Metropolis Wallpaper: What it means to be Human

Osamu Tezuka, Madhouse, Metropolis, Tima Wallpaper
Osamu Tezuka Mangaka Madhouse Studio Metropolis Series Tima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was my entry for the awesome 2010 AP Clash of the Wallers! Now, this one seriously killed me. I entered the competition as a Wildcard since I totally overslept the whole event in the beginning. So yeah, 3 days before the hand-in date I got invited! So I had to pull off something worth looking at within 3 days, hmm. So I start searching for a fitting and meaningful enough Anime to fit the "The Human Condition" theme. So I found Metropolis, which is completely awesome and I ordered the DVD straight away. ^_^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aI_kVhd-NA A Video about it, might have spoilers. <3

Unfortunately, there are hardly any Metropolis scans out there, and mostly screenshots in bad quality and bad pose. So I took the best fitting screenshot of Tima I could, and based the arm off of several pictures/videos.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Since I couldn't find the kind of pose/scan I wanted, the whole Background I had in mind was screwed over..so I sketched up random things, trying to find something dramatical enough.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

As you can see, this looks almost nothing like the finished result. ^_^ Unfortunately I don't have any between steps from here on because I just started drawing like mad. Oh, and thanks to Yina who helped me redraw a new hand for her, since Tima's looked a bit bent backwards. (They dont look weird to me, mine bends like that :()

It were 3 hilariously stressy days, eating almost nothing but popcorn infront of the pc. :D I changed this Wallpaper after I got lovely criticism from Gideon, kuroimisa, Tama-Neko and vitaamin, and I hope I managed to change all the flaws.Thanks a lot for taking your time guys! I think there's still a lot to complain about because there are so many elements in this, but my mind just can't stand staring at this wallpaper anymore trying to perfectionate everything. ;3; So I hope I made some Metropolis fan out there happy. :)

What does it take to be human? Does it take the ability to kill and wage wars? Or does it take the strength to still see the hope with an eye that cannot see, to still feel the warmth with a hand that cannot feel; to still find the light when all around you there is nothing but darkness.

Again, if you love cats, don't forget to check out:


Chosen by Fran and CyanideBlizzard

This was a wallpaper that took everyone by surprise during the 2010 AP Clash of the Wallers contest and for very good reason. By far Felesya's strongest piece to date, you can tell a great deal of love and care was put into this piece in making sure to keep with the theme of the animated series it's from. This is a wallpaper that pushes wallpapers to a completely new level.

Proposed by Fran and highlighted by CyanideBlizzard.

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Browse Metropolis Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2011

    This wall...is so precious. ;__;

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2011

    Whoa, this is the fastest highlight I've ever seen around here, lol!

    I remember this from 'teh CLASH' (has it really been so long, dayum) and going 'uwahhh' when I saw it. It really shows so precious moments, plus your painting style is awesomesauce, too. And to think you did all that from that little screenshot...awesome job! :D

  3. Bernouli Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2011

    This wallpaper is saiks. SAIKS.

  4. Tifa-chan Oct 30, 2011

    what a gorgeous wallpaper! *O* I'm out of words. You did a really great wall, congratulations!

  5. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 30, 2011

    I don't know what I'm more shocked about. That you've returned to MT or the fact that you started submitting your walls. When I talked to you back in 2007, I feared that you were done with the walling scene and you wouldn't be returning. It broke my heart to see such a talented artist leaving the community, when so many others were already leaving as well. Yet here you are, sharing not only a cat wallpaper, but probably the biggest wall that caught everyone by storm during the AP Clash contest.

    I think what shocked me the most is that you used Metropolis, which in itself is a perfect example of a type of human condition that no one else touched upon. It's really hard to write exactly about what you did with the original image, because you reworked it so much and made so many great modifications to it. From modifying her face to show she's obviously not human at all, to redrawing the arm itself to that absurdly sexy dove you drew. I really can't began to get into just exactly how much I love what you've chosen and how completely unique and different it is. Even more so in the fact that no one talks about Metropolis or even touches it.

    If you told me that you made the background from scratch in three days, I'd laugh at you. I'd laugh because I wouldn't think it was possible. Hell, I wouldn't think achieving an extremely detailed and high quality wallpaper would be possible in anything short of close to two weeks. I especially love the sickened clouds in the background as well as the desolate city landscape as well. Combined with the emotional impact of the character as well as the dove, it really sets it over the top in terms of atmosphere. I don't think I've been this absorbed by a wallpaper for quite some time, and considering it's been over a year since you submitted this at another website, that opinion hasn't changed.

    While I really enjoyed all of the entries for AP Clash, this is the one that truly spoke to me the most. It communicated so much by simply visuals alone and spoke on such a greater level than raw human emotion, and to me that is why this wallpaper is nothing short of brilliant. The fact that you shared this wallpaper with MT is a privilege, honestly speaking. I'm extremely grateful for it, and I know the community is as well. Thank you!

  6. Addela Oct 30, 2011

    *GASP* THIS IS AMAZING. I love Metropolis, and it's so cool to see such an awesome wallpaper for it! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. Melmanator Nov 01, 2011

    great work It Looks like you are

  8. Tsunoh Nov 02, 2011

    OMG why did I not see this sooner. I've loved it ever since I saw the little thumbnail on the Clash site.

    I gotta agree with Cy, I was sad when it seemed like you had retired from walling, so I was very happy to see you again during Clash. There is such thoughtful consideration put into the scene here, and all from a tiny portion of a lowres screenshot, and the creative mind of the artist. I share his opinion that this is the most striking of the Clash walls- you faced the difficult theme of defining humanity and produced something that makes us all reflect on its meaning.

    Genius, indeed. A well deserved highlight.

  9. heart-sky Nov 16, 2011

    it's just perfect job,

    and great idea,i really loved it so much :)

    thank you for the sharing :)

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