Midori Miyazawa: Atsui Summer Trail

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I'M BACK...!

Hello, long time no see, I’m not around after 2 years there’s so many blah blah blah outside there. After long time without vector or digital painting i want to present something different. This wall start from February 2011 (just work on weekend or holiday only) so why this making of wall meet some frustrating point when worked on some parts. Fights end at August 2011, but some refinement more and more and finally delayed on September (though I’m still need to fix some parts) i’ve bored already, so let me judge it “finish”.

Started sketched Midori Miyazawa (character from visual novel natsu no ame) on blank A4 and send them to old scanner. I’m use her for energetic characteristic so suit with summer theme. Added with sports stuff, essentially bicycle. I’m don’t know why I’m choose bicycle, maybe coz I’ve got unsatisfied result when draw bicycle so keep trying to make them better as i can. I’m not have many knowledge about bicycle and it’s components, just googling for some popular bicycle pics on web for vectored. Credits belong to Charfades from deviantART for his grass brush.

Illustrator draw all vector and lines, painting done with Photoshop. PSD file size increase crazily up to 580mb! Ten minutes for a cup a coffee , until document is fully cached. Some leaves and forest doesn’t look good and need refinements i talk before, but laziness always besides me ;D. I’m try to bring up hot of sunlight so summer atmosphere can present well. I’m reduce amount of scattered leaves, too many scattered object sometimes not look OK. Also, I’m kept thin hazy layer to bring more ‘heat’ sensation. All comment and advice are appreciated ;)

The original is 6400 x 4000 px, trying to upload it with error message "Image too large in dimensions, maximum amount of pixels is 10000000", even my filesize under 15mb, so i just put smaller version.

edit (2011-09-28)
glad to be highlighted. Thank you ;)
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Chosen by SolemnSerpent and Bernouli

After over 2 years of inactivity, minamiyukihimenonaka comes back to Minitokyo with a vivid, mind-blowing piece of artwork. A closer look at this will instantly reveal the beautiful vectoring, smart lighting, and an astonishing amount of realistic details ranging from weathered appearance of the bike route sign to the logos on the water bottle and bicycle.

Fantastic work, minamiyukihimenonaka!

Proposed by SolemnSerpent and highlighted by Bernouli.

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  1. SolemnSerpent Sep 24, 2011

    Absolutely stunning; I can't believe how much work you put into this - I'm completely blown away. The details on the bike and water bottle is great; the added logos gives it an authenticity and realism that I appreciate. Also, the attention to lighting, in regards to the shadows sat by the trees is one of many other details that makes this feel complete. Astonishing work, you've certainly earned a +watch from me.

  2. chibimisao Sep 27, 2011

    This wallpaper needs more love. I wonder why people aren't noticing it that much. It looks beautiful. Well honestly, when i looked at the thumbnail it look pretty much normal. But once i clicked on fullview, it really does strike as amazing! I like all the little details you've put into everything from the textures on that wall and those rocks to the tiny little details on the helmet and the rusting on the bike.

    The detailing is nicely done but there's just something slightly off about the tree branches and how it connects to the leaves. The branches seem to stand out too much compared to the leaves. You need to work on blending the two together. It's not so noticeable on a small resolution but when you see it in fullview, you can see the difference. Other than that little issue, everything else looks great. So good job on this one! And congrats on the highlight. Your hard work really paid off. ;)

  3. Zurrt Sep 27, 2011

    wow! no matter where i look at, i find something even more astonishing! incredible how much attention you paid to every little detail!
    i'm just totally impressed!

    thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. aIshiRoi Sep 29, 2011

    i've been deceived! *___* from the thumbnail its looked quite messy and such but on full view, its just wow. and to think it was vectored *jaw drops*
    even on a few likes, you work still got highlighted. That's already enough to make you feel it really paid off besides of the likes/favs. :)

    but then again, truly stunning! the details although there are some parts which need some fixing.
    please don't be on hiatus again and make more! >w< +favs!

  5. Yamaro Oct 02, 2011

    The amount of details is really impressive. I speechless to describe how amzaing it is.
    Make more like this!

  6. xhinatax Oct 05, 2011

    AMAZING! The details in it really are .... don't know what to say @_@ am AMAZED!
    over all that its vectored! That's truly great piece of art~

    Congratz on the highlights..! you really deserve it =D

  7. shadzovgra Oct 05, 2011

    Awesome piece of art. Extremely impressed at the workmanship. Sweet theme as well. Thank you so much for the share and welcome back. Hope to see more of your work soon.

  8. nasraa Oct 09, 2011

    I enjoy about this vector very much.I think this is a professional vector art work. Excellent detail with real senses. logos on parts of bicycle pull the eyes with themselves.

    Thanks for sharing this great job.

  9. Yukari18 Oct 13, 2011

    very very nice^^ go on! love it!

  10. YoruAngel866 Oct 30, 2011

    wow minami-chan, so good to see you back! love the details and it deserves to be highlighted cause its full of awesomeness :). Great job on everything, scenery is so pretty :)

  11. kiokorenay703 Jan 09, 2013

    Just wow, such incredible work here! Wow!
    The details and all the little ity bity pieces you put into this are just mind blowing when in full view. Incredible! Lovely work!

  12. Cirru Oct 27, 2013

    Hmmm... a bit confused why a bicycle is down in the water? Also, the tires are just barely in the water while her feet (and possibly shoes) are completely submerged in the water and this just doesn't make sense. Does the water level really drop that quickly?

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