Kamisama no Memo-chou Wallpaper: Clockland

J.C. Staff, Kamisama no Memo-chou, Yuuko Shionji Wallpaper
J.C. Staff Studio Kamisama no Memo-chou Series Yuuko Shionji Character

2560x2048 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Welcome Everyone to Clockland ! xD
It's just like wonderland : )
OK , I had originally posted this in the Sandbox , so thanks for those gave me advice , Alenas & SolenmSerpent : )

Details :

The floor was made by me , sorry if it looks a bit bad or something =\
Clouds are the most stupid thing in this all =.=" ,
they looked like a paintbrush , and now I think they look like a bigger paintbrush xD

Layers : 156 =.="

Version 2 :
Well , I wanted everything to look old , so I used brown colors to make it look so
I also made some outlines thicker .. Thanks Kitten for your advice here =3
Also , thanks everyone for faving and commenting.

Well , thanks in advance for faving or commenting : )
Have a nice day !

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  1. MisaSasekage Moderator Sep 30, 2011

    This looks so cute! Nice job XD

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 30, 2011

    Next time you should try making thicker lines, thin is nice but
    when you look at the details you can see alot of unwanted jagged lines.
    Other than that I like the idea and all the elements you've put together.

  3. KiyanaIkebana Sep 30, 2011

    WoW! I love the background! It's totally amazing the clockland X3
    Maybe I wish to make darker clouds to look it more mystery *lol*
    Anyway very beautiful work! Good job!

  4. Cilou Sep 30, 2011

    Awesome wallpaper! The BG is just briant, the concept great! Really nice job!

  5. Sakura-Dust Sep 30, 2011

    I wish the vectors had more details, especially the door, it's too simple. The reflections are amazing, the floor itself is a great idea and the way everything reflects on it is gorgeous.

  6. Alenas Retired Moderator Sep 30, 2011

    Nice to see it submitted finally! It looks a lot better now with those extra highlights on the clock and some highlights on the girl. And yes, as Kit has mentioned, making lineart thicker next time might help get rid of them looking a bit jagged like that...

    Keep it up! :)

  7. rosu Sep 30, 2011

    Nice concept and fitting all those items together. The girl and floor are nicely done :)

  8. Chochibico Sep 30, 2011

    Whee ! I'm happy to see comments here xD
    I made another version of this ^^
    Kitten : It's done now , but some outlines looked bad when they were thicker , so I left them : )

    Sakura-Dust : about that door , I was too lazy to make details xD I did all I could , but I'm just a lazy lazy lazy girl xD

    Kiyana : Me too , I wanted the clouds to be darker m and tried to make them so m but they looked more like .. I don't know what , maybe potatoes or something xD don't ask me how !

    Thanks for those commented or faved so far : )

  9. singlemoon Sep 30, 2011

    Someone already mentioned the lines, so I won't say anything more about that.
    The reflections however, did you intend to make the reflections on the floor reversed from the actual image? I mean, the actual girl was holding teddy bear on her right, but in her reflections, the teddy was on her right. Is that intentional?
    And also, someone mentioned about the vector and how it looks empty so I won't say much about it. XD
    Overall, I have a great time viewing it and I also think you did a great job with the floor!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Chochibico Sep 30, 2011

    Yes , everything is reversed xD
    I meant it's a strange world or something , so even the reflections are reversed ,
    it's a strange idea , I know xD
    Thanks for comment : )

  11. VanyUmi Oct 04, 2011

    Like Alice in Wonderland =33

    but it´s only a girl dream,hahahaha

  12. lovelylayla Oct 16, 2011

    very dreamlike, the concept is great, execution's good too

  13. dewwylove Oct 31, 2011


    i love this pic


  14. Atif Banned Member Dec 07, 2011

    OMG I love this pic

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