Love Hina: the fighting spirit

Ken Akamatsu, Makoto Uno, Love Hina, Naru Narusegawa, Kanako Urashima
Ken Akamatsu Mangaka Makoto Uno Mangaka Love Hina Series,OVA Naru Narusegawa Character Kanako Urashima Character


the ping pong fighting spirit, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwww

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  1. Marvel Nov 04, 2004

    This one is real cool, Look at their faces :) Thnx for the scan.

  2. fdubirdy Mute Member Nov 04, 2004

    Nice scan !!!!! very clear and crisp!!!!!! I like this one , keep them coming!!!!!!!

  3. jackalx66 Nov 04, 2004

    wow...really nice scans, sammo
    thx for u effort and share it in here
    *me leeching right now XD *
    the res also great

  4. volrath77 Nov 04, 2004

    Ping pong? In that case, I'll gladly lose. :)

  5. ZTundra06 Nov 04, 2004

    mmmmm....ping pong...from now on...im playing ping pong....if it happens in anime...it can happen to me....RIGHT?!!!....right

  6. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 05, 2004

    Weee great one sammo. I always loved Love Hina :D And there's few scans with such orignla concepts (ping pong, lol)

  7. Omega-Knight Nov 06, 2004

    They look exhausted :) Have they played already? Heheh... playing ping pong wearing only undergarments and a robe is familiar like, the H-game tokimeki check-in, they play ping pong wearing the similar stuff like this one... So this tells us that this can be for real :) I wanna play with them too :nya: Nice scan!

  8. Anubis Nov 06, 2004

    Ooooh! Love Hina! Kanako is much better than Naru! =P
    Nice Scan! :D

  9. nariko Nov 06, 2004

    love hina~ kawaii^^

  10. Benzblackcat Banned Member Nov 07, 2004

    I love Hina ...!!she is so kawaii even she dress like that.... I love it ...hehe

  11. Ace Nov 13, 2004

    I've seen this image before on Anime Project Alliance page. Someone should take a look, but I don't have the time. :\

  12. AnimeEmperor Dec 01, 2004

    I actually have the complete set of the ping-pong figurines. It's a nice scan.

  13. thelDAMNED Dec 18, 2004

    oh how kawaii .. they look so cute there .. very nice ... i like this picture a lot ...

  14. Tias Dec 22, 2004

    yeah from now on my hobby is only ping pong :D ping ping ping and a bit pong hahahahaaaahahha XD when i look at them its like kanako is more adult the other's normal its like this :naru>>>keitaro you perv. shinobu>>>>> eeeeeeeh!!?.kanako>>>>> why you little brat somthing like that >_< nice scan also i like it.

  15. hitokiriangus Jan 13, 2005

    I would be more than happy to play ping pong in this case, Keitao's sisters and Naru look determined to kick but though.

  16. runemaster Jan 17, 2005

    Naru is as crazy and full of temper as usual, but Shinobu?? I can;t believe this is her

  17. Kerox Feb 24, 2005

    Ohh ! love hina ^_^'
    Girls are very cute !! :D
    It's really a great scan ! good job !!

  18. strifecloud Feb 24, 2005

    Very nice...good job...

  19. Scoundrel Mar 01, 2005

    I don't think those girls are going to use those paddles for ping pong. :D
    Naru looks like she's ready to spank someone with that. Good scan.

  20. Hel-Ya2 Mar 09, 2005

    Lmao! man Scoundrel, if Naru really did use those paddles to spank someone it would be pretty awesome! :d anyway Nice Scan sammo! Keep the cool scans coming!!! :d:d:d:d

  21. Firefox Mar 23, 2005

    Excellent, my collection of Love Hina scans is growing, thanks for sharing this great scan with us.

  22. Freedeal Mar 24, 2005

    Wew! It really nice scan. It turely cute. XD

  23. Sugoi Mar 31, 2005

    The facial expression is really funny. Nice picture, doubtlessly. ^_^

  24. sdsdsds Banned Member Apr 03, 2005

    Have to control nose bleed. While Shinobu is a little too young for me Motoko and Naru are looking great!

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