpaper looks pretty good. It's clean and the bamboo looks well done too. Nice job!

  7. cloud811 Nov 08, 2004

    ohhh niec man~ bucket shot my man keep up the good work!! hmm....those 2 look formiller...this from the chines chess/checkers board game anime?

  8. Massive Nov 08, 2004

    :| Where did he get tat shirt from XD Ah its been a long time since I read the manga. Quite interesting they managed to make it interesting since its about Go. Nice wall overall. Its got serious style :)

  9. Tantaga Nov 08, 2004

    I find simplicity to be quite stylish. the wall is very easy on the eyes. Their shirts really do have interesting patterns, don't they?

  10. Frosty Nov 08, 2004

    nice HnG wall. ^^
    very cool. ^^
    but needs some colors or something to it on the bg. ^^
    b+ for a nice wallie. ^^

  11. AH-Zeruel Nov 09, 2004

    it may not look like it but i like simple things better than flashy nes, nice job BS
    keep it up, he next one gotta come from that hand of youers!!

  12. riku-chan Nov 11, 2004

    Yes!~XD Obata-sensei's art is really appealing to the eye. I'm glad you left the image simple and clean like that. I really like simplistic walls like this too~ definitely a nice addition apart from effects-intensified walls. Great work, bucket-shot!*^^*

  13. Daisuki-chan Nov 11, 2004

    nice Hikaru no Go wallpaper. ^^ although this anime really bite. >_> kind of boring even. <_< but nice wallie. ^^

  14. Kuwanger Nov 14, 2004

    It is simple, yet it looks great. The bamboo bakcground looks really cool. I like it. :)

  15. Sugasuga Jan 21, 2005

    though this wall is very simple, i like it :D the scan is good quality and the bamboos are very nice ^_^ it fits with the characters, lol. hehe, they look like they're in Hawaii or something by their shirts. anyway, good job and it's a fav :D

  16. Aa-chan Apr 27, 2005

    Nice and simple, but I love the scan you've used. Very serious looking characters. Good work.

  17. jjs11 Jun 02, 2005

    That's a cool scan. I like the whole 'rivalry' idea behind it. Hikaru v. Touya forever, lol.

  18. Tiff Oct 21, 2007

    nice HnG wall. ^^
    very cool. ^^

  19. porupo706 Oct 28, 2009

    Thanks for sharing Thanks for sharing

  20. lenalee87 Jul 20, 2010

    good wallpapers....
    i like it.......

  21. ShinraMaltesse Dec 04, 2010

    eternal rival.. for the sake of God's divine move TT TT

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