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Angelica is the youngest, but also the most dangerous. Her mingling with their goddess TSO worries both Triela and Henrietta who have been long under the service of TSO. TSO treats them as her daughters, but TSO's constant tweaking with Angelica, who is their beloved youngest sibling worries too much Triela and Henrietta to be on good terms with her. They are still friendly of course, but an internal worry is constantly carried about.

Angelica does not care what happens to her, she is in her own volition dedicated to the experiments and tweaking of TSO's mad experiments on her body. She cites 'self-improvement' as her prime motivator. She is very resilient to pain and probings, her body has been a constant map of various tasks of experimentation. By default Angelica does not show herself outside of her lab, she appears once in a while needing something to eat or drink, or just waltz pass the living room to get to her 'former' bedroom, which itself is jacked to Henrietta's room where she controls her game hosting. She monitors the safety and health of Henrietta's focused state while hosting games, when necessary. She is also Henrietta's backup for when some trouble arises internally or externally.

In terms of strength she is weak by default, however, with her many options and extras, such as her ultra strong right limb, she is easily a match for Triela's unnatural brute strength. She cannot improve them via training like Triela, but her ability to reroute her circuits on her own makes her versatile. When necessary she reroutes herself for speed of processing, aiding Henrietta; and when needed to outrun others in physical speed, getting to the next planet, she can travel at light speed with her flight modifications; when fighting Triela for her favorite pudding... (which is rare in occassion, since Triela eats ALL THE PUDDINGS regardless if they are labeled or not) she is able to summon strength with her robotic limb to unholy levels. Their family get-togethers are always well treasured, and Henrietta sees this as a picture of family harmony, while Triela sees this as an annoyance. They both care for her of course, Angelica is the one who needs a sort of encouragement to come out and speak her mind.

Angelica is on very good terms with TSO, they share many interests (that doesn't include TSO poking something around her body or her brain) and basically enjoys secretly... pantyhoses! Angelica wants to get into one of those one day soon, but as it is, her body (or at least her original body) is in cryo storage while her self improvement and experiments go on. She is looking for ways to create a second more versatile, easily changeable body for when she needs to switch her mood and seeks to create this together with TSO. The only thing TSO apparent wants to decide on however, is the color of her hair and the size of her boobs... Angelica is against any talk of such things, and she regards these thoughts as 'extras' that she doesn't need.

Angelica's power is molecule augmentation, the ability to change the structure of molecules to form other ores and minerals with her physical power. She does this to help others, but mostly for herself to generate the necessary parts for her body augmentation. Angelica dresses in her default modified body above most of the time, on occasion she returns to her normal body which is very human in example and dressed only in a school uniform of their planet's school on the far side of the planet, which is an academy that spans half the planet in size.

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  1. anju27 Apr 12, 2012

    The detailed work on the hand and her modified legs is just phenomenal! Her part of the story is really great, esp the TSO part. The three sisters are my favorites among all your artworks. Looking at her face really make feel like to hit TSO in her face for conducting all these experiments! >.< Great work Devil-san! Thanks for the hard work ^^

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